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Survey Help

September 8, 2009

The blog has been doing well with readers participating on some of the polls/surveys but could use some help with  some of the new polls. Take a peek at the results as to the end of August and vote in the different surveys you have not participated in already.  Thanks for helping out the blog.

Favourite Sandwich-76 Votes – #1 Hamburger Tied for #2/3 Hot Dog and Philly Cheesesteak

Favourite Salad– 43 Votes – #1 Caesar #2 Fruit and Tied for #3 Pear/Blue Cheese & Greek

Favorite Food Type -42 Votes – #1 Italian, #2 Japanese and #3 Other

Favourite Food Holiday -27 Votes – #1 Thanksgiving #2 Christmas and #3 July 4

 Favorite Culinary Herb -25 Votes – #1 Basil, #2 Cilantro and Tied for 3rd Tarragon, Oregano & Rosemary

Favourite Cut of Steak -20 Votes – Tied for #1 Porterhouse & Strip #3 Rib and Filet

Top Ice Cream Flavours– 16 Votes – #1 – Butter Pecan Tied for 2 & 3 Neapolitan – Rocky Road

Favourite BBQ Sauce – 7 Votes – #1 – Stubbs Tied for 2 & 3 KC Masterpiece – Sweet Baby Ray’s

Favourite Appetizer Type – 7 Votes – #1- Seafood  #2 Pocket filled goodies (rolls/dumplings) #3 Dips & Spreads


10,000 Views – Wow

September 1, 2009

It just happened a few minutes ago that the blog broke the 10,000 Views barrier for the first time.  I remember, when I started this back in April, waiting for my first outside view and then being very excited to average 10 views a day. Lately I have been averaging 70 Views A Day so it is very satisfying to me that the blog has reached this level.

A great deal of thanks goes to my Facebook Friends for supporting the blog and hopefully passing it on to their friends. Recently the blog started to syndicate it’s content on and that has resulted in PetersFoodAdventure becoming the #9 most viewed blog in the Philidelphia edition of UrbanSpoon.  I think that was pretty impressive since I haven’t done any Philly restaurant reviews just mostly Bucks County reviews. I learned about UrbanSpoon from one of my top referral sites, Sherman’s Food Adventure who is the number one UrbanSpoon blog in Vancouver, Canada.  Thanks Sherman for the referrals and the blogging tips, I have learned a great deal from you. I also get a great deal of referrals from Chowhound. Chowhound also provides get suggestions and ideas on where to eat in Bucks County and Pennsylvania. Check it out if you haven’t already.

The Top Pages on the blog continue to be the Best of Bucks County pages and post that relate to burgers. Ironically the second most view post on the blog was Pork Wings – I found this ironic because before that post I had never heard of Pork Wings and here they end up being the 2nd most interesting post on the blog. LOL. The interest in the Food Polls has dropped off but I think that is a result of my lack of promoting them in the indivdual posts. I will promote them more in the future.

Thanks for the views – On to 20,000

Survey Says V

July 24, 2009

It has almost been a month since I last looked at the survey results for the 9 different Food Polls that I have here on the blog. The results haven’t changed much but there are a few differences.  Once again if you have not voted on the different polls go ahead and vote on them now.

With 248 votes cast, the current winners are: Hamburger, Strip Steak, Thanksgiving, Basil, Italian, Caesar, Seafood, Butter Pecan and Stubbs.

Favourite Cut of Steak– NY Strip wins with Porterhouse and Tenderloin/Filet Mignon tied for Second/third.  We have votes for eight different steaks, so if you haven’t voted on this poll, please do so.

Favourite Food Holiday – Thanksgiving and Christmas were one, two respectively with July 4 coming out to be the definite third place. There were some great July 4 BBQs this year so it may move up.

Favourite Food Style – Italian, Japanese and Other finished 1, 2 &  3.  Comfort food fell to 4th.  Other got 2 votes for Greek, 1 vote for Mediterranean and one for Ukrainian.

