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Survey Help

September 8, 2009

The blog has been doing well with readers participating on some of the polls/surveys but could use some help with  some of the new polls. Take a peek at the results as to the end of August and vote in the different surveys you have not participated in already.  Thanks for helping out the blog.

Favourite Sandwich-76 Votes – #1 Hamburger Tied for #2/3 Hot Dog and Philly Cheesesteak

Favourite Salad– 43 Votes – #1 Caesar #2 Fruit and Tied for #3 Pear/Blue Cheese & Greek

Favorite Food Type -42 Votes – #1 Italian, #2 Japanese and #3 Other

Favourite Food Holiday -27 Votes – #1 Thanksgiving #2 Christmas and #3 July 4

 Favorite Culinary Herb -25 Votes – #1 Basil, #2 Cilantro and Tied for 3rd Tarragon, Oregano & Rosemary

Favourite Cut of Steak -20 Votes – Tied for #1 Porterhouse & Strip #3 Rib and Filet

Top Ice Cream Flavours– 16 Votes – #1 – Butter Pecan Tied for 2 & 3 Neapolitan – Rocky Road

Favourite BBQ Sauce – 7 Votes – #1 – Stubbs Tied for 2 & 3 KC Masterpiece – Sweet Baby Ray’s

Favourite Appetizer Type – 7 Votes – #1- Seafood  #2 Pocket filled goodies (rolls/dumplings) #3 Dips & Spreads

Survey Says V

July 24, 2009

It has almost been a month since I last looked at the survey results for the 9 different Food Polls that I have here on the blog. The results haven’t changed much but there are a few differences.  Once again if you have not voted on the different polls go ahead and vote on them now.

With 248 votes cast, the current winners are: Hamburger, Strip Steak, Thanksgiving, Basil, Italian, Caesar, Seafood, Butter Pecan and Stubbs.

Favourite Cut of Steak– NY Strip wins with Porterhouse and Tenderloin/Filet Mignon tied for Second/third.  We have votes for eight different steaks, so if you haven’t voted on this poll, please do so.

Favourite Food Holiday – Thanksgiving and Christmas were one, two respectively with July 4 coming out to be the definite third place. There were some great July 4 BBQs this year so it may move up.

Favourite Food Style – Italian, Japanese and Other finished 1, 2 &  3.  Comfort food fell to 4th.  Other got 2 votes for Greek, 1 vote for Mediterranean and one for Ukrainian.

Favourite Salad – Caesar Salad is the winner by a landslide with  Fruit coming second with Pear and Blue Cheese tying for Spinach third.  I love my Caesar Salad dressing and wrote about it here

Favourite Sandwich– Hamburger is the winner, Hot Dog is second with the Panini and Philly Cheesesteak tied for third.  The blog has been getting lots of views on our Best of Bucks Co – Burger Top 5 List so it makes sense it’s the number one sandwich. There are votes for 17 different sandwiches.

Favourite Culinary Herb – Basil is the winner with Cilantro for second with Oregano, Rosemary and Tarragon tying  for third.  Since this is the newest poll, please go and pick your top three herbs and let us know what you like to cook with.

Favourite BBQ Sauce -Stubbs with a tie for 2nd and 3rd with KC Masterpiece and Cattlemen’s. This is a new poll so votes are needed here too.

Favourite Appetizer Type – Seafood wins with Dip, Meat or Pockets tying for 2nd and 3rd. My recent post of Linds’ great Spinach Dip might get people to vote more for dips.

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour -Butter Pecan was #1 with Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry, Cherry, Rocky Road and Neapolitan all tied for 2nd and 3rd. This is a new poll so we need some votes to break this big tie.

Thanks for votes, if you didn’t vote do it now.

6,000 Views – Whew!

July 19, 2009

It happened just a few minutes ago that the blog broke the 6,000 Views barrier. Thanks to all for the views.

Since July 2, when I broke 5,000 views I have been averaging a little less than a post a day but the average views are still about 60 Views a Day range.  Since then the number of Comments have dropped off a bit but I hope if I ask for more comments, you can contribute one or two. Let me know what you think and your ideas for places to visit and stuff to eat. Also since July 2, I started to add my posts to UrbanSpoon mega food site.  They rank restaurants and food stores across the US and Canada.  They also have their version of the Best of Bucks Co if you click thru to their site. I don’t agree with their Top 10 listing completely and still think my lists provide more detail to the reader as I segment the lists. Take a look at both and let me know what you think.

I have also added a couple of new Food Polls for you to comment on. Please check of your Favourite Appetizer Type and your Favourite BBQ Sauce.  Thanks for participating if you have and if you haven’t start now.

