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More Mountain Food

August 25, 2009

Bear photoDonna, Ryan and I spent the weekend with Facebook friends and neighbours Toni, Tony, Stephen and Carolyn up in Sullivan County, PA and had a great time.  They were wonderful hosts and guides showing us all kinds of Northern PA attractions.  One of the attractions we saw about 5oo yards from our “campground” was this Black Bear munching on some berries near our “camp ground” neighbour’s house. We watched the bear for 5 minutes before he either got tired of us or had his fill of berries. LOL.

Tombstone Inn signThe bear wasn’t the only one who got their fill. Saturday afternoon we went to the Tombstone Inn for lunch. Tony’s Step-father Ed had told us stories of the Tombstone the night before and it sounded like to a real treat to go. The Inn is an old school house located beside a cemetery and it’s loaded, pardon the pun, with tons of stuffed animals of many species. Toni and Tony’s boys Joey and Nicky enjoyed looked at the Stuffed Bear, Moose and Deer butt-end of a while we waited for the food order.

Joey and Nicky with the Stuffed Bear at the Tombstone Inn


Stuffed Moose Head at the Tombstone InnThe Tombstone’s speciality is pizza but they had a busy Friday night and sold out. Good to see that the woe’s of the economy have not hit the Tombstone as hard as other places. LOL

Seafood Basket at the TombstoneIn lieu of their famous pizza I ordered the Seafood Basket. It was a deep fried cornucopia of Haddock, Shrimp, Clams and Scallops with Frieson the side. Given our location in upstate PA and a significant distance from the sea, ordering seafood could have been a bad decision but it worked out. The haddock was well cook, nice and crispy batter on the outside and moist flavourful fish on the inside. The same went for the sweet bay scallops and shrimp.  The batter-to-clam ratio was a little high on the fried clam functionally eliminating the clam taste. Fortunately the home-made seafood sauce and lime made even the clam pieces somewhat tasty. The fries were decent and there were a generous portion of them making the basket a filling meal for me.

Chicken Strip BLT Sandwich at the Tombstone InnDonna went for the Chicken Strip- BLT Sandwich. The sandwich came on a Hoagie Roll with Deep Fried Chicken Strips load on. Large slices of Tomato and Bacon were added along with some Lettuce leaves coated in Mayo. Donna thought the sandwich was very good with the mixtures of tastes and textures coming thru. Two hardy Dill Pickles garnished the plate and gave some sour flavours to contrast the sweet tomatoes, mayo and chicken and the salty bacon. A very good sandwich.

Sausage and Egg CasseroleI missed taking photos of the Burger and Dog BBQ Buffet back at the “Campground” on Saturday night but they were great. One special treat was a Tomato Blue Cheese Salad that Carolyn created. That was very nice but I forgot to take the photos.  I did better the next day as we brunched on the Overnight Egg and Sausage Casserole. The casserole was a nice mixture of savory sausage and sweet baked eggs. With some chopped Onions added for taste and texture the dish was great.

Eagles Mere Town ClockFor our Sunday Field Trip we went to Eagles Mere, PA a picturesque town a few miles. In addition to some lovely shops and art galleries it had The Sweet Shop. In addition to a huge variety of candy and ice cream treats, they also had very decent luncheon choices.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Eagles Mere PADonna went for the Classic Grilled Cheese sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread. The Sandwich came with pickles and potato chips. Thick slices of toasted bread held the warm melted Provolone Cheese. The crunch of the bread contrasted nicely with the smooth creamy cheese. Good basic sandwich well executed.

Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich in Eagles Mere PAToni, Tony and Carolyn ordered the Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich. The sandwich came with French Fries and Coleslaw on the side.  The pulled pork had the traditional vinegar dressing contrasting nicely with the sweet pork meat but what was unique about the sandwich was that the created a patty out of the pulled pork and actually grilled it to give some additional char to meat mixture.  They all liked the sandwich and would recommend it.

Mushroom, Onion and Cheeseburger at Eagles Mere PAI went for one of the special burgers on the lunch menu.  I can’t remember the name they gave it but the taste was very memorable. The Mushroom, Onion Cheeseburger was well executed and very flavourful. The mushroom and onions were sauteed together and then the Swiss Cheese was added to create one unit to go on top of my 3 oz patty. Cooked to my medium rare the burger was very juicy.  The side of fries were well cooked and the pickle nice and sour. A great burger

It was a great weekend and you couldn’t ask for better hosts than Carolyn, Toni and Tony.  We had a great time and hope to get to do it again.

Facebook Breakfast

July 18, 2009

It was Saturday morning and I was up before Donna. I was checking Facebook and I updated my status with “I am going to cook breakfast for Donna, what should I cook?”  Within what seemed seconds, Facebook friend and co-worker Stephanie suggested Baked Eggs and provided the link to the NY Times site. Thanks Stephanie. I clicked on the link and it provided a straight forward recipe on a version of Baked Eggs in a video.  Check it out for yourself.  I also got suggestions and encouragement from Nat (great Canadian Breakfast ideas) and my son Steve in Canada.


Naturally the NY Times recipe called for ingredients that I didn’t have but it was inspiring enough to try with some basic substitutions. To make the Baked Eggs, I buttered the ramekins, placed some Tomato slices on the bottom, some pre-cooked Bacon, dried Basil, cracked Egg, grated Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper.  I placed the ramekins in the pre-heated oven for 12 minutes and started the hash browns.

