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Gourmet Fried Chicken

September 27, 2009

Donna was craving Kentucky Fried Chicken as we finished shopping in Willow Grove so we started looking for a store but no stores were to be found.  As we got closer to Doylestown, Donna remembered that beside Thompson Toyota she saw a sign advertising Fried Chicken.  That sign took us to Gross’ Gourmet Foods and to great Fried Chicken.

Gross' Gourmet Foods' Fried Chicken and Fix'emsAt Gross’ Gourmet Foods I bought Fried Chicken Breast, Thigh and Drumstick along with Potato Salad, Coleslaw and Corn Bread to take home.  The order came to $26 which at the time seemed high to me.  When we got home I fixed Donna the plate to the right for her lunch.  As I prepared the plate, I sampled each of the items so I could report to you readers (LOL).  The Fried Chicken had a great Crispy Coating and was very Moist and Sweet inside. All three pieces were huge compare to KFC pieces especially the Breast which weighed at least a pound by itself.  The Potato Salad was very good as well.  The potatoes were done el dente so they had a nice bite to them. Donna and I couldn’t figure out what was giving the salad it’s Tang, I thought mustard and Donna thought it was garlic.  I think Donna was right as they colour remained more white than any yellow tint mustard would have gave the salad.  The Coleslaw was very creamy with the Cabbage giving the salad some nice Tang and Crunch.  The Carrot gave the salad some sweetness and some colour.  The Cornbread was Moist and Sweet. The bread was dense and not grainy like many other versions I have tried.  It was almost as good as Derrick’s Cornbread so it was very good. Together the chicken, potato salad, coleslaw and cornbread  made a Classic Fried Chicken meal and Gross’ Gourmet Foods made that meal excellent.

Gross’ also sells Wings, Ribs, Brisket and Pulled Pork as well as Sandwiches and Ribs.  They operate their retail store seven days a week as well as providing catering.  The Chicken alone make the trip to Gross’ worth the trip but we plan on trying other items very soon.

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Gross Gourmet Foods on Urbanspoon

 Gross’ Gourmet Foods – 22 Campbell Ave, Doylestown, PA 18901-2410                      (215) 345-1721‎

Ooka Lunch with Ryan

September 24, 2009

Ryan and I got to go to Ooka in Doylestown for Sushi today because Donna went bowling with Jojo and left us to make our own lunch. I have gotten several recommendations from Facebook friends and Chowhounds on how good the sushi is at Ooka so eating there has been on my Foodie to-do list for quite a while.  The recommendations were spot-on; the sushi was top notch, the venue was very comfortable and the service impeccable.

Miso Soup and Garden Fresh Salad with Ginger Dressing at Ooka in DoylestownBoth my meal and Ryan’s meal came with Miso Soup and Garden Fresh Salad with Ginger Dressing. The Miso Soup was one of the best miso soups I have ever had. A hearty broth with delicious pieces of Mushrooms, Tofu and Scallion floating in it.  The Garden Fresh Salad was pretty typical of other Japanese restaurants’ salads with the exception of the Ginger Dressing which was Creamy and with a Delicate Ginger Flavour as opposed to the usual version that comes with overwhelming ginger flavours.  We also tried some Japanese beer and went for the Sapporo brand. I actually like the match up of beer and sushi so it was working for me. Edamame and Shumai Appetizers at Ooka in Doylestown, PA

It was a little strange for me to have appetizers after soup and salad but that’s the way they do it at Ooka so we rolled with it and enjoyed them when the came.   The Fresh Edamame were served piping hot with Sea Salt. The little pods of Soy are fun to eat, slightly salty and moist to the bite. This maybe the perfect appetizer to go with beer, a sort of the Japanese version of peanuts.  The other appetizer was Shumai, little steamed shrimp dumpling with a Ginger Sauces. The dumplings were the perfect size and had a delicate flavour of shrimp and that dumpling flavour that seems to come with all dumplings. My Friend Doug over at American Greetings introduced me to Shumai a few months back and I am glad he did. They were excellent at Ooka.

