Lobster Roll – Part 2 – No Bull

September 12, 2009

Our second contender in the Lobster Roll contest comes from The Gables in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. The Gables has a great outdoor patio right on St. Andrews Bay where you can eat in the sunlight and watch the tides flow in and out. I knew The Gables as the Black Bull when I was growing up and hanging around St. Andrews. They acknowledge their heritage a little bit by keeping the Bull Burger on the menu and it weren’t for the Lobster Roll challenge, that’s what I would have eaten. But back to the Lobster Roll.

Lobster Roll at The Gables in St. Andrews, NB CanadaThe Gables’ version of this classic seafood sandwich came with a few fries, a portion of coleslaw and a slice of lemon. The generous portion of lobster meat came in a Toasted New England Hot Dog Bun. The lobster was a combination of bite-sized chunks of body and claw meat. The meat was lightly tossed with some Celery, Parsley and a little Mayo. The mixture was seasoned with salt and pepper and topped with Paprika. I found the amount of mayo was very light compared to other Lobster Rolls I had tried before. I tried a few drops of Lemon Juice and that made the Roll a lot more interesting with the contrast of sweet lobster meat and tang from the lemon. The meat was moist enough to prevent the sandwich from being dry but a little bit more mayo would have help. It was a good sandwich in a great location.

Read other reviews about The Gables here, here and here.

The Gables Restaurant– 143 Water, St. Andrews, NB E0G 2X0 506-529-3440


Survey Help

September 8, 2009

The blog has been doing well with readers participating on some of the polls/surveys but could use some help with  some of the new polls. Take a peek at the results as to the end of August and vote in the different surveys you have not participated in already.  Thanks for helping out the blog.

Favourite Sandwich-76 Votes – #1 Hamburger Tied for #2/3 Hot Dog and Philly Cheesesteak

Favourite Salad– 43 Votes – #1 Caesar #2 Fruit and Tied for #3 Pear/Blue Cheese & Greek

Favorite Food Type -42 Votes – #1 Italian, #2 Japanese and #3 Other

Favourite Food Holiday -27 Votes – #1 Thanksgiving #2 Christmas and #3 July 4

 Favorite Culinary Herb -25 Votes – #1 Basil, #2 Cilantro and Tied for 3rd Tarragon, Oregano & Rosemary

Favourite Cut of Steak -20 Votes – Tied for #1 Porterhouse & Strip #3 Rib and Filet

Top Ice Cream Flavours– 16 Votes – #1 – Butter Pecan Tied for 2 & 3 Neapolitan – Rocky Road

Favourite BBQ Sauce – 7 Votes – #1 – Stubbs Tied for 2 & 3 KC Masterpiece – Sweet Baby Ray’s

Favourite Appetizer Type – 7 Votes – #1- Seafood  #2 Pocket filled goodies (rolls/dumplings) #3 Dips & Spreads

Lobster Rolls – Part 1

September 6, 2009

Wooden Fisherman at Fisherman's Cover Cafe on Deer Island, CanadaWe made it to Canada for the Labour Day Weekend and to be with our daughter for her operation. While the debate for health-care choices goes on in the USA we are going to see the Canadian system upfront after the weekend.  I am sure it will work out but it gives me a great reason to visit Wendy, Steven and my Mom before returning to the USA.  While we are here, we have to eat so I intend to share some of our Canuck food adventures.

A few months back, I created a Sandwich Survey to find out what the readers felt was the best sandwich. I tried to include every kind of sandwich I knew which was an impossible task given there are so many to chose from. My Google and Facebook friend Mary Ann took me to task for not including a Lobster Roll in the choices. So here I am in the land of the Largest Lobster Pound in the World so I am going to try the Lobster Rolls at a few local establishments and report back here on the blog.