Donna prefers the grated potato Hash Browns. I used a couple of Yukon Gold potatoes, grated them into a bowl, added some Thyme, salt and pepper and mix them together.  Just like potato pancakes I cooked the potato mixture is some hot oil, browning the outside while allowing the inside to cook and get creamy.

Baked Eggs and Hash BrownsWe turned the ramekins over after running a knife around the inside edge to release the Baked Egg goodness.  The bright red colour of the Tomato slices came to the top make the dish more appetizing.  I thought the dish was a success because of the mix of flavours and textures. The Baked Eggs were still hot from the oven as we bit into them releasing the soft sweet yolk over the tomato and slightly salty bacon. The Basil flakes and parm cheese flavours were there but mild. The addition of Hash Brown pieces into the egg mixture brought interesting textures to the bite.  The hash brown also soaked up the egg mixture changing the taste to include a creamy potato flavour with some crispy bits from the outside of the hash brown.

In her recommendation, Stephanie suggested that these could be a romantic dish as well with some spinach and ham substitutions. Maybe they could but we ate ours so quickly the mood didn’t strike. LOL (My kids read this from time to time LOL). What did strike us is how simple and elegant the dish was so thanks to Stephanie for the recommendation, we will be making this again.

Just Sports – Great Wings

May 19, 2009

Just Sports WingsMy vote for the Best of Bucks – Wings is Just Sports. They are great wings.  Medium in size about 8 to the pound.  Their skin is golden brown and crispy. Medium heat from the sauce. Moist and sweet flesh. A chunky blue cheese dressing on the side with some celery sticks. The orders come in multiples of 6 and come in 9 different sauces. They also have boneless wings (from the Boneless Chicken Ranch) but I think the wing has to have a bone to be a real wing.

In addition to the wings, Just Sports has the usual bar food food menu but has a couple of specials worth noting. Fresh Made to Order Potato Chips.  They come with different seasonings and dips. $1.50 for the chips and $3.50 chips with dip. The other special is the “Breakfast at the Bar” eggs and toast for$1.00. Monday thru Friday 7-11am.

Just Sports also features the “Wings of Fire” Wing Eating Challenge. The challenge is to each just 12 wings in three hours. No drinking while eating. Why just 12 wings?  The wings are just so hot only 3 or 4 (the manager wasn’t sure) people have completed it. The manager said the wings are at “11 million Scoville units” hot. That would make them almost pure capsaicin. I am sure the wings are hot. I think we should alert Man vs. Food.

So for great wings head to Just Sports. BTW they have Texas Hold’em games on Saturday afternoons.

Just Sports – 2160 York Road, Jamison, PA 18929   267-483-8512

Sunday Brunch in Dublin PA

May 3, 2009

I am about to add the Dublin Star to my Best of Bucks Top 5 Bunches.  Donna and I took the surprisingly sDublin Star Dinerhort drive up to Dublin for Sunday Brunch on recommendations by poker buddy Fritz and business colleague Chris.  I think it makes it into the Top 5 because it is the most family friendly brunch I have eaten.  It was all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet for $9.95 ($6.95 for kids).  The buffet included lots of kid friendly buffet items including cereal, pastries, pancakes, french toast, waffles, bacon, scrapple, sausages, grits, fruit salad and made-to-order omelets.  For an additional $2.95 you can add on the regular salad bar which included three different soups, multiple salad options for you to build your own salad with any of the five different dressings.  Donna and I didn’t go for the add-on because the breakfast items were satisfying enough.  Tea and coffee is included but the diner does not sell alcohol.  So kid friendly food and  portions large enough for the adults.

The spacious diner had lots of booths and tables with room for different family sizes.  Despite the noontime crowd the diner was relatively quiet even with multiple families having little kids dining with them.   So a family friendly environment.

Omelet Dublin Diner

Although all the breakfast buffet items were all tasty and plentiful, the highlight for both Donna and I were the made-to-order omelets and fruit salad.  Timmy is the regular omelet cook and he offers onions, mushrooms, sausage, peppers, ham, broccoli, bacon, tomatoes and four different cheeses. The combination of these multiple items make almost endless possibilities for your own omelet.  My finished sauagage ham and Swiss cheese omelet was light and fluffy with a nice contrast of savory ham and sausage with sweet Swiss cheese.  I coupled mine with the fresh fruit salad  that included pineapple, strawberries, two types of melon and grapes.  The grapes were so fresh they almost popped when you bit into them. Although I am calling it a fruit salad there was no dressing just the natural fruit flavours coming through.

All in all Dublin Star offers a family friendly brunch.  Please click on the comment link below to suggest other brunch location or share your experiences.

Dublin Star Diner and Restaurant, 133 N. Main Street, Dublin, PA 18917 215-249-3686

Hello world! – Let The Adventure Begin

April 12, 2009
Breakfast - The Starting Meal of the Day

Breakfast - The Starting Meal of the Day

I thought I would give this blogging thing a try.  I have been following several blogs over the years and thought is would be very difficult because I never had anything I could write about without getting in trouble at work until it dawned on me I could write about food.  I love food, I talk about food, I read about food, I ask others about food, I have chefs that are my friend, they send me their menus, I love to cook and most of all I love to eat food.

I hope my blog will capture my adventures with food I cook at home and eat in restaurants.  I have no formal cooking education just parents that ran a truck stop dinner on highway in Canada and a wife who can cook and supports my adventure.  I hope you join the adventure and make suggestion how it can be even more fun and entertaining.