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Heart of Oak Pub

August 28, 2009

Heart of Oak Pub signOn our trip back from the mountains, Donna and I were too tired to cook supper so we decided to stop at the Heart of Oak Pub to eat. The Pub is downstairs from Baci, a Northern Italian restaurant and owned by the same family and to be transparent, our Robbie and their youngest boy are close friends. Never-the-less we came for a quiet casual dinner. The Pub offers an English pub food menu along with the Italian menu from the more formal upstairs dining room. 

Sheppard's Pie at the Heart of Oak PubWe went for English Pub comfort food. Donna went for the Shepherd’s Pie and I went for the Chicken and Leek Pie.  The Brits are big on savory pies LOL.  Donna’s Shepherd’s pie came steaming hot with lean Ground Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. The dish was very hot with the molten Cheese topping still bubbling when it arrived.  Under the mashed potato covering were well cooked Peas, Carrots and Corn. As it cooled Donna savoured this classic comfort food enjoying the mixture of veggies, meat and gravy. Very well executed and satisfying.

Chicken and Leek Pie at Heart of Oak PubMy Chicken and Leek Pie was equally hot and satisfying. The crispy Phyllo pastry covered the sweet tender chicken and caramelized leeks. The heat of dish slowed my consumption but each fork full was delicious and comforting. The crisp of the pastry match well against the soften veggies and tender chicken.

It was a comforting supper at the Pub and although we didn’t have any of the 14 beers they have on-tap you might want to try them. We enjoyed our meal and hope to come back and try the upstairs Italian dining real soon.

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Heart of Oak Pub– 2559 Bogarts Tavern Rd, Buckingham, PA 18912                    215-794-7784


The Wyck

June 8, 2009

Candlewyck Beer & Ale

I got a recommendation from Chowhound CWDonald  to try Ted’s and the Candlewyck for great burgers.  The Candlewyck is closer and we were hunger so we tried it.  We have been going to the Wyck since we arrived in the US in 2001 but haven’t officially blogged about it.  We have always had good food there and this visit was no exception.

CW suggested that we try the Black & Blue burger or the Steakburger. Donna decided to try the Steakburger.  The menu said it came with cheddar cheese, onion sticks and A1 sauce. Steakburger at the Wyck We forgot to order the fries as CW recommended but the burger was filling enough without them.  As you can see the generous 6 oz Patty is covered in onion sticks and Cheddar Cheese.  I think they are smart covering the onion sticks with cheese rather than the other way around.  The cheese keeps the onion sticks in place.  Onion Sticks btw are inch, inch ‘n half pieces of sweet onions battered and deep fried prior to being placed on the burger. The batter was a little thick but they maintained their onion flavour. The first bite you could pick up the A1 Sauce,yes A1 on a burger LOL making the combination of burger, onions and A1 sauce actually taste like a steak. It’s a wonderful burger and worthy of our Best of Bucks Co – Burgers – Top 5 listing.

Chicken Wings at the WyckI had the Chicken Wings.  You could smell the heat as the order of 11 wings arrived.  The smell was misleading as the actual wings were Medium Heat and most likely mild if you really like heat but I like medium so I was good to go.  The wings look crispy but they are not.  I found out later that if you want them crispy you can ask and they will do them crispy for you. I didn’t know then, now I know. The small to medium sized wings were actually very good despite my initial disappointment about the crispness. The heat is immediate when you bite into them but it’s a sweet heat and continues into a nice after-burn after you swallow. The flesh is well cooked, moist and a nice chicken flavour.  A nice addition was the Blue Cheese Dressingwhich had a nice grey colour to it from the plentiful chunks of blue cheese.  This was the best Blue Cheese dressing we have covered on the blog so far.  The celery was crisp and fresh.  A very good wing and worthy of addition to our Best of Bucks Co – Wings Top 5 list

The Wyck also offers a full menu and daily specials plus over 300 different Beers and Ales from around the world.

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Candlewyck Beer & Ale, Rte 413 & Rte 263, Buckingham, PA, 18912                  215-794-8233 

None Such Strawberries – Two Ways

May 31, 2009

None Such Farm sign

None Such Farm owns and operates our local Farmer’s Market just down the road in Buckingham. Although the Market is a full service market with meat, deli, garden and gourmet food departments, I like to go for the locally grown crops.  Their corn is famous with people coming out from Philadelphia just to get a dozen fresh ears.  So yesterday, where we returning from our trip to Lenny’s Hot Dogs, and I saw the sign that None Such had Local Strawberries, I knew we would have to come back and try them out.  Today’s post is about those strawberries and how we used them two different ways.

Strawberry Daiquiri

The first way, cause I got our priorities right, LOL was to make Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris.  To make the daiquiris, I poured Bacardi Rum, Lime Juice, Strawberries and Ice Cubes into the blender.  I used a 2-1-6 ratio of rum, juice and berries, I also tossed in 3 packets of  Splenda to sweeten instead of sugar, that diabetes thing and I get a great deal on the Splenda from work. I sent the mixture for a spin until a wonderful red slush was created.  I poured the drink into our glasses and garnished with a strawberry.   Backyard DaiquiriThe drink was a little tart as I had under estimated the sweetness of strawberries so we just added some more Splenda and stirred. After that they were perfect. Even with the extra Splenda, the daiquiri were a little tart but it was nicely over coming the rum taste making this a very sneaky drink, if we didn’t watch it.  The strawberry flavour was there but not sweet.  The crushed ice gave me a summer feel and nice contrast to the warmth of the day.  A very nice use of these local strawberries.

It was a perfect sunny Sunday afternoon with the Phillies on the TV winning, and the daiquiri went down smoothly, I updated the Facebook page and we started to prepare the second way we were going to use these local strawberries.

When I was a kid growing up in New Brunswick, Canada, my Mom and Dad would take me every June to Elmsville for their Annual Strawberry Supper.  The Strawberry Supper was put on each year as a fundraiser by the local women’s group and it would feature either a choice of full blown Ham or Turkey dinner for like $3.  It was basically all-you-could-eat of this home cooked meal for little money.  It always seem to me that there was a competition between the women on who’s dish was the best but I always got to win cause the food was so good.  The highlight of the Supper was the dessert, Homemade Wild Strawberry Shortcake.  The strawberries grew wild in Elmsville and the Women’s Group would pick for a week to get enough for the Supper.  The strawberries were those small sized berries that were amazingly sweet and had a strong strawberry flavour not those mutated huge flavourless berries you find in the mega-marts.  My dad grew strawberries at our home in Pennfield but the ones in Elmsville were ripe always a couple weeks ahead of his.  He didn’t seem to care.  I always loved that Supper. Strawberry Shortcakes - 4 ways

 To celebrate the arrival of the local strawberries, we made Strawberry Shortcakes four different ways.  We had two different cakes; Biscuit and Sponge cake and two different strawberry mixtures; Sliced and Mashed.  The mashed strawberries created their own sauce but for the sliced strawberries I added Grand Marnier.  I have always loved the combo of strawberries and Grand Marnier, so it works for me.  All versions got the whipped cream with Splenda that Donna made. So depending upon your taste you could chose the shortcake you like the best.  All of them accented the berries so which one would you chose?  Use the Reply box or they Comment link below to tell us which option you would go for.

So we used the strawberries at least two different ways.  The local crops are starting to show up so we are in for a good next few months.  Let me know what I should try and what I should write about.

None Such Farm Market, Rt 263 – 4458 York Rd., Buckingham, PA, 18912      215-794-5201