Lobster Roll at Fisherman's Cove CafeMy first Lobster Roll, Donna can’t do seafood or it will be ugly for everyone, to report on was at Fisherman’s Cover Cafe in Lord’s Cover, Deer Island. It was served on a simple toasted bun with Jumbo Chunks of lobster meat coated in Mayo and mixed with fresh Celery. Topped with some Red Paprika it was a simple but delicious and a classic summertime sandwich. I have had Lobster Rolls over the years but I was impressed with density of lobster meat, both from the body and claws, that made up the majority of the sandwich. The sweetness of the lobster and crunch of the celery and bun gave the sandwich nice contrasts in textures. It was a great Lobster Roll so let’s grade this first one as an “8” and measure the next few rolls against that score. In case in comes down to cost, and I hope it doesn’t this one was $12.95 CDN or about $10 USD.

Let the games begin.

Fisherman’s Cove Cafe, Lord’s Cove, Deer Island, Canada –                                    506-747-2089


September 5, 2009

Steamers at Cafe Europa in New Hope, PASteamed Clams always make me think of summer and my Aunt Bert’s camp in L’Etete, Canada. My aunt Roberta, who we always called Bert introduced me to Steamed Clams or “Steamers” on a visit to her waterfront cottage in L’Etete when I was about 10 years old.  She steamed her’s in a little bit of water and served them with butter, lemon and vinegar.  As a 10 year old I found the clams to be amazing, sweet, salty, tart and sour all at the same time. It was an eye’s opening experience to me that something as weird looking as clams could taste that good.

So when Cafe Europa put on their “Steamers” appetizer I couldn’t resist and ordered them.  I felt a little like the critic in “Ratatouille” when I put the first mollusk in mouth and flashed back to Aunt Bert’s camp and her clams.  The steamers were sweet, salty, tart and sour again and they made me feel good.

Try the Steamers at Cafe Europa and I hope they bring you back to the first time you tried them.  If it’s your first time to try steamers, then Cafe Europa is a good place to start. LOL.  Enjoy what’s left of your summer.

Newtown’s Clubhouse

September 2, 2009

Clubhouse Bar & Grill sign Newtown, PADonna and I were hungry Sunday afternoon so we headed south to Washington’s Crossing to have a burger at the Lion Heart Pub but unfortunately it had closed and was under renovation to become an Italian restuarant next month. Instead we headed towards Newtown in search of a decent burger and new place to post about.  We drove by Issac Newton’s, knowing they had great burgers but I wanted a new place to post about. We ended up at the Clubhouse Bar and Grill.

We grabbed seats on the outdoor patio as it was sunny and warm. Donna ordered the Potato Skins and Chicken Wings and I went for the Burger and Pizza Fries.

Potato Skins at Clubhouse B&G in Newtown PA

The Potato Skins, turned out to be the best appetizer of the meal. The standard portion of four skins were generously filled with potato, Cheddar Cheese and real Bacon.  The dish comes with Sour Cream on the side but Donna doesn’t use it.  The skins were a little dry so Donna used some of the Blue Cheese Dressing from the wings to give the skins a little more tang and some moisture. The skins componets are a classic mixture of tastes and textures making them an easy order here at the Clubhouse or just about any decent bar or restaurant.

Chicken Wings at the Clubhouse B&G in Newtown, PADonna’s Chicken Wings looked promising as they arrived at the table but turned to average as we tasted them. These were the Biggest Wings I have seen yet in Bucks County but the lack of a crisp skin got them rated as average. They were cooked thoughout but could have used a few minutes more to crisp the skin.  The Hot Sauce dressing was simply hot sauce and margerine leaving a big opportunity to flavour the wings rather than just make them “hot”.  The dish did come with Carrots and Celery, both of which rarely come together here in Bucks County but the Blue Cheese dressing was lacking Blue Cheese morsels to give it any tang or texture. So these wings ending up being average for us.  Not bad just not up the standard set by other restaurants on the Best of Bucks – Top 5 Wings list created here on the blog.

Bacon and Bleu Burger at the Clubhouse B&G, Newtown, PAMy Bacon and Bleu Burger came with a good sized burger patty, two real Bacon slices, Lettuce and Tomato with Dill Pickle and Potato Chips on the side. Also on the side was an addition serving of the Blue Cheese dressing to serve as the Bleu portion of the burger. I was disappointed that it was dressing rather than actual Blue Cheese morsels that I had gotten at other places here in Bucks County. The medium rare turned out to be medium well so the dressing did come in handy giving the burger some much needed moisture. The untoasted bun was decent and fresh but could have been improved by a few minutes on the grill. It was an OK burger but there are better choices here in Bucks County. Check out the Best of Bucks Co list for suggestions.

