Best of Bucks Co

I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It has a well developed food culture featuring many great restaurants, speciality providers and food related events. I am getting asked more and more often where to eat in Bucks County so these pages will attempt to capture what I and my readers think are the Best of Bucks in different categories. I will try to create list of the Top 5 recommendation and perhaps a few honourable mentions for each category.  These are the starting categories, I hope that readers will suggest other catagories and I will add them as the blog progresses and grows.  Suggest categories in the replybox at the bottom of the page.

Top Five Categories

·        Anniversary/Special Occasion

*     BBQ

·        Brunch

·        Burger

·        Cheesesteak

·        Chinese

·        Hoagie

·        Hot Dog

·        Italian

*    Margarita

·        Pizza

·        Seafood

·        Steak

·        Sushi

·        Wings

Even though I have lived here since 2001 I haven’t gotten to every restaurant in Bucks County, so please make any suggestions in the comment box on each page.


4 Responses to “Best of Bucks Co”

  1. George Ward Says:


    Inn at Phillips Mill, New Hope PA

    Anniversary – Special Occasion


    Outstanding romantic inn — great food and setting


  2. Monica Says:


    Love your site and your taste.

    How about a Best Salad? Have you tried Giuseppe’s in Richboro: POLLO E’ PEPE SALAD, grilled chicken with mozzarella cheese & roasted peppers, served on greens with their own balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Eating light never tasted so good.


  3. mommyof2boys Says:

    I’d like to know where the best italian hoagies are. I cannot find a good italian hoagie anywhere!

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