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Hollandaise Throwdown

June 16, 2009

Three local Bucks County chefs will battle for culinary bragging rights by creating three dishes with legendary mother sauce Hollandaise. The battle will occur in two stages and be judged by a trio of food enthusiasts.  The first stage will have the chefs creating two classic Hollandaise inspired dishes; Poached Salmon and Asparagus. The second stage will allow the chefs to create a dish of their own based on a Hollandaise sauce variation.  Half of points are available for each stage and the highest amount of points awarded to a chef by the three judges wins bragging rights.

Interested?  Want to learn more?  More info is coming.


Triumphant Part Too

April 22, 2009

Monday night is my regular Texas Hold’em Night at Triumph in New Hope.  Since I was not that hungry when I arrived I decide to go with the $6 Bar menu and had it down to two choices the Quesadilla or the Rosemary Shrimp. Both sounded very good from the menu descriptions but when I asked the wait staff for a recommendation, it was like a no brainer to not order the shrimp.

Rosemary Shrimp

The Rosemary Shrimp appetizer came with four well cook tender shrimp, t (more…)