Thanks for the views. On to 7,000

Survey Says III

June 4, 2009

With 140 votes cast, the current winners are: Hamburger, Strip Steak, Thanksgiving, Oregano, Italian and Caesar.

Currently we have five polls to participate in on this blog. There will be more in the future so please use the comment box to suggest future polls or surveys you would be interested in. If you haven’t voted on all the polls you can do that now by clicking here to link to the main survey page.

Favourite Cut of Steak– NY Strip wins with Porterhouse coming second and with few votes cast the Ribeye, T Bone and Filet all tied for third.  If you haven’t voted on this poll, please do so.

Favourite Food Holiday – Thanksgiving and Christmas were one, two respectively with     Memorial Day, July 4 and St. Patty’s Day tied for third.  Given the great Memorial Day Picnic I attended I predict it will break away from the other 3rd place finishers. However July 4 is coming and that should be good for a party or two.

Favourite Food Style – Italian, Japanese and Comfort finished 1, 2 &  3 as they did last report. No surprise here.

Favourite Salad – Caesar Salad is the winner by a landslide with  Waldorf, Pear/Blue Cheese and Tossed/Garden in a tie for second place.  I love my Caesar Salad dressing and wrote about it here.

Favourite Sandwich– Hamburger is the winner, Hot Dog is second and a tie with Panini, Reuben and Cheesesteak.  The blog has been getting lots of views on our Memorial Day Burger Search and the Best of Bucks Co – Burger so it makes sense it’s the number one sandwich.

Favourite Culinary Herb – Oregano is the winner with Mint, Cilantro, Rosemary and Basil tying for second.  Since this is the newest poll.  Please go and pick your top three herbs and let us know what you like to cook with.

Thanks for participating in the polls, it make the blog more interactive and helps me know what topics readers are interested in.

2,000 Views – Wow

May 25, 2009

It just happened a few minutes ago, Peter’s Food Adventures just broke the 2,000 views barrier. So thanks to all that took the time to read my ramblings about the food in my life. 

I am amazed that this happened. I started the blog on April 12, 2009 and during the 7 weeks since the launch, the blog has 47 posts and 114 comments.  With 2,000 views, the blog is averaging just over 45  views a day, that’s up from 36 views a day when the site broke the 1,000 barrier.  Compared to the sites I work with at my day job it’s tiny but considering the target audience, my wife and kids , I am doing pretty well.  I am not sure if a view is the same as visit but I do know that the analytics engine doesn’t count my views otherwise the total would have doubled at least. LOL.

The top five posts to date are 1) Survey Says, 2) Pork Wings, 3) Surveys, 4) What’s Your Favourite Food Holiday? 5) About Peter. Who would have thought that reading about me would have made the top 5 posts here on the blog?  I’m blushing, actually it’s a pinot noir. LOL.

Special shout out to all my Facebook Friends that have made up the most of the views but I also want to recognize the views that have come from JNJBTW,  Endless Simmer and Sherman’s Food Adventures ( Gotta love that name) blogs.  

So tell me what else you would like me to write about, do polls on or add Best of Bucks places to my Top 5 lists. 

Comments and Replies help me make the blog better, so thanks for any input and please comment on the posts. The reply box and comment links are at the bottom of every post so please help out with a comment or two.

Thanks most of all for reading the blog.  On to 3,000 views.

Peter and Joe’s Late Night Food Adventure in NYC

May 18, 2009

I am attending a gathering of health eMarketers in New York City next month.  The meeting organizers are planning a late reception Monday night followed by an early Tuesday morning start to the session. Fellow Facebook Friend and marketer Joe is going to the same meeting so we thought we would plan a Food Adventure in NYC.  So readers what do you suggest we do between 9:00 pm and 8:00 am on a Monday night and Tuesday morning.  We are staying within walking distance of Times Square and the gathering is near Columbus Circle.  I am not that familiar with NYC so please provide addresses. Please use the comment box to suggest NYC Food Adventure for Joe and I.  The location should be photo friendly so we can report back.  Suggest away.

Survey Says II

May 11, 2009

Currently I have four different food polls running on the blog to capture the readers’ input.  This post will summarize the results todate.  If you haven’t given your opinion yet, you can still do that but once  you vote, the software drops a cookie so you can only vote on that poll again.

My first poll asked about your Favourite Food Style and current leader is Italian followed by Japanese and Comfort. As of 11:00 tonight there are 21 votes.  Italian makes sense to me and I think Japanese is being driven by sushi but I think Comfort food was a bad choice in the survey because it could be comfort food in any style rather than what I thought comfort food was when I orginally labeled the choice (lots of mashed potatoes, grilled cheese and tomato soup, etc).  Let us know what you think is your choice of comfort food in the reply box below or the comment link at the bottom of the post.