Favourite Salad – Caesar Salad is the winner by a landslide with  Fruit coming second with Pear and Blue Cheese tying for Spinach third.  I love my Caesar Salad dressing and wrote about it here

Favourite Sandwich– Hamburger is the winner, Hot Dog is second with the Panini and Philly Cheesesteak tied for third.  The blog has been getting lots of views on our Best of Bucks Co – Burger Top 5 List so it makes sense it’s the number one sandwich. There are votes for 17 different sandwiches.

Favourite Culinary Herb – Basil is the winner with Cilantro for second with Oregano, Rosemary and Tarragon tying  for third.  Since this is the newest poll, please go and pick your top three herbs and let us know what you like to cook with.

Favourite BBQ Sauce -Stubbs with a tie for 2nd and 3rd with KC Masterpiece and Cattlemen’s. This is a new poll so votes are needed here too.

Favourite Appetizer Type – Seafood wins with Dip, Meat or Pockets tying for 2nd and 3rd. My recent post of Linds’ great Spinach Dip might get people to vote more for dips.

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour -Butter Pecan was #1 with Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry, Cherry, Rocky Road and Neapolitan all tied for 2nd and 3rd. This is a new poll so we need some votes to break this big tie.

Thanks for votes, if you didn’t vote do it now.

6,000 Views – Whew!

July 19, 2009

It happened just a few minutes ago that the blog broke the 6,000 Views barrier. Thanks to all for the views.

Since July 2, when I broke 5,000 views I have been averaging a little less than a post a day but the average views are still about 60 Views a Day range.  Since then the number of Comments have dropped off a bit but I hope if I ask for more comments, you can contribute one or two. Let me know what you think and your ideas for places to visit and stuff to eat. Also since July 2, I started to add my posts to UrbanSpoon mega food site.  They rank restaurants and food stores across the US and Canada.  They also have their version of the Best of Bucks Co if you click thru to their site. I don’t agree with their Top 10 listing completely and still think my lists provide more detail to the reader as I segment the lists. Take a look at both and let me know what you think.

I have also added a couple of new Food Polls for you to comment on. Please check of your Favourite Appetizer Type and your Favourite BBQ Sauce.  Thanks for participating if you have and if you haven’t start now.

Thanks for the views. On to 7,000

5,000 Views – YeeHaa!

July 2, 2009

Seems like it was just yesterday when I posted about breaking the 4,000 Views barrier and the blog just broke the 5,000 Views level. 

So far 88 posts, 177 comments and 5,000 views so we are averaging 62 views a day and 57 views per post. Not bad at all but would love to get more comments. Please let me know on the Blog what you like and where else you I should eat.

The Top 5 Posts are Best of Bucks Co – Burgers, Pork Wings, Survey Says, About Peter and There a Bubba’s.

The polls are attracting attention with a total of 195 Votes cast. The newest polls Favourite Appetizer Type and Favourite BBQ Sauce could use some help so get in there and vote.

Thanks to Chowhound, my Facebook Friends, Sherman’s Food AdventureFoodBuzz and Endless Simmer for being the Top Referrals for the blog.  Thanks for all the views.

3rd Place!

June 24, 2009

My Last Meal Submission for the Endless Simmer  Top Chef Last Meal Contest got Third Place.  Yeehaa!  You can read the full submission at the link above but appartently I had them at Manhattan.  The prize is the Top Chef the Video Game where Top Chefs avatar judges, Pamda and Tom, judge my quickfire and elimination challenge dishes.  It should be fun. 

If you haven’t already, check out the Endless Simmer blog. It’s worth the visit.  They have a fun time with food, have contest and the latest info on Food Celebrities.  Check it out.

Survey Says III

June 4, 2009

With 140 votes cast, the current winners are: Hamburger, Strip Steak, Thanksgiving, Oregano, Italian and Caesar.

Currently we have five polls to participate in on this blog. There will be more in the future so please use the comment box to suggest future polls or surveys you would be interested in. If you haven’t voted on all the polls you can do that now by clicking here to link to the main survey page.

Favourite Cut of Steak– NY Strip wins with Porterhouse coming second and with few votes cast the Ribeye, T Bone and Filet all tied for third.  If you haven’t voted on this poll, please do so.

