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Easter Feast

April 14, 2009

Since Easter and Passover often fall very close to each other many families are celebrating with food.  Our weekend feast started Saturday night when I cooked lasagna.  I love making this layered pasta dish and have been doing it for years.  Saturday night’s version was a little different because I used ricotta cheese infused with basil as the middle cheese layer.  It turned out well as I hope the photo shows.  I matched the lasagna with some pretty straight forward garlic bread. Saturday Evening - Easter Feast

Sunday morning was bunch time even if it was just for Donna and I.  I made Eggs Benny with rosemary hash browns and Canadian bacon.  Donna loves my hash browns as I kick them up with rosemary, thyme and oregano plus some yellow onions and a little clove of garlic.  I grilled the Canadian bacon lightly and placed them over the hash browns instead of classic English muffins.  The poached eggs topping the bacon were covered by hollandaise sauce.  An extra couple of pieces of Canadian bacan and a tomato slice finished the plate.  We made tea and toasted with mimosas making our Easter Bunch special.Eggs Benny, rosemary hashbrowns and Canadian bacon.  Fruit, mimosas and hot tea


For Easter Supper we made a spiral ham with a sugar clove glaze, potato scallop and green beans.  This was our first spiral ham for Easter as we usually have turkey.  I am not a big ham fan but the ease of the spiral ham and Donna’s love of ham made me want to try it this year and boy was I glad.  The ham was moist and delicious with a nice mixture of textures and sweet and salty.  The subtle rich potato scallop made with a basic béchamel sauce and roasted in the oven.  Donna put a nice layer of cheddar cheese on the top towards the end of the cooking time making a nice cheesy crust on top.  The combination of ham, scallop potato and veg is a classic and a great conclusion to our Easter Weekend Feast

Spiral Ham with sugar glove glaze, potato scallop and green beans

Happy Easter and Good Eating to Everyone.