Angus N.Y Steak Teriyaki Bento Box at Ooka in Doylestown, PARyan went for the N.Y Steak Teriyaki Bento Box.The Angus beef steak came with and order of rice, two California Rolls, Shrimp & Broccoli Tempura and a Japanese Treat.  The steak came medium rare and coated in sweet teriyaki sauce.  The rice was perfectly cooked. Both Shrimp and Broccoli Tempura were perfectly cooked and crispy but leaving the shrimp and broccoli fresh and delicious. The California Rolls were classic and even a little larger in diameter than I am used to getting. The dish also came with two Gyoza Pan-fried Pork Dumplings served with a Ginger Sauce. Ryan had not tried Gyoza before and despite being stuff from all the previous food he liked the delicate pork flavour, the slight char from the pan frying and the gentle ginger sauce.  He shared one with me so I knew he was pretty full when he starts to share his food.

Sushi and Sashimi Lunch at Ooka in Doylestown, PA

 I went for the Sushi and Sashimi Lunch Special.  It came with 3 pieces Sushi, 5 pieces Sashimi, and a Spicy Tuna roll.  The Special usually comes with a Salmon Roll but I upgraded to a Spicy Tuna roll. Both the Sushi and Sashimi were very fresh and the cuts of fish were perfect.  The Tuna almost melted in my mouth, the Salmon the same and Shrimp was fresh and sweet.  The Special also included Octopus.  I think Octopus is a great test for a sushi restaurant, cut it wrong and it tough, keep it too long and it’s tough, cook it too long or too short it’s tough. The Octopus on this plate was tender and flavourful. The Spicy Tuna Roll was creamy with a good tuna taste and spicy enough to make it interesting but no over powering like so many second class sushi places. The Whitefish and Yellowtail were delicate in flavour and perfect in texture almost little works of art.  The overall presentation, and I love good presentation, was excellent for this dish as well as the ones that preceded it.

Great flavours, great textures, great presentations, great service and great company – my son.  Net-net a great meal for us.  You should try Ooka if you haven’t already.

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Ooka  – 110 Veterans Lane, Doylestown, PA 18901-3412                             (215) 348-8185

Basically Burgers – Basically the Best

August 18, 2009

Basically Burgers sign

Since I started the blog and created a Best of Bucks Co – Top 5 Burger list, I have gotten comments and eMails that I must try Basically Burgers in Doylestown. So off we went to Doylestown to try this highly recommended spot. After today’s visit, I revised the “Best of” list to include Basically Burgers. This post will try to explain why so many people recommended the place. 

French Fries at Basically BurgersDonna and I both wanted the French Fries with-the-Skin-on and they did not disappoint. They were crispy on the outside and good potato taste on the inside.  The skin-on added some extra texture to the fries and we thought some extra taste. They were obviously store-cut and fresh, making them easy to enjoy.

Inside-Out Burger at Basically Burgers

 Donna went for the Inside-Out Burger. Inside the two 3.5 ounce patties was Cheddar Cheese and Bacon. Outside the burger was freshly cut Tomato slices and shredded Lettuce. And all of those on a Grilled Kaiser Bun. Donna found the burger to be moist, flavourful with the bacon and cheese exploding into her mouth with each bite. Very tasty burger.

Ranch Burgers at Basically Burgers

I went for the Ranch Burger. It was a 2 patty burger with Cheddar Cheese and sauteed Mushrooms with a Chipotle Mayo on the top of a Grilled Kaiser Bun. I really like the mushrooms mixed into the cheese so that they tend to stay on the bun more than if they are cooked separately. The chipotle mayo brought a little heat to the burger but not overly so.  I thought it brought more moisture and mayo flavour than heat so I like that a lot. The burger was very good with moist flavourful ground beef, moist toppings on a solid bun. Easily the best burger I had since my mom cooked the last one. LOL.

Thanks to all the Chowhounds and Facebook Friends for recommending Basically Burgers.  If you enjoyed Basically Burgers and want to help them win the Best Burger at Fox Philly’s Food Contest click here.