Favourite Food Holiday – Thanksgiving and Christmas were one, two respectively with     Memorial Day, July 4 and St. Patty’s Day tied for third.  Given the great Memorial Day Picnic I attended I predict it will break away from the other 3rd place finishers. However July 4 is coming and that should be good for a party or two.

Favourite Food Style – Italian, Japanese and Comfort finished 1, 2 &  3 as they did last report. No surprise here.

Favourite Salad – Caesar Salad is the winner by a landslide with  Waldorf, Pear/Blue Cheese and Tossed/Garden in a tie for second place.  I love my Caesar Salad dressing and wrote about it here.

Favourite Sandwich– Hamburger is the winner, Hot Dog is second and a tie with Panini, Reuben and Cheesesteak.  The blog has been getting lots of views on our Memorial Day Burger Search and the Best of Bucks Co – Burger so it makes sense it’s the number one sandwich.

Favourite Culinary Herb – Oregano is the winner with Mint, Cilantro, Rosemary and Basil tying for second.  Since this is the newest poll.  Please go and pick your top three herbs and let us know what you like to cook with.

Thanks for participating in the polls, it make the blog more interactive and helps me know what topics readers are interested in.

Holy Cow – 3,000 Views

June 3, 2009

It just happened a few minutes ago.  The blog broke the 3,000 views level. Amazing.

Thanks to my Facebook Friends, Sherman’s Food Adventure, Chowhound, FoodBuzz and Endless Simmer for being the Top Referrals for the blog. These sites also provide ideas and insights for posts so thanks for that as well.

The over 3,000 views means I am averaging over 56 views a day. I also have made 20 different pages and  have 56 postings .

So far my Top 5 most viewed posts are; Survey Says, Best of Buck Co – Burgers, Pork Wings, About Peter and SurveysSurveys are obviously popular on the blog so I will continue to create more polls for the readers to complete.  Check out the latest poll on your Top 3 Favourite Herbs.   The Best of Bucks Co pages are also very popular in terms of views but I will need help with creating the Top 5 lists for the different categories.  Please use the Reply Boxes or Comment links to suggest places for Donna and I to try.

A couple of my favourite posts, which haven’t received a lot of views, were Derby Day where I got to remember a special family tradition and “Cry Havoc!…” where I shared my Caesar Salad recipe that I have gotten lots of complements over the years. Take a look at those two post if you haven’t already.

Thanks again for reading the blog. It’s been fun.

So on to 4,000 views.

Cooking with Herbs – Actually it’s Heidi

May 28, 2009

Today is a pretty cool day.  I have a Guest Blogger.  It was hard to turn her down since she’s also my boss but she know a lot about growing and using herbs in recipes.  My boss, Heidi, spend a few years in Belgium before returning the US and hiring me.  Belgium is a great place for a herb garden because of the rich soil and weather conditions.  Heidi honed her skills with them and is sharing one of her favourite recipes in her post.  In addition to blog post Heidi help me create the Your Favourite Culinary Herb Poll.  Go there and pick you three favourites.

Heidi’s Post – Oh BTW I got to edit her writing for the first time since 2001.  So all the bold-ed caps and miss-spellings are mine. LOL

It’s pretty much impossible to be a FOP (Friend of Peter) without loving good food (both eating it and cooking it).  My thing is culinary herbs, growing them in my garden to use fresh or to dry.  Anyone else out there like to do that?  You can buy practically any fresh herb at the grocery store, of course, but there’s just something about cutting them and throwing them into whatever you happen to be cooking to make the dish seem more inspired. 

