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Ooka Lunch with Ryan

September 24, 2009

Ryan and I got to go to Ooka in Doylestown for Sushi today because Donna went bowling with Jojo and left us to make our own lunch. I have gotten several recommendations from Facebook friends and Chowhounds on how good the sushi is at Ooka so eating there has been on my Foodie to-do list for quite a while.  The recommendations were spot-on; the sushi was top notch, the venue was very comfortable and the service impeccable.

Miso Soup and Garden Fresh Salad with Ginger Dressing at Ooka in DoylestownBoth my meal and Ryan’s meal came with Miso Soup and Garden Fresh Salad with Ginger Dressing. The Miso Soup was one of the best miso soups I have ever had. A hearty broth with delicious pieces of Mushrooms, Tofu and Scallion floating in it.  The Garden Fresh Salad was pretty typical of other Japanese restaurants’ salads with the exception of the Ginger Dressing which was Creamy and with a Delicate Ginger Flavour as opposed to the usual version that comes with overwhelming ginger flavours.  We also tried some Japanese beer and went for the Sapporo brand. I actually like the match up of beer and sushi so it was working for me. Edamame and Shumai Appetizers at Ooka in Doylestown, PA

It was a little strange for me to have appetizers after soup and salad but that’s the way they do it at Ooka so we rolled with it and enjoyed them when the came.   The Fresh Edamame were served piping hot with Sea Salt. The little pods of Soy are fun to eat, slightly salty and moist to the bite. This maybe the perfect appetizer to go with beer, a sort of the Japanese version of peanuts.  The other appetizer was Shumai, little steamed shrimp dumpling with a Ginger Sauces. The dumplings were the perfect size and had a delicate flavour of shrimp and that dumpling flavour that seems to come with all dumplings. My Friend Doug over at American Greetings introduced me to Shumai a few months back and I am glad he did. They were excellent at Ooka.

Angus N.Y Steak Teriyaki Bento Box at Ooka in Doylestown, PARyan went for the N.Y Steak Teriyaki Bento Box.The Angus beef steak came with and order of rice, two California Rolls, Shrimp & Broccoli Tempura and a Japanese Treat.  The steak came medium rare and coated in sweet teriyaki sauce.  The rice was perfectly cooked. Both Shrimp and Broccoli Tempura were perfectly cooked and crispy but leaving the shrimp and broccoli fresh and delicious. The California Rolls were classic and even a little larger in diameter than I am used to getting. The dish also came with two Gyoza Pan-fried Pork Dumplings served with a Ginger Sauce. Ryan had not tried Gyoza before and despite being stuff from all the previous food he liked the delicate pork flavour, the slight char from the pan frying and the gentle ginger sauce.  He shared one with me so I knew he was pretty full when he starts to share his food.

Sushi and Sashimi Lunch at Ooka in Doylestown, PA

 I went for the Sushi and Sashimi Lunch Special.  It came with 3 pieces Sushi, 5 pieces Sashimi, and a Spicy Tuna roll.  The Special usually comes with a Salmon Roll but I upgraded to a Spicy Tuna roll. Both the Sushi and Sashimi were very fresh and the cuts of fish were perfect.  The Tuna almost melted in my mouth, the Salmon the same and Shrimp was fresh and sweet.  The Special also included Octopus.  I think Octopus is a great test for a sushi restaurant, cut it wrong and it tough, keep it too long and it’s tough, cook it too long or too short it’s tough. The Octopus on this plate was tender and flavourful. The Spicy Tuna Roll was creamy with a good tuna taste and spicy enough to make it interesting but no over powering like so many second class sushi places. The Whitefish and Yellowtail were delicate in flavour and perfect in texture almost little works of art.  The overall presentation, and I love good presentation, was excellent for this dish as well as the ones that preceded it.

Great flavours, great textures, great presentations, great service and great company – my son.  Net-net a great meal for us.  You should try Ooka if you haven’t already.

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 Ooka (Doylestown) on Urbanspoon

Ooka  – 110 Veterans Lane, Doylestown, PA 18901-3412                             (215) 348-8185


Lobster Rolls – Part 1

September 6, 2009

Wooden Fisherman at Fisherman's Cover Cafe on Deer Island, CanadaWe made it to Canada for the Labour Day Weekend and to be with our daughter for her operation. While the debate for health-care choices goes on in the USA we are going to see the Canadian system upfront after the weekend.  I am sure it will work out but it gives me a great reason to visit Wendy, Steven and my Mom before returning to the USA.  While we are here, we have to eat so I intend to share some of our Canuck food adventures.

