Best of Bucks Co – BBQ


  1. Duck Deli – 524 E Butler Ave, New Britain, PA 18901-5304           267- 880-1190 Read the Duck Deli post here.
  2. Big Bob’s BBQ Pit – 1248 Rt 113, Blooming Glen, PA 18911            215-257-2710   Read the post about Big Bob’s
  3. Oink Johnson’s Southern BBQ – Route 611, Pipersville, PA                 215-518-2056    Read the post about Oink’s

7 Responses to “Best of Bucks Co – BBQ”

  1. Erik & Lisa Says:

    Smokin’ Lils in Doylestown is a recent addition to the area.

    Their ribs are not ‘fall of the bone’, my preference, but their pulled pork and brisket are fantastic. Call ahead, and they will set aside the ‘burnt ends’ of the pork roast- the most seasoned and crispy ‘butts’ of the meat. Available as take-out, with the option of family specials or ordering by the pound, or you can dine in their small, casual seating area.

    Also, there is a hidden gem outside Flemington, Ol’ West BBQ. They plate oddly for a BBQ joint, but then this is Yankee country. They serve each meat or one of their 4 styles of ribs, individually as entrees. There is only one ‘combo’ option on the menu- the Diamond Jim Special. Bring your friends for this one. At about $75 bucks total, a table of four get a 20 pund- yes, 20 pound- platter sampler of the entire menu with more sides than anyone can eat. Of note are the ribs, especially the beef short ribs.

    Guten Appetit!

  2. Charles Brous Says:

    Peter, we could be friends! We seem to have the same tastes and enthusiasm for food, BBQ being our passion. We are enjoying following your blog for Bucks County.

    Following some of our own finds and some of yours, just want to let you know that we still feel that Big Bob’s has the best sliced BBQ Beef Brisket hands down. Just tried Oink Johnson’s (as per your blog)….ribs taste was right on, but they had more than just “bite”…they were a little tough, but we’d have them again.

    Keep up the good eating & writing! Your friends in food- Rose & Charlie

    • peterjustason Says:

      Thanks Charles for the comment and following the blog.  There are lots of good eats in Bucks County and I am trying to get to them all.  Glad you agree with the Blog.  Send in any suggestions you have for where I should try next.

  3. Charles Brous Says:

    Not in Bucks, but Abner’s in Jenkintown was just taken over by new owners, new chef new menu. Been back twice this week. If you are in the area, it is worth the drive.

  4. Joe Says:

    k, ever think of trolling lower bucks??? we might have a good eats for ya.
    Try Smokin-n-Dudes in Bensalem, and a AHEM,,a chain restaurant in langhorn area, Tennessee’s bbq. Just give us a chance down here. Oh yea, thanks for all the work your doing on here!!

  5. Allison Says:

    OK… not actually IN bucks, but close enough and worth the trip… if you haven’t had Wooley’s BBQ at the Ambler VFW you’ve truly missed out. Thought he was going south and retiring but sure enough he showed up again this past year. He only smokes in the summer and from Friday til he runs out on Sat or Sun. but it is SO worth the trip. I usually get the beef ribs and half a chicken… finger lickin’ good!

  6. colt morris Says:


    Thanks so much for taking the time to document your food experiences in such detail. The photos and descriptions are excellent! Thanks again.


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