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Newtown’s Clubhouse

September 2, 2009

Clubhouse Bar & Grill sign Newtown, PADonna and I were hungry Sunday afternoon so we headed south to Washington’s Crossing to have a burger at the Lion Heart Pub but unfortunately it had closed and was under renovation to become an Italian restuarant next month. Instead we headed towards Newtown in search of a decent burger and new place to post about.  We drove by Issac Newton’s, knowing they had great burgers but I wanted a new place to post about. We ended up at the Clubhouse Bar and Grill.

We grabbed seats on the outdoor patio as it was sunny and warm. Donna ordered the Potato Skins and Chicken Wings and I went for the Burger and Pizza Fries.

Potato Skins at Clubhouse B&G in Newtown PA

The Potato Skins, turned out to be the best appetizer of the meal. The standard portion of four skins were generously filled with potato, Cheddar Cheese and real Bacon.  The dish comes with Sour Cream on the side but Donna doesn’t use it.  The skins were a little dry so Donna used some of the Blue Cheese Dressing from the wings to give the skins a little more tang and some moisture. The skins componets are a classic mixture of tastes and textures making them an easy order here at the Clubhouse or just about any decent bar or restaurant.

Chicken Wings at the Clubhouse B&G in Newtown, PADonna’s Chicken Wings looked promising as they arrived at the table but turned to average as we tasted them. These were the Biggest Wings I have seen yet in Bucks County but the lack of a crisp skin got them rated as average. They were cooked thoughout but could have used a few minutes more to crisp the skin.  The Hot Sauce dressing was simply hot sauce and margerine leaving a big opportunity to flavour the wings rather than just make them “hot”.  The dish did come with Carrots and Celery, both of which rarely come together here in Bucks County but the Blue Cheese dressing was lacking Blue Cheese morsels to give it any tang or texture. So these wings ending up being average for us.  Not bad just not up the standard set by other restaurants on the Best of Bucks – Top 5 Wings list created here on the blog.

Bacon and Bleu Burger at the Clubhouse B&G, Newtown, PAMy Bacon and Bleu Burger came with a good sized burger patty, two real Bacon slices, Lettuce and Tomato with Dill Pickle and Potato Chips on the side. Also on the side was an addition serving of the Blue Cheese dressing to serve as the Bleu portion of the burger. I was disappointed that it was dressing rather than actual Blue Cheese morsels that I had gotten at other places here in Bucks County. The medium rare turned out to be medium well so the dressing did come in handy giving the burger some much needed moisture. The untoasted bun was decent and fresh but could have been improved by a few minutes on the grill. It was an OK burger but there are better choices here in Bucks County. Check out the Best of Bucks Co list for suggestions.

Pizza Fries at the Clubhouse B&G in Newtown, PA

Sometimes you get what you order and it doesn’t taste like you thought it would.  The Pizza Fries that day were an example of that.  I knew my burger would come with potato chips so I wanted some fries to go with the burger. The Clubhouse menu offers a half-dozen different kinds of fries but for some reason the pizza fries sound the tastest. Our waiter described them as a large order of fries, covered in Marinara Sauce and Mozzerella cheese.  And that’s exactly how them came but unfortunately the dish didn’t work for me.  Somehow the marinara sauce came across as being slightly metalic and not at all like a pizza sauce I was dreaming about when I ordered. We both had several trys at them and as time when on the fries got soggy.  The cheese was good by itself but the combo didn’t work for us.  It might work for you but it didn’t work well for us.  Least we know.

Net-net we had average appetizers a decent outdoor patio. If you are looking for a great place for Wings or Burgers, try the Best of Bucks County Top 5 Lists.  Let me know what you think about the Clubhouse below in the comment box.

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Clubhouse Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Clubhouse Bar & Grill – 501 S State St, Newtown, PA 18940-1933              215-860-5566


Basically Burgers – Basically the Best

August 18, 2009

Basically Burgers sign

Since I started the blog and created a Best of Bucks Co – Top 5 Burger list, I have gotten comments and eMails that I must try Basically Burgers in Doylestown. So off we went to Doylestown to try this highly recommended spot. After today’s visit, I revised the “Best of” list to include Basically Burgers. This post will try to explain why so many people recommended the place. 

