Favorite Food Holiday

Since we came to the USA in 2001, we have celebrated Cinco de Mayo.  Not so much that we have a stong connection to Mexico or that that the Mexicans beat the French on that day in history (usually a good thing for English Canadians) but this was a great reason to enjoy Mexican food, Coronas and tequila. Not that I perfer Cinco de Mayo over the other holidays it just I love all the food related holidays.  But which one is my favourite put me to thinking.  The Ham and now Ricotta Polenta pie at Easter;  Mother’s Day Brunch; Memorial Day, First and Fourth of July BBQs (Canada Day is July 1st for my American readers); Turkey at both Thanksgivings (Canadians celebrate this in October); Treatfeasts at Halloween; Christmas Dinner; Romantic Dinner for Valentine’s Day; Corned Beef and Cabbage on St. Paddy’s Day… the list could go on are all great Food Holidays.  This list shows my bias for Christian holidays but I have enjoyed Ramadan and Diwali feasts with co-workers back in Canada.  I want to attend a seder with my Jewish friends and will do that one of these Passovers but not because I am PC but I am just interested in the food.  I am sure there are other great food related holidays I haven’t covered so use the Comments section to educate me on your holiday suggestion.  In the meantime, reader what is your favourite food holiday?


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  1. Survey Says III « Peter’s Food Adventures Says:

    […] Favourite Food Holiday – Thanksgiving and Christmas were one, two respectively with     Memorial Day, July 4 and St. Patty’s Day tied for third.  Given the great Memorial Day Picnic I attended I predict it will break away from the other 3rd place finishers. However July 4 is coming and that should be good for a party or two. […]

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