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Basically Burgers,16 W State St, Doylestown, PA 18901-4217               215-345-8502

Lunch with Nalts

July 14, 2009

Kevin "Nalts" NaltyKevin Nalty or “Nalts” is a legitimate “Web Celebrity” with over 800 YouTube videos that have been viewed over 75 million times. Kevin is very funny and you can check out some of Kevin’s videos here and here.  Kevin is also a friend of mine and we had lunch today at Bobby Simone’s in Doylestown.

 It was a beautiful day so we ate outside in their patio area. It was very pleasant and the services was great. Kevin ordered the Iberian Burger and I ordered the Roast Beef Sandwich.

Iberian Burger at Bobby Simone's

Kevin got the Iberian Burger. It was a 6 ounce burger on Ciabatta Breadwith thinly sliced  ham with cheese and avocado slices.  The Iberian moniker comes from the thinly sliced Serrano Ham, which is very like prochuttio.  The burger came with a hefty order of hand-cut Idaho French Fries. The moisture of the Melted Cheese and Avocado matched well with slightly dry ham.  I liked the bits of peeling left on the fries giving them some texture. I also like my fries to be stiffer these were a little limp for me. They were well cooked and flavourful but a little stiffer would have made them perfect.It was a very good burger and gets an honourable mention on the blog’s Best of Bucks Co – Burger Top 5 List.

 The Best Roast Beef Sandwich in Bucks Co at Bobby Simone's I ordered Roast Beef Sandwich in fact the menu described it as The Best Roast Beef Sandwich in Bucks County. The sandwich comes with Swiss Cheese, Horseradish, Demi Au Jus on a  Brioche Bun with Hand Cut Fries. It was a great sandwich with my only problem being that they over grilled the bottom bun too much leaving it too charred. The key ingridents, the thinnly sliced Beef and Swiss Cheese were moist and flavourful. Strong beef flavour and tender to the bite. This version of a French Dip sandwich came with a great Demi Au Jus– great beefy taste, warm and not salty as many Au Jus end up being. The Horseradish Sauce was nice and creamy with enough heat to let you know it was horseradish.  I described the fries already but they went well with the sandwich. It was a great beef sandwich, the best I have had in Bucks County.  Perhaps I should start a Best of Bucks County list on Roast Beef sandwiches.

Two great sandwichs, great advice from Nalts and a chance to reconnect with a friend – Priceless.  Nalts paid. LOL

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Bobby Simone's on Urbanspoon

Bobby Simone’s 52 East State Street, Doylestown, PA 18901          Phone: 215-340-1414

5 Guys – 6 Trillion Different Burgers

June 14, 2009

Five Guys - Doylestown PAChowhound Dan Macey recommended Five Guys in Doylestown for a great burger so for lunch today Donna and I went for it.  I didn’t know this was a chain before we arrived at the store.  I usually don’t review chains, I do eat at them but let’s make an exception and do a review. It’s my blog and I can do whatever with it. LOL.

The title for the post comes from store name plus the number of different possible combinations of burgers, cheese, bacon and toppings.  They offer 15 Different Toppings that can go on top of their standard 3 1/2 oz Patty plus you can have two patties, bacon and/or cheese.  The Little Burger has only one patty, their Regular Hamburger comes with two patties. So their Regular Hamburger is just an ounce off a Double Quarter Pounder.

Five Guys Little CheeseburgerI decided to go for the Little Bacon Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauce.  My custom-made burger arrived in good time as the restaurant had a good flow of traffic at 11:30 in the morning. The first thing I noticed was the burger patty arrived very hot and the veggies arrived very cold. That combination made the burger the Perfect Temperature to eat right then.  I took the burger apart to take the photo and I noticed the cheese had not yet melted completely, the lettuce was very white and the burger looked messy.  I am a big fan of presentation but a bigger fan of flavour and flavour won.  Wow, what a good burger. I usually take a bite and write notes, take another bite, write and so on but I was half way thru the burger before we started talking.  The patty was formed from fresh beef earlier that day and burger flavour reminded me of the burgers my mom made at our family restaurant in Canada when I was a kid. The crunch of the veggies and the sauce of ketchup, mustard and BBQ made a great contrast to the beef flavours in the patty. My only criticism was the lettuce was white and from close to the core of the lettuce head. No biggie but it would have been perfect with green leaf lettuce. If they weren’t a chain, they would have made the Top 5 Best of Bucks Co – Burger list but I did give them an Honourable Mention