French Fries at Basically BurgersDonna and I both wanted the French Fries with-the-Skin-on and they did not disappoint. They were crispy on the outside and good potato taste on the inside.  The skin-on added some extra texture to the fries and we thought some extra taste. They were obviously store-cut and fresh, making them easy to enjoy.

Inside-Out Burger at Basically Burgers

 Donna went for the Inside-Out Burger. Inside the two 3.5 ounce patties was Cheddar Cheese and Bacon. Outside the burger was freshly cut Tomato slices and shredded Lettuce. And all of those on a Grilled Kaiser Bun. Donna found the burger to be moist, flavourful with the bacon and cheese exploding into her mouth with each bite. Very tasty burger.

Ranch Burgers at Basically Burgers

I went for the Ranch Burger. It was a 2 patty burger with Cheddar Cheese and sauteed Mushrooms with a Chipotle Mayo on the top of a Grilled Kaiser Bun. I really like the mushrooms mixed into the cheese so that they tend to stay on the bun more than if they are cooked separately. The chipotle mayo brought a little heat to the burger but not overly so.  I thought it brought more moisture and mayo flavour than heat so I like that a lot. The burger was very good with moist flavourful ground beef, moist toppings on a solid bun. Easily the best burger I had since my mom cooked the last one. LOL.

Thanks to all the Chowhounds and Facebook Friends for recommending Basically Burgers.  If you enjoyed Basically Burgers and want to help them win the Best Burger at Fox Philly’s Food Contest click here.

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Basically Burger burger man on Urbanspoon

Basically Burgers,16 W State St, Doylestown, PA 18901-4217               215-345-8502

Yes, this is a Smoking Establishment

July 21, 2009

D'Ag's Bar SignDonna and I went for a drive Sunday to the Ottsville Inn in northern Bucks County. I remember seeing ads for it  Bucks County Hearld and always wanted to go but when we got there is was closed.

Ottsville Inn signSo we ended up at D’Ag’s just down the 611 from the Ottsville Inn. The first thing I noticed on the way in was a sign that said “Yes, this is a Smoking Establishment”. So OK Dorthy we may not be in Kansas any more. LOL. This was not a restaurant, this was a Bar and proud of it.

 It was dark inside but despite the warning, actually not smokey at all.  The U-Shaped Bar was full of regulars and competative game of skeet ball was underway. It reminder me of the U sharped bar at the Pineville Tavern just a little bigger.  Donna and I found our way to a table in the middle area of the bar and sat down. We reviewed the one page menu and checked out the Happy Hour Complementry Kielbasa & Kraut and Perogies. Donna opted for the Amgus Burger and I went for the Hot Wing.

D'Ag's Angus BurgerDonna’s Burger was a great bar burger. Cheap, tasty and fast. The toasted bun arrived with a char-grilled 4 ounch patty with some decent processed cheese. The burger comes with choice of ketchup or no ketchup but you can get French Fries instead of chips. It was a working man’s burger in a working man’s bar.

D'Ag's Chicken WingsI went for the Chicken Wings. The waitress advised they came as either BBQ or Hot but I could get the Hot Sauce on the side. She made it seem like they were going to burn my mouth off so I decided to go with the sauce on the side. The wings arrived quickly as good bar food does. I was surprised that they order came with Baby Carrots when virtually every other places we had wings didn’t offer carrots. The medium sized wings we nice and crispy, just like I like them. The Hot Sauce was actually pertty mild and basically the classic butter and commerical hot sauce mixed together. I found the sauce a little runny but mild enough for me. The Blue Cheese Dressing was very good with some good cheese chunks on the bottom of the sauce. A good mayo based sauce that matched with sweet chicken meat. A good wing and at a great bar price.  For other wing suggestions, check out the Best of Bucks County – Wings page.

My fellow bloggers at Bucks County Taste have a great post on what makes up a great bar and based on their criteria I think  D’Ag’s would score pretty high although I didn’t see a lot of bourbon being consumed.  I think D’Ag’s is a Cool Bar and I can’t wait to go there for an Eagles Game cause I gotta believe the place with rock.