The second poll asked about your Favourite Sandwich and the current leader is the Hamburger followed by the Hot Dog. With 43 votes cast perhaps the first and second place finishers were not really in doubt but what about third place?  A surprise with the Rueben sandwich beating out the Philly Cheesesteak for third place.  Where is your pride Philly folks?  The poll continues so if you haven’t voted you can still vote.

The current Favourite Salad leader is the Ceasar Salad.  I may have influenced the decision with my posting on my recipe for Ceasar Salad on the blog. LOL.  Second and third place was tied for the Waldorf salad and the Tossed/Green salad. With only 18 votes the salad catagory is wide open for more votes so click here to have your opinion heard. 

So far the Favourite Food Holiday is Thanksgiving. Not really surprising when you considering that the holiday is almost entirely focused around food with almost not religious cermonies getting in the way so that all people can participate.  Second place was Christmas and third place was a tie with virtually every remaining holidays I put in the poll. To be fair this was the last poll I creates so the number of votes was very small. So vote for your favourite holiday at this post.

Thanks for participating with the different polls. I hope you continue to particpate as I add addition polls. Facebook Friend and Advertising buddy Emily has given me ideas for future polls so a shout out for that.  I am also interested in what others would think would be interesting polls, so use the Comment Link below or the Reply Box to make suggestions.

I am also collecting suggestions for the Best of Bucks in different categories. If you have a favourite restaurant here in Bucks County, that does a special job on any of the categories let me know thru the Reply Boxes or the Comment link at the bottoms of the posts or pages.

Karla Can Cook (actually it’s Pancho)

May 2, 2009

Today I went to lunch with my former co-worker and Facebook friend Anne.  Anne keeps the pulse on health care advertising and how brands are leveraging social media to keep in touch with their customers. We selected Karla’s in New Hope as our dining destination.  I have been to Karla’s before and they offer a very nice set of lunch (and dinner) choices and my friend Ed, tends bar there. 

Karla's House SaladFor appetizers, Anne choose the House Salad with Thai dressing and I chose the French Onion soup, Au Gratin.  Anne’s salad was pretty straight forward combination of greens, radicchio, tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions with a ginger based Thai dressing.  Some fresh ground pepper completed the dish.  The fresh crispy salad was a good start to the meal, not to heavy and a dressing to keep you interested. 

French Onion Soup Au Gratin

The French Onion soup was very good.  This classic was a standout because of the quality of the broth.  Many French Onion soups end up being very salty because they use bouillon rather than beef stock.  Karla’s version was perfect.  The mozzarella covering the croutons was nice and stringy making it somewhat difficult to eat but that’s part of the fun.  The generous portion was more than I wanted given I was looking forward to my luncheon salad.

Karla's Homemade FriedOne of the treats at Karla’s is their homemade fries.  Anne and I decided to share an order and they lived up to their reputation.  Golden brown pieces of potato goodness irregular in length and colour confirming these were made on premise rather than shipped in from some factory.  Seasoned with kosher salt each fry was perfect in texture – not too crispy and not too soft and chewy. It would be easy to make a meal of these but I have been trying to cut down on fries. But if you are going to fall off the diet wagon the fries at Karla’s are worth it.

Chicken Wrap - Karla's New Hope

Anne’s main course was the chicken wrap sandwich. (shameless plug for taking the Sandwich Poll if you haven’t already inserted here.)  Large chunks of chicken, tomatoes, lettuce and goat cheese filled the spinach wrap.  The goat cheese was a substitution for Anne showing the fflexibilityof the wait and kitchen staff.  A good test of a restaurant is how they deal with minor changes in the food and Karla’s staff passed with flying colours.  The sandwich came with a dill pickle spear and a creamy carrot and cabbage coleslaw.  A very filling sandwich that completed the meal for Anne.

Karla's Seafood SaladI am not sure I have eaten so many salads in one week in my life before this but when the waiter described the Seafood Salad I knew I wanted it.  The combination of crab, mango and avocado seemed like a natural and lord forbid this might be healthy for me.  The crispy greens, tomato, red onions played a nice supporting role to the stars of the show the crab, mango and avocado.  Usually I like hunks of crab meat that are almost sushi size but the crab was shredded into almost rice sized pieces.  I was surprised as the shreds worked well.  The pieces of yellow mango provided a sweet aromatic taste that matched well with the salty sweet crab. The crown jewel of the salad was the partially sliced avocado that topped the salad.  The fresh avocado’s creamy texture was a good contrast to the crunchy chunks of mango, onions and greens.  I thought this salad (shameless plug for salad survey inserted here if you haven’t already participated) was very will conceived, the combination of ingredients, the colours and textures make this a tasty and eye pleasing dish you should try.