A few months back, I created a Sandwich Survey to find out what the readers felt was the best sandwich. I tried to include every kind of sandwich I knew which was an impossible task given there are so many to chose from. My Google and Facebook friend Mary Ann took me to task for not including a Lobster Roll in the choices. So here I am in the land of the Largest Lobster Pound in the World so I am going to try the Lobster Rolls at a few local establishments and report back here on the blog.

Lobster Roll at Fisherman's Cove CafeMy first Lobster Roll, Donna can’t do seafood or it will be ugly for everyone, to report on was at Fisherman’s Cover Cafe in Lord’s Cover, Deer Island. It was served on a simple toasted bun with Jumbo Chunks of lobster meat coated in Mayo and mixed with fresh Celery. Topped with some Red Paprika it was a simple but delicious and a classic summertime sandwich. I have had Lobster Rolls over the years but I was impressed with density of lobster meat, both from the body and claws, that made up the majority of the sandwich. The sweetness of the lobster and crunch of the celery and bun gave the sandwich nice contrasts in textures. It was a great Lobster Roll so let’s grade this first one as an “8” and measure the next few rolls against that score. In case in comes down to cost, and I hope it doesn’t this one was $12.95 CDN or about $10 USD.

Let the games begin.

Fisherman’s Cove Cafe, Lord’s Cove, Deer Island, Canada –                                    506-747-2089


August 10, 2009

Duck Deli SignChowhound CW and fellow bloggers Lynne Goldman and Rich Baringer over at Bucks County Taste reminded me that the Duck Deli BBQ in New Britain has the Best BBQ in Bucks County. They aren’t the only ones, the other reviewers below and readers of the local newspaper have voted the Duck Deli the Best BBQ in Montgomery and Buck Counties. I have to agree they have great Pulled Pork Sandwiches, BBQ Wings and BBQ Ribs.

Donna and I visited the Duck Deli a few years back with the boys and had a great meal so when we drove thru New Britain last night I knew we should stop and get some take-out to confirm our impression.  I got a Pulled Pork Sandwich, 2 orders of BBQ Wings and a rack of  Baby Back Ribs.

 Pulled Pork Sandwich at the Duck DeliThe Duck Deli positions itself as the best North Carolina BBQ in Bucks County and although has local ownership it keeps true to the North Carolina BBQ traditions. Knowing that, I had to try the North Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich.  I was reward with a delicious sandwich with the a generous portion of Carolina pulled pork made moist with their apple vinegar dressing. I had the Coleslaw on the side because it was a take-out order but I added the crunchy slaw to the sandwich before eating it thus giving it some crunch and some sweetness from the slaw dressing.

Buffalo and Western BBQ Ribs from the Duck DeliThe Duck Deli offers it’s BBQ Wings in orders of 5, 10 or 15 in either Buffalo, Honey or Western sauces. I got 5 of Buffalo and 5 of Western. These wings were a little different than the other hot wings reviewed here on the blog. These were BBQed over a wood fire as opposed to deep fried and you get the whole wing including the tip as opposed to just the two smaller sections. Both types of wings were fall off the bone tender and the different sauces either brought some heat or a sweet smokey flavour to the already mosit and tender chicken meat. The small slivers of Celery were crisp and perfect for dipping the creamy Blue Cheese Dressing. The dressing had nice chuncks of blue cheese making the mayo based sauce tangy. Very good BBQ wings.

Baby Back Ribs with Western Sauce at the Duck Deli

 The special that night were Baby Back Ribs with a choice of sauces. I went for the Western Sauce which the waitress said was a tomato brown sugar sauce. I ordered a full rack to go and they were the best ribs I have had since I left South Carolina.  These ribs had obviously been slow cooked on a wood-fire pit for a long time. Each rib had the remnance of slightly spicy dry rub. The almost fall-off-the-bone ribs still maintained some density making each bite a good chew as opposed to just falling apart. The western sauce brought some tang to the ribs contrasting nicely to the sweet moist pork flesh. One rack was not enough as the boys quickly smelled the aroma of the BBQ as we tried to secretly (LOL) unpack the take-out meals and the decented like locusts and ate up the ribs.  We will have to go back soon and we hope to see you there. 

I have added Duck Deli to the Best of Bucks Co – Top 5 BBQ. To see the orther making the list check it out here.