Oh head’s up they take only cash

D’Ag’s, 7349 Easton Road, Pipersville PA 18947                       215-766-9605

Lunch with Nalts

July 14, 2009

Kevin "Nalts" NaltyKevin Nalty or “Nalts” is a legitimate “Web Celebrity” with over 800 YouTube videos that have been viewed over 75 million times. Kevin is very funny and you can check out some of Kevin’s videos here and here.  Kevin is also a friend of mine and we had lunch today at Bobby Simone’s in Doylestown.

 It was a beautiful day so we ate outside in their patio area. It was very pleasant and the services was great. Kevin ordered the Iberian Burger and I ordered the Roast Beef Sandwich.

Iberian Burger at Bobby Simone's

Kevin got the Iberian Burger. It was a 6 ounce burger on Ciabatta Breadwith thinly sliced  ham with cheese and avocado slices.  The Iberian moniker comes from the thinly sliced Serrano Ham, which is very like prochuttio.  The burger came with a hefty order of hand-cut Idaho French Fries. The moisture of the Melted Cheese and Avocado matched well with slightly dry ham.  I liked the bits of peeling left on the fries giving them some texture. I also like my fries to be stiffer these were a little limp for me. They were well cooked and flavourful but a little stiffer would have made them perfect.It was a very good burger and gets an honourable mention on the blog’s Best of Bucks Co – Burger Top 5 List.

 The Best Roast Beef Sandwich in Bucks Co at Bobby Simone's I ordered Roast Beef Sandwich in fact the menu described it as The Best Roast Beef Sandwich in Bucks County. The sandwich comes with Swiss Cheese, Horseradish, Demi Au Jus on a  Brioche Bun with Hand Cut Fries. It was a great sandwich with my only problem being that they over grilled the bottom bun too much leaving it too charred. The key ingridents, the thinnly sliced Beef and Swiss Cheese were moist and flavourful. Strong beef flavour and tender to the bite. This version of a French Dip sandwich came with a great Demi Au Jus– great beefy taste, warm and not salty as many Au Jus end up being. The Horseradish Sauce was nice and creamy with enough heat to let you know it was horseradish.  I described the fries already but they went well with the sandwich. It was a great beef sandwich, the best I have had in Bucks County.  Perhaps I should start a Best of Bucks County list on Roast Beef sandwiches.

Two great sandwichs, great advice from Nalts and a chance to reconnect with a friend – Priceless.  Nalts paid. LOL

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Bobby Simone's on Urbanspoon

Bobby Simone’s 52 East State Street, Doylestown, PA 18901          Phone: 215-340-1414

Omaha Burgers

July 10, 2009

Finally got around to BBQing the Omaha Steak Burgers from my shipment last week.  It was a quiet Friday night so Donna and I pulled the frozen burgers from the freezer to thaw.Omaha Steak Burgers

Each Four Ounce Steak Burger comes indivudally wrapped in supposedly easy open plastic wrap.  The first one opened easily but the rest had to cut open with sissors. The thawed meat looked denser than other frozen burgers I tried before.  They also looked leaner but that maybe a result of smaller fat pieces rather a regular grind.

Grilled Omaha BurgerThe burgers grilled quickly as we both like our burgers medium rare. Medium High Heat a couple of minutes, 90 degree turn, flip, a couple of minutes, 90 degree turn and a couple of minutes and taadaa – medium rare burgers with nice grill marks.

Omaha Burger with all the fix'emsI like Lots of Fix’ems on my burger. I think they make the burger messy but that half the fun.  The burger was favourful, moist and very meaty. The grill marks gave the burger a charred taste making it an Authentic BBQ burger.

The Omaha Steak Burgers were good and a great addition to your freezer for lazy days and when unexpected friends turn up but not the Best of Bucks Co – Burgers. Check here for that list of burgers.

Burger Buffet

June 23, 2009

For Father’s Day, we organized a Burger Buffet.  This allowed us to have a home-cooked meal with the family and to have some fun preparing the meal. 

Home-made BurgersWe started with a bunch of 3 oz 100% beef burgers.  We used smaller patties so that that the boys could double up on the patties while Donna and  I could go for one and all would be satisfied.  The rain stopped long enough for me to fire up the BBQ to cook and get some grill marks on the burgers.

Sauteed OnionsWhile I manned the BBQ, Donna sauteed some Onions in some olive oil. A slow saute got the onions nicely caramelized. That made the onions soft and sweet.