Pizza Fries at the Clubhouse B&G in Newtown, PA

Sometimes you get what you order and it doesn’t taste like you thought it would.  The Pizza Fries that day were an example of that.  I knew my burger would come with potato chips so I wanted some fries to go with the burger. The Clubhouse menu offers a half-dozen different kinds of fries but for some reason the pizza fries sound the tastest. Our waiter described them as a large order of fries, covered in Marinara Sauce and Mozzerella cheese.  And that’s exactly how them came but unfortunately the dish didn’t work for me.  Somehow the marinara sauce came across as being slightly metalic and not at all like a pizza sauce I was dreaming about when I ordered. We both had several trys at them and as time when on the fries got soggy.  The cheese was good by itself but the combo didn’t work for us.  It might work for you but it didn’t work well for us.  Least we know.

Net-net we had average appetizers a decent outdoor patio. If you are looking for a great place for Wings or Burgers, try the Best of Bucks County Top 5 Lists.  Let me know what you think about the Clubhouse below in the comment box.

Read other reviews about the Clubhouse here, here and here.

Clubhouse Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Clubhouse Bar & Grill – 501 S State St, Newtown, PA 18940-1933              215-860-5566

10,000 Views – Wow

September 1, 2009

It just happened a few minutes ago that the blog broke the 10,000 Views barrier for the first time.  I remember, when I started this back in April, waiting for my first outside view and then being very excited to average 10 views a day. Lately I have been averaging 70 Views A Day so it is very satisfying to me that the blog has reached this level.

A great deal of thanks goes to my Facebook Friends for supporting the blog and hopefully passing it on to their friends. Recently the blog started to syndicate it’s content on UrbanSpoon.com and that has resulted in PetersFoodAdventure becoming the #9 most viewed blog in the Philidelphia edition of UrbanSpoon.  I think that was pretty impressive since I haven’t done any Philly restaurant reviews just mostly Bucks County reviews. I learned about UrbanSpoon from one of my top referral sites, Sherman’s Food Adventure who is the number one UrbanSpoon blog in Vancouver, Canada.  Thanks Sherman for the referrals and the blogging tips, I have learned a great deal from you. I also get a great deal of referrals from Chowhound. Chowhound also provides get suggestions and ideas on where to eat in Bucks County and Pennsylvania. Check it out if you haven’t already.

The Top Pages on the blog continue to be the Best of Bucks County pages and post that relate to burgers. Ironically the second most view post on the blog was Pork Wings – I found this ironic because before that post I had never heard of Pork Wings and here they end up being the 2nd most interesting post on the blog. LOL. The interest in the Food Polls has dropped off but I think that is a result of my lack of promoting them in the indivdual posts. I will promote them more in the future.

Thanks for the views – On to 20,000

Heart of Oak Pub

August 28, 2009

Heart of Oak Pub signOn our trip back from the mountains, Donna and I were too tired to cook supper so we decided to stop at the Heart of Oak Pub to eat. The Pub is downstairs from Baci, a Northern Italian restaurant and owned by the same family and to be transparent, our Robbie and their youngest boy are close friends. Never-the-less we came for a quiet casual dinner. The Pub offers an English pub food menu along with the Italian menu from the more formal upstairs dining room. 

Sheppard's Pie at the Heart of Oak PubWe went for English Pub comfort food. Donna went for the Shepherd’s Pie and I went for the Chicken and Leek Pie.  The Brits are big on savory pies LOL.  Donna’s Shepherd’s pie came steaming hot with lean Ground Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. The dish was very hot with the molten Cheese topping still bubbling when it arrived.  Under the mashed potato covering were well cooked Peas, Carrots and Corn. As it cooled Donna savoured this classic comfort food enjoying the mixture of veggies, meat and gravy. Very well executed and satisfying.