You should also know that the Duck Deli is offering All-You-Can-Eat BBQ on Monday nights for $17.95 for adults and half price for children. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Duck Deli on Urbanspoon

Duck Deli – 524 E Butler Ave, New Britain, PA 18901-5304             (267) 880-1190

Funny Food Quotes

August 5, 2009

Nalts sent me a link to a Reader’s Digest site that had 10 funny food quotes that I wanted to share with the readers.  I hope you enjoy them.

“When the waitress asked if I wanted my pizza cut into four or eight slices, I said, ‘Four. I don’t think I can eat eight.'”
— Yogi Berra

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”– Julia Child

“The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for 30 years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.”
— Calvin Trillin

“I always cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.”
— W.C. Fields

“Love and sausage are alike. Can never have enough of either.”
— Trixie Koontz

“The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later, you’re hungry again. ”
— George Miller

“Large, naked, raw carrots are acceptable as food only to those who live in hutches eagerly awaiting Easter.”
— Fran Lebowitz

“Never eat more than you can lift. ”
— Miss Piggy

“A fruit is a vegetable with looks and money. Plus, if you let fruit rot, it turns into wine, something Brussels sprouts never do.”
— P. J. O’Rourke

“Red meat is not bad for you. Now, blue-green meat—that’s bad for you!”
— Tom Smothers

Recommended by the Mayor

July 27, 2009

Luberto's SignWebMD Account Exec and Dublin Mayor-in-waiting Chris recommended that we try Luberto’s Trattoria after reading the bunch post about the Dublin Star Diner. So when Donna and I had to get our driving license photos re-done today in Dublin, we decided to try it.

 Luberto's Wood Burning Pizza OvenThe first thing you notice walking into the modern spacious dinning room is the Wood-Burning Oven located in the center of the room. I don’t think I have ever had Pizza from a wood-burning oven so I knew what I was going to have. 

As we were going over the menu, the waitress brought over some very nice Bruschetta as an amuse bouche. The nicely seasoned Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil and Olive oil.  I usually put some red onion in my version but they didn’t. The lightly toasted bread added some nice texture to the tomato mixture. Nice surprise for lunch. Wood-burning Pizza from Luberto's

The menu offers several speciality pizzas but I went for the pizza with Sausage, Mushroom and Red Onions. When it arrived the aroma of the sausage and onion was very appetizing.  I think the best part of the pizza from the wood oven is the crisp and thin crust. This one did not disappoint. The Homemade Pizza Sauce was covered by fresh Mozzarela and then the sausage, mushroom and red onions. The Red Onions were lightly carmelized leaving them sweet with a little crunch. The Mushrooms were like little sponges to the cheese and the sauce. The perfectly cooked Sausage slices were mildly spiced and very meaty. The combo of flavour and texture made for a great pizza in fact I added Lumberto’s to the Best of Bucks County – Pizza Top 5 list.

I hope to go back to Luburto’s with Chris to try the other Italian favourites and celebrate him becoming the Mayor. In the meantime readers, give the place a try.

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Luberto's Brickoven on Urbanspoon

Luberto’s Trattoria, 169 N Main St., Dublin, PA 18917                         (215) 249-0688

Cocktails and Apps in New Hope

July 25, 2009

Co-worker, Neighbour and Facebook friend Tricia and I hit downtown New Hope Friday evening for Happy Hour Cocktails and Appetizers. Tricia was celebrating her big success at a social media conference in NYC and I was celebrating Happy Hour. LOL.

Rose Wine at Marsha Brown We planned to meet at the bar at Marsha Brown to have cocktail and appetizers there.  I have found the bar to be more relaxing than the more formal dinning room upstairs in the refurbished church.  As I arrived Tricia had already picked out a nice Rose wine.  I forget how good roses can be especially in the summer.  I eventually got a glass to go with my appetizer and found the Rose to be very refreshing and matching the saltiness of the seafood nicely.

Morgan's French ManhattanI like to try the different signature cocktails at restaurants.  Marsha Brown offers 6 signature cocktails and I went for the Morgan French Manhattan.  Served ice cold, the cocktail was a classic Manhattan, (rye whiskey, Sweet Vermouth and a maraschino cherry) with the addition of some Grand Marnier. Come to find out Morgan was our bartender and he had created this cocktail.  I liked it, as I do like Manhattans but this one had a strong orange note from Grand Marnier. The sweetness of the orange match well with strength of the Rye Whiskey.  A very good cocktail.  Thanks Morgan.

