Best of Bucks Co – Pizza

There are great Pizzas in Bucks County. Here are my ratings for the Top 5 Pizzas. I am working on the list so please make suggestions for me to try.

  1. Luberto’s Trattoria, 169 N Main St., Dublin, PA 18917                         215-249-0688 – Read the post about Luberto’s here
  2. Spatola’s Pizza, 82 S Main St, New Hope, PA 18938                                215-862-6041 – Read the post about Spatola’s here
  3. Café Europa, Route 202N, Logan Square,  New Hope, PA 18938        215-862-9600

3 Responses to “Best of Bucks Co – Pizza”

  1. cwdonald Says:

    You really should try Jules thin crust (in Doylestown, Newtown and I think they are in Jenkintown now too. Different style of pizza but very very good. Also a source for gluten free pizza if people need that.

  2. Donald Rorabaugh Says:

    you have 3 items in your top 5 listing?????????

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