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Hollandaise Throwdown

June 16, 2009

Three local Bucks County chefs will battle for culinary bragging rights by creating three dishes with legendary mother sauce Hollandaise. The battle will occur in two stages and be judged by a trio of food enthusiasts.  The first stage will have the chefs creating two classic Hollandaise inspired dishes; Poached Salmon and Asparagus. The second stage will allow the chefs to create a dish of their own based on a Hollandaise sauce variation.  Half of points are available for each stage and the highest amount of points awarded to a chef by the three judges wins bragging rights.

Interested?  Want to learn more?  More info is coming.


Just Sports – Great Wings

May 19, 2009

Just Sports WingsMy vote for the Best of Bucks – Wings is Just Sports. They are great wings.  Medium in size about 8 to the pound.  Their skin is golden brown and crispy. Medium heat from the sauce. Moist and sweet flesh. A chunky blue cheese dressing on the side with some celery sticks. The orders come in multiples of 6 and come in 9 different sauces. They also have boneless wings (from the Boneless Chicken Ranch) but I think the wing has to have a bone to be a real wing.

In addition to the wings, Just Sports has the usual bar food food menu but has a couple of specials worth noting. Fresh Made to Order Potato Chips.  They come with different seasonings and dips. $1.50 for the chips and $3.50 chips with dip. The other special is the “Breakfast at the Bar” eggs and toast for$1.00. Monday thru Friday 7-11am.

Just Sports also features the “Wings of Fire” Wing Eating Challenge. The challenge is to each just 12 wings in three hours. No drinking while eating. Why just 12 wings?  The wings are just so hot only 3 or 4 (the manager wasn’t sure) people have completed it. The manager said the wings are at “11 million Scoville units” hot. That would make them almost pure capsaicin. I am sure the wings are hot. I think we should alert Man vs. Food.

So for great wings head to Just Sports. BTW they have Texas Hold’em games on Saturday afternoons.

Just Sports – 2160 York Road, Jamison, PA 18929   267-483-8512

Peter and Joe’s Late Night Food Adventure in NYC

May 18, 2009

I am attending a gathering of health eMarketers in New York City next month.  The meeting organizers are planning a late reception Monday night followed by an early Tuesday morning start to the session. Fellow Facebook Friend and marketer Joe is going to the same meeting so we thought we would plan a Food Adventure in NYC.  So readers what do you suggest we do between 9:00 pm and 8:00 am on a Monday night and Tuesday morning.  We are staying within walking distance of Times Square and the gathering is near Columbus Circle.  I am not that familiar with NYC so please provide addresses. Please use the comment box to suggest NYC Food Adventure for Joe and I.  The location should be photo friendly so we can report back.  Suggest away.

Cry, ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war*

April 27, 2009

Still in Shakespeare mode from earlier in the week, so we made Caesar Salad for supper.  Alas the irony that the Casear Salad was not served to the Roman leader in ancient Rome but rather by a restauranter in Tijuana Mexico in the 1920’s. 

My personal history with the Caesar Salad began shortly after I started my first sales position with Searle Canada. It was the 80’s and those were the days of big hair, big red meat and big red wines. At our District Sales meeting, tradition had it that the second course was Caesar Salad.  The salad was prepared table side and there was much bravado over how much garlic and hot sauce the wait staff would put into the salad to meet the needs of my fellow salesmen. My favourite salad was prepared at the Old Orchard Inn in Greenwich, Nova Scotia. After many District Sales Meetings, Bob McAdam taught me his recipe for Caesar Salad and to this day I make my version very close to the one Bob taught me.

Caesar Salad

I make the dressing for the salad based on the number of people planning to eat the salad.  For each person, I mash a garlic glove on the bottom of our wooden salad bowl with some kosher salad to make a paste. One teaspoon of Dijon mustard is added to the garlic paste, along with one large egg yoke and the juice of one half a lemon. One half of a teaspoon of Worstershire and hot sauce is added along with a tablespoon of red wine vinegar.  Freshly ground pepper is added to taste and the mixture is wisked as olive oil is added.  The amount of olive oil depends on how much visocity you like with your dressing so wisk and pour to your own liking.  Bit sizes pieces of romain lettuce are tossed into the dressing. I recommend a quarter of a head per person for a dinner salad.  Two slices of bacon per person should be crumbed and placed in the salad bowl. I like lots of coutons so I toss a half of a cup of croutons, homemade if you have the time.  Finally a quarter cup of freshly gratted Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese is added to the salad bowl.  The dressing, lettuce, cheese, bacon and crouton are tossed and finally seasoned with some salt and pepper.  After I portion out the dinner salads I ususally place some additional cheese and ground pepper on each plate along  a squeeze of lemon and a slice of lemon for garnish.

So far, most people enjoy this a recipe and it scales for larger numbers of dinner salads or as appetizer salads. Let me know your recipe and if you try this version in the reply box below.  Looking forward to your input.

*W. Shakespeare. Jules Ceasar Act 3 Scene 1 Line 268

Triumphant Part Too

April 22, 2009

Monday night is my regular Texas Hold’em Night at Triumph in New Hope.  Since I was not that hungry when I arrived I decide to go with the $6 Bar menu and had it down to two choices the Quesadilla or the Rosemary Shrimp. Both sounded very good from the menu descriptions but when I asked the wait staff for a recommendation, it was like a no brainer to not order the shrimp.

Rosemary Shrimp

The Rosemary Shrimp appetizer came with four well cook tender shrimp, t (more…)