A couple of other things you should know about Karla.  Ed makes a great cocktail so even though we didn’t engage get him to make the Blue Hawaiian like he did for my 50th Birthday Party. Karla’s offers a Local’s Menu on Mondays where you can get an appetizer, entree, dessert and tea or coffeefor a price range of $14-$19.  The choices are different each Monday so the price varies but always a good deal. Menu prices for lunch range from $6-$16 and $6-$30 for dinner.  The last thing is that Karla’s offers a decent al a carte Sunday Brunch from 11-3 with great versions of Egg Benedict’s, Omelets and Pancakes. (Don’t forget Ed’s Cocktails).

Karla's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Karla’s Bar & Restaurant, 5 West Mechanic Street, New Hope, PA, 215.862.2612

A Sandwich by Any Other Name Would Taste as Good*

April 25, 2009

Today was a great day at work since I got to talk with my co-workers and invited external bloggers about blogging and social media as well as go to lunch with my friend and co-worker Kara.  Kara and I get to eat and talk over lunch often at work in New Brunswick and the bonus to great lunchtime conversations is that she’s a vegan.  The best part of eating out with a vegan is getting them to order first, this usually gets you the best menu review as the vegan and wait staff go thru item by item describing the ingredients.  Our office is very close to several very good restaurants so choosing which one is always fun.  Today we chose Evelyn’s authentic Lebanese cuisine.  The sunny day and outside seating gave us  a very warm Mediterranean feeling reinforcing the Lebanese choice.

Gyro & Shawarma from Evelyn's in New Brunswick

To support my sandwich survey, which I hope you will take if you haven’t already (I’ll wait while you do it) I decided to order two classic middle eastern sandwiches, the gyro and the shawarma.  The shawarma has tender beef marinated in a mixture of middle eastern spices, lettuce, tomato, onions and sauce on a thin pita.  The gyro contains spicy slices of combined beef and lamb, yogurt sauce, lettuce, tomato and red onions on a fat pita bread.  Both sandwiches had a nice crunch from the veggies and spicy meat tastes.  Although both sandwiches came on pita bread it seemed to me that they were two completely different types of pita bread. Anyone know about this?  The sour taste of the yogurt on the gyro was a nice contrast to the lamb/beef meat combo.


When I did my undergraduate degree in Nova Scotia, Canada, the gyro was street food near the colleges but known there as a donair and it came with a sweet garlic sauce instead of the yogurt sauce.  The donair is so popular in Nova Scotia that a chain of Greco Donairs has opened stories all over the Maritime provinces and the sweet sauce is sold in grocery stores in half liter containers. 

Veggie Salad from Evelyn's in New Brunswick, NJ

Since this was our 5th or 6th trip to Evelyn’s, Kara and the waitress quickly reviewed the vegan choices and she selected the veggie salad.  A delicious combo of mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and mint dressed with a wonderful lemon- olive oil-paprika vinaigrette.  It was a huge serving of salad for lunch so Kara was generous and gave me a side plate salad.  The crisp veggies were a great match for the lemon and paprika dressing that really brought out the best in this salad and this from the guy who ordered two meat sandwiches with a vegan lunch companion. Was I compensating for something? LOL

Another bonus eating with Kara was she usually does and did today, order the homus (their spelling).  The chickpea-garlic combo is very good at Evelyn’s.  Their version is special because of the  paprika and the high quality olive oil they top it with.  Matched with the fresh pita bread, it was a great addition to the meal. 



 * Apologies to W. Shakespeare, but co-worker and friend Tricia reminded me that it was Shakespeare’s birthday this week so I had to work in some vague reference or lose credibility with all my readers that took English Lit past high school.  LOL

 Evelyn’s Restaurant & Bar, 45 Easton Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ, 08901 732-246-8792

More Food Options in Survey

April 18, 2009

Thanks to Ann and Emily, I got new ideas for surveys to capture your opinions.  I have updated the survey to reflect more choices in favorite foods.  It was ironic that the day after the first survey posting that I went for Thai and had forgot Thai on the survey. Then Ann reminded me how she loved Thai and Indian food with a get recommendation in the Conchy area just outside Philly. So I added Indian, then I added Caribbean and then an option to add your own favorite.  So please take the survey, pick or add your own choice and let see which cuisine remains supreme.