Burger Buffet Fix 'em I

To make it a buffet, we made lots of great burger Fix’ems.  The fix’ems included Lettuce, Jersey Tomatoes, Bacon, Cheese, Pickles and the Sauteed Onions.  We also put out Potato Chips to add some extra crunch to the meal.  We also provided Mayo, Yellow Mustard, Dijon Mustard, Relish and Ketchup to spread onto the Sesame Seed Buns.

Chips and Fix'emsI had full intentions to capture photos of the burgers but everyone was so hungry, the boys had theirs half eaten by the time I finished the second set of burgers off the grill.

For My Burger, I went with some Dijon mustard smeared on the bottom bun, then two pickle pieces, two bacon slices, the burger patty (just one) sauteed onions and then the cheese. Some ketchup on the top bun, a quick turn and taa daa – my custom made burger. It was very good, moist, flavourful and made just the way I like it. LOL

If you haven’t already, try the Burger Buffet for your family.  It takes a little extra time but it worth it to be able to have your family members customize their own burgers even if they eat too fast for you to take a photo. LOL.

5 Guys – 6 Trillion Different Burgers

June 14, 2009

Five Guys - Doylestown PAChowhound Dan Macey recommended Five Guys in Doylestown for a great burger so for lunch today Donna and I went for it.  I didn’t know this was a chain before we arrived at the store.  I usually don’t review chains, I do eat at them but let’s make an exception and do a review. It’s my blog and I can do whatever with it. LOL.

The title for the post comes from store name plus the number of different possible combinations of burgers, cheese, bacon and toppings.  They offer 15 Different Toppings that can go on top of their standard 3 1/2 oz Patty plus you can have two patties, bacon and/or cheese.  The Little Burger has only one patty, their Regular Hamburger comes with two patties. So their Regular Hamburger is just an ounce off a Double Quarter Pounder.

Five Guys Little CheeseburgerI decided to go for the Little Bacon Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauce.  My custom-made burger arrived in good time as the restaurant had a good flow of traffic at 11:30 in the morning. The first thing I noticed was the burger patty arrived very hot and the veggies arrived very cold. That combination made the burger the Perfect Temperature to eat right then.  I took the burger apart to take the photo and I noticed the cheese had not yet melted completely, the lettuce was very white and the burger looked messy.  I am a big fan of presentation but a bigger fan of flavour and flavour won.  Wow, what a good burger. I usually take a bite and write notes, take another bite, write and so on but I was half way thru the burger before we started talking.  The patty was formed from fresh beef earlier that day and burger flavour reminded me of the burgers my mom made at our family restaurant in Canada when I was a kid. The crunch of the veggies and the sauce of ketchup, mustard and BBQ made a great contrast to the beef flavours in the patty. My only criticism was the lettuce was white and from close to the core of the lettuce head. No biggie but it would have been perfect with green leaf lettuce. If they weren’t a chain, they would have made the Top 5 Best of Bucks Co – Burger list but I did give them an Honourable Mention

Little Bacon HamburgerDonna went for the Little Bacon Hamburger with relish, raw onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mustard and A1 sauce.  This one photographed better than mine but again Donna and I were speechless until about halfway thru the burger. A delicious burger custom made just for her. She had the same big white hunks of lettuce that I got too but other than it was perfect for Donna. We both commented on the juiciness of the burgers and that the foil did a great job of controlling that reducing the number of napkins we usually go thru with burgers this juicy.  We also both commented on the stuff-to-burger ratio compared to the big chain burgers.  The Five Guys burgers seem to have more stuff to enjoy compared to how much bun you get.  We not saying “Where the Beef?” with the other chains but rather much more stuff you seem to get at Five Guys.

Bacon-Cheese Dog at Five GuysI am still building my Best of Bucks Co – Hot Dogs so I ordered the Bacon-Cheese Hot Dog not knowing Five Guys was a chain.  It’s was a great dog and worthy of an honourable mention on the Top 5 list. It would have made the Top 5 if they weren’t a chain.  The perfectly grilled dog and bun came with crispy bacon and melted processed cheese. I had the option of the 6 trillion topping combinations but went plain as I wanted to taste the wiener, bacon and cheese. The slight char on the outside of the kosher wiener and the mild spices inside made for a great dog experience.  The smokey bacon and the sweet cheese added to the overall taste experience. A great dog