Mussels at Marsha BrownTricia went for the Basin Street Mussels as her appetizer. The menu describes them as being “Prince Edward Island Mussels simmered in a Creole barbeque sauce“. When they arrived there was a great smokey aroma that drifted down the bar. It was a great BBQ smell that reminded us of grilled Andouille Sausage. Tricia shared a few mussels with me and they were sweet and the BBQ sauce gave them a little heat and a smokey flavour that matched well and completed the dish.

Fresh Bread and Red Bean Hummus at Marsha Brown

Marsha Brown serves customers Bread, Butter and Red Bean Hummus. Boy, did the bread come in handy as the mussel were eaten and the BBQ sauce and mussel broth. The sweetness and smokiness of the BBQ sauce and salty sweetness of the mussels being mopped up by the crusty bread was very nice.  Thanks for sharing Tricia. 
Five kinds of Oysters at Marsha Brown
For my appetizer, I went for a combo plate of two of Five Different types of Oysters. It was an impressive plate with pairs of oysters, home-made seafood sauce, lemons, crackers and Louisiana Hot Sauce. Our barman Morgan shared with us that the Creole folks prefer Louisiana Hot Sauce and the Cajun folks preferring the Tabasco Hot Sauce.  I found the Louisiana sauce did go well with oysters. As for the varieties of oysters they are starting at one o’clock and going clockwise are Emerald, St. Simon, Kumomoto, Winanno and Charleston. I liked the little Kumomoto oysters the best as they were slightly salty on the outside with a sweet flesh when you bite into them. The Emerald oysters were my least favourite as they were large but kinda bland but the other three were good. I love the idea that I get to customize each oyster with some combination of lemon juice, hot sauce, seafood sauce or just au natural. By mixing the combination it seemed like I had way more than five different oysters. I hope you try the oysters and let me know what you think in the comment section.
Margaritas at the Login Inn
After slurping the oysters and mopping up the mussel BBQ sauce we went for a short walk around New Hope and ended up at the Login Inn for a Margarita.  The hot evening was great for people watching off the patio bar deck at the Login. Even better was the ice cold margarita with the smokey Tequila, sour lime juice, sweet Triple Sec and Salt rim. A wonderful mixture of flavours and sensations.
Thanks Tricia for a great Happy Hour of Cocktails and Apps.  Let’s do it again soon.
These were great appetizers but let us know what your Favourite Appetizer Type is at the Blog Food Survey. Take the poll here.
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Marsha Brown's on Urbanspoon

Marsha Brown Creole Kitchen and Lounge – 15 South Main Street – New Hope, PA 18938

Marsha Brown's on Urbanspoon

Peeling Potatoes with Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island

June 1, 2009

Facebook Friend and poker buddy Ann sent me this You Tube link.  I thought it too good a title for the blog to pass on so I am going for it.  Donna Wells, she played Mary Ann on the Gilligan’s Island show,  stars in this potato peeling promo for an Idaho potatoes peeling contest.  Let me know if you enter the video contest.

Now sit right back and enjoy the video.

Memorial Day Weekend Best of Bucks – Burger Search

May 23, 2009

I associate Memorial Day Weekend with BBQ’s, picnics and fireworks.  Most BBQ’s and picnics serve burgers and dogs so if there were ever a weekend to search out the Best Burger in Bucks County this would be it.  I have placed posts on ChowHound, Foodbuzz and on Twitter seeking recommendations for where to go. So far we have received recommendations for the Pineville Tavern, Isaac Newton’s, Choppers, John & Peters, Mikes and Dilly’s Corner.  So we need more.  Please add your recommendations in the reply box below.

Donna and I will try to visit 2-3 places over the weekend and report back on their burgers.  If we think they are good enough we will add them to the Best of Bucks-Burger Top 5. Check that page out for the current Top 5 and to make future recommendations.

Have a great holiday weekend and let us know great places for burgers and what you did for the weekend.

Peter and Joe’s Late Night Food Adventure in NYC

May 18, 2009

I am attending a gathering of health eMarketers in New York City next month.  The meeting organizers are planning a late reception Monday night followed by an early Tuesday morning start to the session. Fellow Facebook Friend and marketer Joe is going to the same meeting so we thought we would plan a Food Adventure in NYC.  So readers what do you suggest we do between 9:00 pm and 8:00 am on a Monday night and Tuesday morning.  We are staying within walking distance of Times Square and the gathering is near Columbus Circle.  I am not that familiar with NYC so please provide addresses. Please use the comment box to suggest NYC Food Adventure for Joe and I.  The location should be photo friendly so we can report back.  Suggest away.