This is your chance to tell me and the blog readers what you think.  I hope that you participate in the polls, share with your friends and comment on the results.  I will be leaving these polls and surveys up going forward so that new readers can add their opinions. Unfortunately once you have voted for a poll or survey you can’t vote in that poll or survey again unless you clean your cookies ( how ironic in a food blog).  Please suggest other food polls that you are interested in in the Reply Box below.

So far the polls are:

Pick Your Top Three Sandwiches

Pick Your Top Three Favourite Salads

Pick Your Favourite Food Style

Pick Your Favourite Food Holiday –

Pick Your Favourite Cut of Steak

Pick Your Top 3 Favourite Culinary Herbs

Pick Your Top 3 Favourite Appetizer Types

Pick Your Top 3 Favourite BBQ Sauce

Pick Your Favourite Ice Cream Flavour


You can see the most recent results report by clicking here.

5 Responses to “Surveys”

  1. Polina Says:

    yeah, Falafel represent!
    how about wraps though???

  2. peterjustason Says:

    My friend Mary Ann at Google left me a great email describing her favourite sandwich shop in NYC. Here it is.


    I went to tell you what sandwich i like and where i get it, but realized i had to choose from your survey, so i’m mailing in my response….

    i used to go to this place when i worked in soho. i googled ‘sandwich nazi soho’ and found it right away (gotta love google, eh?). funny thing is i didn’t know babbo’s site had staff picks…..

    hope all is well- mary ann

    105 Sullivan Street
    If shopping is all you have time for during your visit in Soho, don’t miss out on a sandwich at Melampo foccaceria. Alessandro Gualando, who some consider the “sandwich nazi” will keep the line moving in this closet Italian eatery. Nevermind there is nowhere to sit-the park next door makes for a great pit stop. The sandwiches have great names like Pinnochio. And though they are big enough for two, you can’t find fresher Italian ingredients-arugula, Parma ham, smoked mozzarella, sopressatta-settled into more authentic Italian bread anywhere else but here.

  3. Ann Fagan Says:

    Peter I do like a nice crusty roll with Wensleydale cheese and Branston pickle, but I love a shwarma, pita bread with shredded lettuce in the bottom then the shawarma lamb with garlic sauce and sambal on top. yum yum. Makes my mouth water thinking about it. But don’t know where to get them here.

  4. Scott Says:

    Where is the Vietnamese Banh Mi on the list? Now that is a delicious sandwich! The best of European and Asian flavors – mmm…

  5. TVFF Says:

    Although I didn’t put “falafel” as one of my choices, but the falafel sandwich at Momma’s Vegetarian on 20th off of Market in Philly is definitely up near the top!

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