Five Guys Food ComboWe also ordered a Large Fries to share with the burgers and dog. The freshly chopped fries were great. Good crisp on the outside, good potato flavour on the inside.  It looks like they leave the peeling on when the chop them and that leaves more flavour for the eater. Staffers Kristy and Matt told Donna and I that they go thru 100’s of pounds of potatoes each day along with almost that much fresh hamburger patties. And for whatever reason this is a left handed store with the french fry chopper, the hamburger patty tool and even the frint door being designed for left handed users. Matt said the other stores he worked at in the chain are not like this so the Doylestown store is special. I didn’t notice the door on the way in but sure enough on the way out. It opens the opposite way.

A couple of other things we noticed while in the store. They have Sprite Zero in their fountain, most stores only give you the choice of Diet Coke or water as your low cal choices. Secondly, they give away shelled peanuts and the place is not a mess. And finally they have a ton of awards from different magazines and contests.  I can see why.  I just wish we had found the place sooner. Great burgers and dogs.

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Five Guys– 4399 West Swamp Road -Cross Keys Plaza, Doylestown, PA, 18901

Cactus Grill

June 9, 2009

Margarita at Cactus GrillFacebook friend and co-worker Deb suggested that we try Cactus Grill in Pipersville as part of our Memorial Day  Best of Bucks Co Burger Search.  We didn’t make it that weekend but we made it today.

It was a beautiful sunny day for a change so we opted to sit outside on Cactus Grill’s deck over looking pastoral Bucks County.  With an name like Cactus Grill we figured the Margaritas would be good so we ordered one.  They did have mango margaritas on the specials board but we didn’t see that until after we ordered drinks.  I liked the presentation of the margarita; a special cocktail glass, ice-cold lime green liquid, white foam head and a lime garnish. The first taste was the classic tart-sweet mix of a margarita bar mix with a Mild Tequila flavour coming thru.  I was hoping for fresh fruit juices but the bar mix was actually Refreshing on the warm afternoon. BBQ Chicken at Cactus Grill So net-net not a bad drink.

Donna went for the BBQ Chicken Special and I went for the Cactus Angus Burger as Deb suggested.  Donna’s special came with baked beans, corn-on-the-cob and potato salad.  The rustic presentation of BBQ dish was a little too rustic for me but it was ok. The Baked Beans were a little mushy in texture but the bean flavour along with a smokey bacon taste came thru in the dish.  The Potato Salad had nice chunks of red potatoes and crisp celery in a vinaigrette dressing.  Donna and I are both fans of mayo-based potato salad. The Corn actually photographed better than it was.  In reality it was slightly dried out and not fresh.  A couple of bites confirmed the less than fresh status.  The highlight of Donna’s dish was the BBQ Sauce on the chicken. It had a nice smokey sweet taste with a thick consistency.  The sauce made the slightly dry BBQ Chicken pieces enjoyable.  The generous portion of chicken made the meal a good value.

Cactus Angus Burger

The Cactus Angus Burger comes with American cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms and bacon.  The Burger was good with the 8 oz patty of ground Angus Beefgiving the burger a good meaty burger taste.  The first bite came thru with a smokey-bacon cheese flavour.  Despite only two pieces of bacon, bacon flavour seemed to be in every bite.  The American Cheese actually tasted more like provolone and was a good addition to the burger.  The Caramelized Onions were  cut into serious sized chunks that were sweet with a little bit of char.  The Mushrooms were heated thru but unfortunately placed on top of the bacon and onions allowing them to escape with each bite.  Put them under the cheese people it will reduce the “drop-age”.  Other than that it was a good burger and worthy of an Honourable Mention on our Best of Bucks Co – Burger list.  The fries are also worthy of note. The unique shaped fries were crispy on the outside with a creamy potato filling inside. They were also well seasoned with some garlic salt and pepper. Very nice.