Chicken and Leek Pie at Heart of Oak PubMy Chicken and Leek Pie was equally hot and satisfying. The crispy Phyllo pastry covered the sweet tender chicken and caramelized leeks. The heat of dish slowed my consumption but each fork full was delicious and comforting. The crisp of the pastry match well against the soften veggies and tender chicken.

It was a comforting supper at the Pub and although we didn’t have any of the 14 beers they have on-tap you might want to try them. We enjoyed our meal and hope to come back and try the upstairs Italian dining real soon.

Read other review about the Heart of Oak Pub here and here.

Heart of Oak Pub on Urbanspoon

Heart of Oak Pub– 2559 Bogarts Tavern Rd, Buckingham, PA 18912                    215-794-7784

The BOSS is the BOMB

August 26, 2009

Boss Pizza at Cafe EuropaCafe Europa has added some new gourmet pizzas to it’s menu. So I decided to check them out. It’s always a good idea to check out what’s selling with your waitress or bar tender when trying a new menu. Bartender Jenn shared with me that she was selling the most out of the new BOSS Pizza.

Come to find out BOSS stood for Bacon, Onions and Sauteed Sausage. This didn’t sound a lot different from my usual bacon, sausage and mushroom pizza so I went for it.

While the BOSS didn’t produce a great photo when it arrived it did produce some great taste. The contrasts of Sweet Mozza cheese and Caramelized Onions against the Salty Bacon and Savoury Sausage. The Gooey Cheese, lumps of sausage and thin Crisp Crust made for great texture contrasts. It was a great pie. Try it.

The pizza was so good I added Cafe Europa to my Best of Bucks – Top 5 Pizza page.  Check that out for other great pizza places.

Cafe Europa Logan Square, New Hope PA              215-862-9600

More Mountain Food

August 25, 2009

Bear photoDonna, Ryan and I spent the weekend with Facebook friends and neighbours Toni, Tony, Stephen and Carolyn up in Sullivan County, PA and had a great time.  They were wonderful hosts and guides showing us all kinds of Northern PA attractions.  One of the attractions we saw about 5oo yards from our “campground” was this Black Bear munching on some berries near our “camp ground” neighbour’s house. We watched the bear for 5 minutes before he either got tired of us or had his fill of berries. LOL.

Tombstone Inn signThe bear wasn’t the only one who got their fill. Saturday afternoon we went to the Tombstone Inn for lunch. Tony’s Step-father Ed had told us stories of the Tombstone the night before and it sounded like to a real treat to go. The Inn is an old school house located beside a cemetery and it’s loaded, pardon the pun, with tons of stuffed animals of many species. Toni and Tony’s boys Joey and Nicky enjoyed looked at the Stuffed Bear, Moose and Deer butt-end of a while we waited for the food order.

Joey and Nicky with the Stuffed Bear at the Tombstone Inn


Stuffed Moose Head at the Tombstone InnThe Tombstone’s speciality is pizza but they had a busy Friday night and sold out. Good to see that the woe’s of the economy have not hit the Tombstone as hard as other places. LOL

Seafood Basket at the TombstoneIn lieu of their famous pizza I ordered the Seafood Basket. It was a deep fried cornucopia of Haddock, Shrimp, Clams and Scallops with Frieson the side. Given our location in upstate PA and a significant distance from the sea, ordering seafood could have been a bad decision but it worked out. The haddock was well cook, nice and crispy batter on the outside and moist flavourful fish on the inside. The same went for the sweet bay scallops and shrimp.  The batter-to-clam ratio was a little high on the fried clam functionally eliminating the clam taste. Fortunately the home-made seafood sauce and lime made even the clam pieces somewhat tasty. The fries were decent and there were a generous portion of them making the basket a filling meal for me.

Chicken Strip BLT Sandwich at the Tombstone InnDonna went for the Chicken Strip- BLT Sandwich. The sandwich came on a Hoagie Roll with Deep Fried Chicken Strips load on. Large slices of Tomato and Bacon were added along with some Lettuce leaves coated in Mayo. Donna thought the sandwich was very good with the mixtures of tastes and textures coming thru. Two hardy Dill Pickles garnished the plate and gave some sour flavours to contrast the sweet tomatoes, mayo and chicken and the salty bacon. A very good sandwich.