Little Bacon HamburgerDonna went for the Little Bacon Hamburger with relish, raw onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mustard and A1 sauce.  This one photographed better than mine but again Donna and I were speechless until about halfway thru the burger. A delicious burger custom made just for her. She had the same big white hunks of lettuce that I got too but other than it was perfect for Donna. We both commented on the juiciness of the burgers and that the foil did a great job of controlling that reducing the number of napkins we usually go thru with burgers this juicy.  We also both commented on the stuff-to-burger ratio compared to the big chain burgers.  The Five Guys burgers seem to have more stuff to enjoy compared to how much bun you get.  We not saying “Where the Beef?” with the other chains but rather much more stuff you seem to get at Five Guys.

Bacon-Cheese Dog at Five GuysI am still building my Best of Bucks Co – Hot Dogs so I ordered the Bacon-Cheese Hot Dog not knowing Five Guys was a chain.  It’s was a great dog and worthy of an honourable mention on the Top 5 list. It would have made the Top 5 if they weren’t a chain.  The perfectly grilled dog and bun came with crispy bacon and melted processed cheese. I had the option of the 6 trillion topping combinations but went plain as I wanted to taste the wiener, bacon and cheese. The slight char on the outside of the kosher wiener and the mild spices inside made for a great dog experience.  The smokey bacon and the sweet cheese added to the overall taste experience. A great dog

Five Guys Food ComboWe also ordered a Large Fries to share with the burgers and dog. The freshly chopped fries were great. Good crisp on the outside, good potato flavour on the inside.  It looks like they leave the peeling on when the chop them and that leaves more flavour for the eater. Staffers Kristy and Matt told Donna and I that they go thru 100’s of pounds of potatoes each day along with almost that much fresh hamburger patties. And for whatever reason this is a left handed store with the french fry chopper, the hamburger patty tool and even the frint door being designed for left handed users. Matt said the other stores he worked at in the chain are not like this so the Doylestown store is special. I didn’t notice the door on the way in but sure enough on the way out. It opens the opposite way.

A couple of other things we noticed while in the store. They have Sprite Zero in their fountain, most stores only give you the choice of Diet Coke or water as your low cal choices. Secondly, they give away shelled peanuts and the place is not a mess. And finally they have a ton of awards from different magazines and contests.  I can see why.  I just wish we had found the place sooner. Great burgers and dogs.

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Five Guys– 4399 West Swamp Road -Cross Keys Plaza, Doylestown, PA, 18901

High Noon at Poco’s

June 13, 2009

Facebook friend and co-worker Deb recommended Poco’s in Doylestown as a great place to have a Margarita here in Bucks County.  Today Donna and I decided to try it out. 

“It’s a little early isn’t it?” Donna said as we pulled in at noon but I figured it would be quiet at the bar and we could ask questions and take photos without bothering too many people.  Poco’s offers frozen and on-the- rocks version of 10 Different Margaritas. Flavours range from the traditional lime to strawberry to mango to watermelon. The traditional margarita comes in three versions; House, Golden and Preferred.  All three come with Jose Guerrero tequila but vary the orange-flavored liqueur. The House comes with Triple Sec, the Golden comes with Gran Torres and the Preferred comes with Cointreau. They also offer all their margaritas in pitchers if you have a group going out.

Watermelon Margarita at Poco'sDonna went for the Watermelon Margarita and I went for the Classic Preferred Margarita.  Donna thought here drink was pretty and it had a very definite watermelon aroma as it arrived. The margarita was tart, had a slight watermelon taste and was very refreshing.  When I tasted it I got the slightly tart watermelon tastes that Donna had but I also got what I would describe as a “perfumey” aftertaste.  Not bad, just a little different. Don’t think I could drink too many of them.  Kevin, our waiter, told us the watermelon flavour comes from Watermelon Pucker liqueur and that the staff at Poco’s makes their own margarita mix everyday. Their mix is for sale for take-out.

