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The BOSS is the BOMB

August 26, 2009

Boss Pizza at Cafe EuropaCafe Europa has added some new gourmet pizzas to it’s menu. So I decided to check them out. It’s always a good idea to check out what’s selling with your waitress or bar tender when trying a new menu. Bartender Jenn shared with me that she was selling the most out of the new BOSS Pizza.

Come to find out BOSS stood for Bacon, Onions and Sauteed Sausage. This didn’t sound a lot different from my usual bacon, sausage and mushroom pizza so I went for it.

While the BOSS didn’t produce a great photo when it arrived it did produce some great taste. The contrasts of Sweet Mozza cheese and Caramelized Onions against the Salty Bacon and Savoury Sausage. The Gooey Cheese, lumps of sausage and thin Crisp Crust made for great texture contrasts. It was a great pie. Try it.

The pizza was so good I added Cafe Europa to my Best of Bucks – Top 5 Pizza page.  Check that out for other great pizza places.

Cafe Europa Logan Square, New Hope PA              215-862-9600

Out-of-State Thin Crust Pizza

August 11, 2009

I had to go to Stamford, Connecticut for business meetings so I pulled out my copy of 500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late to see if there was anything interesting to eat nearby. Sure enough the travel guide recommended the Colony Grill for it’s Super Thin Pizza. Authors Jane & Michael liked the pizza at the Colony Grill so much that they ranked them No. 9 on their list of the Top 24 Essential Pizzerias across the USA. So I had to go.

Colony Grill PizzaIt was worth the trip.  The Pizza was the Best Thin Crust Pizza I have ever had. Even Donna, who has eaten only two slices of pizza in the 27 years I have known her, ate 3 slices that night. What was different for Donna was the Tomato Sauce, it had a different texture than other pizzas she tried. Real pieces of tomato in the sauce. We both loved the Sausage, which the Colony Grill sources across the street at the local meat packer. The sausage was nicely spiced with some heat and a whole lot of flavour. Other reviewers suggested the Cherry Peppers, so we went for them despite both of us aren’t big chili-heads. In the photo they are the small red and green specs. They were hot but flavourful.  The Onions, recommended by the waiter, were very thinly slices and caramelized by the pizza oven.  Other reviewers suggested the Hot Oil.  I remembered that late but the waiter brought some on the side but he didn’t recommend it since he thought the oil made the pizza too greasy. I did try the hot oil on one slice and the waiter was correct.

Net-net it was one Extraordinary Pizza. One that even Donna liked. A couple of things you should know, the only food they serve is pizza, many topping choices including the Hot Oil and the Stinger peppers (too hot for Donna and I) but only pizza.  They do have a full bar with 8 different martini choices but only pizza.

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Colony Grill on Urbanspoon

Colony Grill 172 Myrtle Ave, Stamford, CT 06902-5128        203-359-2184

Spatola’s Pizza

July 31, 2009

 I worked late tonight on some agency proposals so I ended up ordering Pizza for Robbie and I for supper. Donna doesn’t eat pizza, so it was just Robbie and I ordering. We ordered from Robbie’s favourite pizza place Spatola’s here in New Hope.

Taco - BBQ Chicken Pizza from Spatola's

Robbie wanted to get the Taco Pizza but I couldn’t get my head around Mexican-Italian food combo so I argued for the BBQ Chicken pizza which we both like. For some reason Southern Food- Italian made sense to me when Mexican-Italian food didn’t. LOL We ended up getting a combo of Taco and BBQ Chicken Pizza.

This colourful pizza was very tasty.  The Taco Slice I had was very much like a soft taco. The heated lettuce wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and the raw Diced Tomatoes, Cheese Whiz sauce and Ground Beef mimiced a taco nicely. Not too spicy, just a blending of their flavours. 

The BBQ Chicken slice was a nice combo of BBQ sauce and moist chicken. This pizza ususally comes with carmelized onions but Robbie opted out of onions for both halves of the pizza. I thought the BBQ Sauce added some nice tang and smokiness to the generous pieces of Chicken. I liked this combo a lot.

Great pizza. In fact I have added Spatola’s to my Best of Bucks Co – Pizza Top 5 list. 

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Spatola's Pizza on Urbanspoon

Spatola’s Pizza, 82 S Main St, New Hope, PA 18938                        215-862-6041

Recommended by the Mayor

July 27, 2009

Luberto's SignWebMD Account Exec and Dublin Mayor-in-waiting Chris recommended that we try Luberto’s Trattoria after reading the bunch post about the Dublin Star Diner. So when Donna and I had to get our driving license photos re-done today in Dublin, we decided to try it.

 Luberto's Wood Burning Pizza OvenThe first thing you notice walking into the modern spacious dinning room is the Wood-Burning Oven located in the center of the room. I don’t think I have ever had Pizza from a wood-burning oven so I knew what I was going to have. 

As we were going over the menu, the waitress brought over some very nice Bruschetta as an amuse bouche. The nicely seasoned Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil and Olive oil.  I usually put some red onion in my version but they didn’t. The lightly toasted bread added some nice texture to the tomato mixture. Nice surprise for lunch. Wood-burning Pizza from Luberto's

The menu offers several speciality pizzas but I went for the pizza with Sausage, Mushroom and Red Onions. When it arrived the aroma of the sausage and onion was very appetizing.  I think the best part of the pizza from the wood oven is the crisp and thin crust. This one did not disappoint. The Homemade Pizza Sauce was covered by fresh Mozzarela and then the sausage, mushroom and red onions. The Red Onions were lightly carmelized leaving them sweet with a little crunch. The Mushrooms were like little sponges to the cheese and the sauce. The perfectly cooked Sausage slices were mildly spiced and very meaty. The combo of flavour and texture made for a great pizza in fact I added Lumberto’s to the Best of Bucks County – Pizza Top 5 list.

I hope to go back to Luburto’s with Chris to try the other Italian favourites and celebrate him becoming the Mayor. In the meantime readers, give the place a try.

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Luberto's Brickoven on Urbanspoon

Luberto’s Trattoria, 169 N Main St., Dublin, PA 18917                         (215) 249-0688

Chips, Shells and Pie – On My

June 17, 2009

Monday night is Poker Night at the Triumph Brewing Company in New Hope.  I left work late so I went to the game directly and figured I would get some food there off their new menu.

 001I know you are suppose to eat Oysters only in months that have”R’s” but with today’s oyster farms you can safely eat them year round.  So I decided to go with the Grilled Oysters.  It’s a pretty straight forward dish with oysters on the half shell, Butter and some Parmesan cheese.  Simple dishes are often the best.  For $10, I got 6 medium sized oysters.  They were great.  I added a splash of lemon juice to each one and then bit into them.  The delicate grilling the oysters received made them hot to touch but sweet to the taste. There was also a slight salty taste from the oysters and Parmesan cheese. The garnish of scallions provided a nice contrast of textures and flavours to the oysters. The six oysters were a nice size for an appetizer.

Pizza at Triumph Brewing CompanyAs the evening progressed and I finally went “all in” and lost I got a little hungry, so when Jill and Scott offered me a piece of their Pizza of the  “late night bar” menu I went for it.  This was a simple pie.  Grilled Bread, house-made Marinara sauce and some fresh Mozzarella. This flat bread pizza hit the spot.  The crispy bread was a great contrast to the smooth cheese and sauce. The marinara was sweet to the taste with a little basil coming through. A classic dish served right and at the right time.  Very delicious.

Triumph Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

Triumph Brewing Company, Union Square, New Hope, 18938, PA 215-862-7855