Heidi's ThymeWhat’s your favorite herb?  Mine is Thyme, because it’s so versatile, dries easily without losing flavor, and is pretty hard to kill.   Here’s my recipe for Belgian-style Beef Stew, with thyme and other fresh or dried herbs.  Belgian style, because it’s inspired by my husband’s heritage, and uses a variation of his grandmother’s recipe:

2 tablespoons oil (olive or canola), 2 cloves garlic, minced fine, 2 – 2 ½ pounds beef stew meat, cut into 1 inch cubes, Salt and pepper to taste (I use white pepper, Belgian style), 2 – 3 onions, chopped, 3 tablespoons flour, 2 cups beef stock, 1 cup red wine or dark beer, 1 – 2 bay leaves, 1 ½ teaspoons fresh thyme or ½ teaspoon dried thyme (experiment; I’ve also thrown in rosemary, substituted herbs de province, or made a bouquet garni of thyme, lavender and bay), 1 – 2 bay leaves, 4 carrots, cut into 1-inch pieces, 1 – 2 cups fresh or frozen, thawed peas, 1 slice white, egg, or potato bread, 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard, 

1)      Heat the oil in a large Dutch oven to medium-high.  Add the meat chunks to the pan a few at a time (in batches) and brown them well.  Season with salt and pepper as it cooks.

2)      When the meat is brown, remove it with a slotted spoon.  After the meat is all browned, turn down the heat to medium, spoon off most of the fat in the pan, and add the onions and minced garlic.  Cook and stir until soft, about 10 minutes.  Add the flour and cook for an additional 2 minutes.  Add the stock and wine or beer, thyme, bay leaves, and any other herbs you’re using.  Return the meat to the pan, and bring it to a boil.  Turn heat to low, and cover and simmer for about 30 minutes.

3)      Uncover the pan.  It will be quite soupy.  Add the carrots, turn up the heat until it boils again, then lower the heat and cover and cook for about an hour, or until meat and vegetables are tender.  Taste for seasoning.  (I sometimes make it up to this point earlier in the day, then just turn off for a few hours, and reheat and continue later.)

4)      Spread the slice of bread generously with the mustard.  Place on top of the stew, mustard side down, and heat on low.  (The bread will dissolve slowly, and help thicken the stew).  Continue to cook and stir over low heat.  If it is too soupy, uncover and raise the heat to cook it down and thicken it.  Add the peas, and cook until they are heated through.

5)      Garnish with parsley.

6)      Notice that there are no potatoes in this stew … that’s because Belgian-style stew is traditionally served with a side order of Belgian fries instead.  (Don’t laugh … when was the last time you turned down fries?)  They’re Belgian Fries, by the way … not French fries.  Don’t make that mistake around a Belgian!   Maybe Peter will let me talk about them another time.  You can also serve the stew spooned over a scoop of homemade mashed potatoes instead.

7)      Enjoy!

Thanks Heidi.  Let us know what you readers think in the Reply Box and/or Comment Link.  Also let us know if want to know about Belgium Fries, the true originals.

2,000 Views – Wow

May 25, 2009

It just happened a few minutes ago, Peter’s Food Adventures just broke the 2,000 views barrier. So thanks to all that took the time to read my ramblings about the food in my life. 

I am amazed that this happened. I started the blog on April 12, 2009 and during the 7 weeks since the launch, the blog has 47 posts and 114 comments.  With 2,000 views, the blog is averaging just over 45  views a day, that’s up from 36 views a day when the site broke the 1,000 barrier.  Compared to the sites I work with at my day job it’s tiny but considering the target audience, my wife and kids , I am doing pretty well.  I am not sure if a view is the same as visit but I do know that the analytics engine doesn’t count my views otherwise the total would have doubled at least. LOL.

The top five posts to date are 1) Survey Says, 2) Pork Wings, 3) Surveys, 4) What’s Your Favourite Food Holiday? 5) About Peter. Who would have thought that reading about me would have made the top 5 posts here on the blog?  I’m blushing, actually it’s a pinot noir. LOL.

Special shout out to all my Facebook Friends that have made up the most of the views but I also want to recognize the views that have come from JNJBTW,  Endless Simmer and Sherman’s Food Adventures ( Gotta love that name) blogs.  

So tell me what else you would like me to write about, do polls on or add Best of Bucks places to my Top 5 lists. 

Comments and Replies help me make the blog better, so thanks for any input and please comment on the posts. The reply box and comment links are at the bottom of every post so please help out with a comment or two.

Thanks most of all for reading the blog.  On to 3,000 views.