Preferred Margarita at Poco's

 I went for the Preferred Margarita with the Jose Guerrero tequila and Cointreau on-the-rocks with salt. I usually avoid the salt because my doctor reads  this LOL, but I thought the salt would look good in the picture. Sure enough the salt does stand out in the photo and the first taste actually had a salty taste, not too much, just enough to know you were having a margarita.  The tartness and citrus flavours came thru in the second taste. The drink was refreshing and made me wish for a warm summer day instead of this rain that is overstaying it’s welcome.  Net-net a very good margarita.

The custom margarita mix, the various flavours, the choice of frozen or on-the-rocks and three levels of add-on liqueurs have earned Poco’s a spot on the Best of Bucks Co – Margarita Top 5 list.  

 I am sure there other places in Bucks County to have a really good margarita, use the reply box or comment link line to let us know where you go for a great margarita. 

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Poco’s  – 625 North Main Street, Doylestown, PA 18901       215-348-3424

Worth the Wait – Ricotta Polenta Pie

April 19, 2009

Ricotta Polenta PieThe first thing I noticed was how flaky and light the pie crust was.  I picked up a flake and tasted the sweetness.  This was going to be good and sure enough it was.  The recipe in Gourmet magazine is usually enough to get your attention but this was worth the wait from Easter Saturday.

My first piece of this flaky, delicious pie

My first piece of this flaky, delicious pie

I expected a cheesecake like consistency but the filling was less dense when I cut pieces for Donna and me.  As I cut, the crust flaked again providing opportunities to pre-test the crust – a good sign from any pie.  The slices revealed  the ricotta and polenta filling as well as pieces of apricots I forgot were in the recipe.  

Donna hates polenta so her excitement for the pie was not as high as mine. She was willing to try a piece for me so we both went in.  For both of us, we tasted a lemony cream filling that was very satisfying and surprising (at least to Donna).  The pie had a nice mixture of lemony filling, bits of apricot and that flaky sweet crust.  As I ate mine, crumbs accumulated on my plate more testimony of the flaky crust but I mopped them up with the filling ensuring nothing went to waste.

Ricotta Polenta Pie

Ricotta Polenta Pie

So far the Ricotta Polenta Pie has created the most interest on this blog and it was worth the interest. For your own adventure with the Ricotta Polenta Pie visit the Crossroad Bake Shop

Crossroads Bake Shop on Urbanspoon

Local Bakery makes Gourmet Magazine

April 14, 2009

One of my guilty pleasures every month is reading Gourmet and Bon Appetit cover to cover. These magazines feed my food addition with all kinds of recipes, food photos, restaurant reviews and food destinations.  One of the features every month in Gourmet is the “you asked for it” section, where readers write in to request recipes of food they were served in restaurants, special locations or at events.  The April issue gives the recipe for Ricotta Polenta Pie from the Crossroads Bake Shop in Doylestown, PA – that’s just seven miles away from me and luck would have it I had to be in Doylestown that day.  The recipe sounded great and off I went to Doylestown to get car maintained and hunger fixed.  Confusing my priorities, I got the car maintained first and arrived at the bake shop a little after 3 pm to find most of their baked goods sold including the Ricotta Polenta Pie.  It seems the locals had already made the pie an Easter favourite, they came early and despite the extra number of pies the bakery made due to Gourmet they bought all the bake shop had made.  Undaunted by the locals attempts to prohibit me from enjoying the pie I reserved one for this coming weekend where upon you readers shall read of my tasting the famous Ricotta Polenta Pie.Gourmet Magazine Ricotta Polenta Pie

Despite bear shelves at the bake shop, I did manage to walk away with a small Key Lime pie.  The Key Lime pie was a great stop gap for time being.  The light buttery graham cracker crust was a wonderful contrast to the tarty  and smooth Key Lime filling.  The sweet delecate meringue on top completed the combo of textures and flavours to make it a perfect piece of Key Lime pie.  So if the Crossroad Bake Shop’s Key Lime pie is so good and their Ricotta Polenta pie is famous, next weekend is going to be good.  Take care.



Crossroads Bake Shop on Urbanspoon

Crossroads Bake Shop -812N Easton Road, Doylestown, PA 18901 – 215-348-0828