Sausage and Egg CasseroleI missed taking photos of the Burger and Dog BBQ Buffet back at the “Campground” on Saturday night but they were great. One special treat was a Tomato Blue Cheese Salad that Carolyn created. That was very nice but I forgot to take the photos.  I did better the next day as we brunched on the Overnight Egg and Sausage Casserole. The casserole was a nice mixture of savory sausage and sweet baked eggs. With some chopped Onions added for taste and texture the dish was great.

Eagles Mere Town ClockFor our Sunday Field Trip we went to Eagles Mere, PA a picturesque town a few miles. In addition to some lovely shops and art galleries it had The Sweet Shop. In addition to a huge variety of candy and ice cream treats, they also had very decent luncheon choices.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Eagles Mere PADonna went for the Classic Grilled Cheese sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread. The Sandwich came with pickles and potato chips. Thick slices of toasted bread held the warm melted Provolone Cheese. The crunch of the bread contrasted nicely with the smooth creamy cheese. Good basic sandwich well executed.

Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich in Eagles Mere PAToni, Tony and Carolyn ordered the Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich. The sandwich came with French Fries and Coleslaw on the side.  The pulled pork had the traditional vinegar dressing contrasting nicely with the sweet pork meat but what was unique about the sandwich was that the created a patty out of the pulled pork and actually grilled it to give some additional char to meat mixture.  They all liked the sandwich and would recommend it.

Mushroom, Onion and Cheeseburger at Eagles Mere PAI went for one of the special burgers on the lunch menu.  I can’t remember the name they gave it but the taste was very memorable. The Mushroom, Onion Cheeseburger was well executed and very flavourful. The mushroom and onions were sauteed together and then the Swiss Cheese was added to create one unit to go on top of my 3 oz patty. Cooked to my medium rare the burger was very juicy.  The side of fries were well cooked and the pickle nice and sour. A great burger

It was a great weekend and you couldn’t ask for better hosts than Carolyn, Toni and Tony.  We had a great time and hope to get to do it again.

Mountain Fajitas and Tacos

August 22, 2009

Donna, Ryan and I are visiting Facebook friends Carolyn, Stephen, Toni and Tony up in the mountains north and west of Scanton, PA.  They have a great comfortable complex here that to call it camping is to call the Ritz Carlton a motel. Needless to say we are having a great time. So what we eating? Last night over two tiny propane stove tops and a BBQ grill, the Tony’s and Carolyn whipped up a Mountain Fajita Buffet.

Black Bean, Rice and SalsaThe buffet started with some homemade Black Bean, Rice and Salsa. The perfectly cooked rice and beans dish was complemented by the mild salsa.  This dish alone was worthly of a solo performance but it played well with the other dishes to kick off the buffet. The crisp White Onion added some crunch and tang to the fajitas and tacos while the Sour Cream cooled the heat of the hot sauce and peppers.

Fajita Bar ItemsThe heat for the fajitas and tacos came from the Chunky Salsa. It was a mild heat that was in turned cooled by the sour cream and shredded Mexican Cheese blend.

Grilled Chicken and PeppersFor protein, Tony grilled some Chicken Breasts and sliced them into bite size pieces. As he grilled the chicken, he also grilled some Green and Red Peppers to create that authentic fajita experience. The peppers also added some nice crunch to the fajitas.

Carolyn's Perfect Tacos

So we ended up with a choice of Hard or Soft Tacos and Fajitas.  Carolyn joked that every time she makes a taco she wished she had a camera cause her taco was so perfect so I handed her mine. It was perfectly tasty. I ate fajitas cause you can stuff more goodies into them. LOL.

Homemade Mexican CornbreadFor dessert Toni made a delicious Mexican Cornbread. The bread was from the oven and still warm  when we got it. The bread had a nice crust on top that contrasted nicely to the creamy interior.  There were also nice big kernels of sweet corn on the inside making the texture even interesting. It was the perfect ending to the perfect Fajita and Taco bar.  It was the start of a great evening up here in the mountains.

Check out my Facebook page to hear more about the Haunted School Bus that we explored after dinner.