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High Noon at Poco’s

June 13, 2009

Facebook friend and co-worker Deb recommended Poco’s in Doylestown as a great place to have a Margarita here in Bucks County.  Today Donna and I decided to try it out. 

“It’s a little early isn’t it?” Donna said as we pulled in at noon but I figured it would be quiet at the bar and we could ask questions and take photos without bothering too many people.  Poco’s offers frozen and on-the- rocks version of 10 Different Margaritas. Flavours range from the traditional lime to strawberry to mango to watermelon. The traditional margarita comes in three versions; House, Golden and Preferred.  All three come with Jose Guerrero tequila but vary the orange-flavored liqueur. The House comes with Triple Sec, the Golden comes with Gran Torres and the Preferred comes with Cointreau. They also offer all their margaritas in pitchers if you have a group going out.

Watermelon Margarita at Poco'sDonna went for the Watermelon Margarita and I went for the Classic Preferred Margarita.  Donna thought here drink was pretty and it had a very definite watermelon aroma as it arrived. The margarita was tart, had a slight watermelon taste and was very refreshing.  When I tasted it I got the slightly tart watermelon tastes that Donna had but I also got what I would describe as a “perfumey” aftertaste.  Not bad, just a little different. Don’t think I could drink too many of them.  Kevin, our waiter, told us the watermelon flavour comes from Watermelon Pucker liqueur and that the staff at Poco’s makes their own margarita mix everyday. Their mix is for sale for take-out.

Preferred Margarita at Poco's

 I went for the Preferred Margarita with the Jose Guerrero tequila and Cointreau on-the-rocks with salt. I usually avoid the salt because my doctor reads  this LOL, but I thought the salt would look good in the picture. Sure enough the salt does stand out in the photo and the first taste actually had a salty taste, not too much, just enough to know you were having a margarita.  The tartness and citrus flavours came thru in the second taste. The drink was refreshing and made me wish for a warm summer day instead of this rain that is overstaying it’s welcome.  Net-net a very good margarita.

The custom margarita mix, the various flavours, the choice of frozen or on-the-rocks and three levels of add-on liqueurs have earned Poco’s a spot on the Best of Bucks Co – Margarita Top 5 list.  

 I am sure there other places in Bucks County to have a really good margarita, use the reply box or comment link line to let us know where you go for a great margarita. 

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Poco’s  – 625 North Main Street, Doylestown, PA 18901       215-348-3424