Half Rack of Ribs at Cactus Grill

Outside on the patio, we were sitting beside a sign bragging on their “Best BBQ Ribs” so we had to try that too.  Since the burger and chicken were so filling we got them to go knowing that ribs in our home refrigerator have a “life expectancy” of 3-4 hours at best once Ryan or Robbie know the ribs are there. The to-go ordered featured the same half-moon seasoned fries and a Half-a-Rack of Ribs for $8.99. Good value for the order but most importantly the ribs were very good.  They used the same BBQ Sauce from the BBQ chicken and it really worked with ribs too.  The ribs were meaty and had a dense texture to the flesh.  Many people like the a fall-off-the-bone texture but I prefer a cooked rib that holds to the bone, tender to the bite and covered in thick BBQ Sauce.  Cactus Grill’s rib gave us that.  The flesh was moist with a sweet taste that matched well with the tang of the BBQ sauce.  These are excellent ribs and worth the trip to North Bucks.  In fact the ribs are so good, I have placed them in the Best of Bucks Co – Ribs Top 5  list here on the blog.

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Cactus Grill, 7200 Easton Rd, Pipersville, PA, 18947        215-766-9840

The Wyck

June 8, 2009

Candlewyck Beer & Ale

I got a recommendation from Chowhound CWDonald  to try Ted’s and the Candlewyck for great burgers.  The Candlewyck is closer and we were hunger so we tried it.  We have been going to the Wyck since we arrived in the US in 2001 but haven’t officially blogged about it.  We have always had good food there and this visit was no exception.

CW suggested that we try the Black & Blue burger or the Steakburger. Donna decided to try the Steakburger.  The menu said it came with cheddar cheese, onion sticks and A1 sauce. Steakburger at the Wyck We forgot to order the fries as CW recommended but the burger was filling enough without them.  As you can see the generous 6 oz Patty is covered in onion sticks and Cheddar Cheese.  I think they are smart covering the onion sticks with cheese rather than the other way around.  The cheese keeps the onion sticks in place.  Onion Sticks btw are inch, inch ‘n half pieces of sweet onions battered and deep fried prior to being placed on the burger. The batter was a little thick but they maintained their onion flavour. The first bite you could pick up the A1 Sauce,yes A1 on a burger LOL making the combination of burger, onions and A1 sauce actually taste like a steak. It’s a wonderful burger and worthy of our Best of Bucks Co – Burgers – Top 5 listing.

Chicken Wings at the WyckI had the Chicken Wings.  You could smell the heat as the order of 11 wings arrived.  The smell was misleading as the actual wings were Medium Heat and most likely mild if you really like heat but I like medium so I was good to go.  The wings look crispy but they are not.  I found out later that if you want them crispy you can ask and they will do them crispy for you. I didn’t know then, now I know. The small to medium sized wings were actually very good despite my initial disappointment about the crispness. The heat is immediate when you bite into them but it’s a sweet heat and continues into a nice after-burn after you swallow. The flesh is well cooked, moist and a nice chicken flavour.  A nice addition was the Blue Cheese Dressingwhich had a nice grey colour to it from the plentiful chunks of blue cheese.  This was the best Blue Cheese dressing we have covered on the blog so far.  The celery was crisp and fresh.  A very good wing and worthy of addition to our Best of Bucks Co – Wings Top 5 list

The Wyck also offers a full menu and daily specials plus over 300 different Beers and Ales from around the world.

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Candlewyck Beer & Ale, Rte 413 & Rte 263, Buckingham, PA, 18912                  215-794-8233 

Top 5 Burgers Places

June 2, 2009

What makes a great burger? Six to eight ounces of well cooked and seasoned Beef. Great fresh fix’ems like Lettuce, Tomato and Onions. A pickle is some fashion, sweet or sour but a Pickle. A choice of Cheeses and other add-on’s like sauteed or Fried Onions, avocado slices, bacon, roasted or fried peppers or salsas to make the burger different and interesting. A Fresh Baked Bun that controls all the goodies on the burger and soaks up the juices. And despite a great bun you need Three Napkins to clean up the juices from the burger. Not only is it about the freshest ingredients, it’s about serving the burger with some style and in an atmosphere that says Eat Burgers Here.  That’s a great burger.

So thanks to the recommendations from Facebook Friends and Chowhounds, I have managed to create my Top 5 Best of Bucks Co – Burger list.  Donna and I personally ate at the locations and can easily recommend them to you.  They’re worth the drive and the money you will invest. Enjoy.

Despite completing the list we are still on the hunt for great burgers here in Bucks Co, so please use the Reply Box or Comment link at the bottom of this post to make suggestions or comment on your experiences with these choices.  I am looking forward to your comments.