Cuts of Steak

What is your favourite cut of steak.  I like the NY Strip cut about a inch thick.  So take the poll and share with us which cut you like best.  Also remember to let us know where you like to eat steaks in Bucks County.

2 Responses to “Cuts of Steak”

  1. Erik & Lisa Says:

    My wife and I have shifted from NY Strips to two, less mainstream cuts, the hanger steak and the cowboy or rib steak.

    The hangar steak is more difficult to find, so best to use your local butcher.

    We recently moved and our previous butcher closed, so we have been using None Such Farms, but we still searching around Buckingham for other butchers.

    The rib steak, though, is much easier to come by. I used to drive into a particular butcher in Philly to get my custom thick cuts, but I have settled to an easier routine.

    I buy high quality grocery prime ribs- like Genuardi’s Rancher’s Reserve which is purported to be the top 25% of the “choice” grade, so nearly prime. If you keep your eye peeled, you can get the roasts at $5/lbs on sale.

    Don’t be intimidated by the size. Take the roast home and cut it into thick steaks between the ribs, if the bones are attached, or any thickness if boneless. Each of these steaks will easily feed two people. Freeze the steaks, but don’t forget about them.

    I have started using a “dry-aging” defrosting trick. Two days before cooking, I defrost the steak, uncovered, on a plate in the fridge. First, with a layer of paper towels underneath to absorb the water, later without as it dries. I turn it once in the morning and again at night. This process removes the additional water many stores inject in their meat, and puts a wonderful ‘crust’ on the meat.

    Do not be dismayed by the appearance as it dries out. This crust helps seal in the real meat juices and fat.

    I use a dry rub of seasoned sea salt (a Penzies blend of primarily paprika and a little garlic) and fresh coarse ground black pepper. High temp grill outside- 500+ to sear on all four sides- this is a thick steak- then indirect heat at about 350, until cooked to temp. We remove at a shockingly low 120-125, and let it rest, covered, but we like a nice rare.

    A bit long winded, but I love me some steaks, and I love to grill.

    Guten Appetit!

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