About Peter

I’m a Canadian, a foodie, a poker player and a health care eMarketing and strategy guy.  I am a husband, father of four and grandfather of five.  I have no formal training in the culinary arts but just a passion for food.  My mom and dad opened a road side diner in Canada a few months after I was born so I grew up with cooking. I live in New Hope, Buck’s County Pennsylvania.  Buck’s County is a suburb of Philadelphia.

I contribute to the UrbanSpoon mega Food Blog. UrbanSpoon does reviews of restaurants across the USA and Canada. I believe the ranking is based on all the Philadelphia based UrbanSpoon related blogs and number of views I have received on the UrbanSpoon site.  I think it’s a pretty good rating given I focus on Bucks County and not on Philiadelphia.

Peter's Food Adventures Philadelphia restaurants

7 Responses to “About Peter”

  1. Howard Says:

    cool – good luck and check out my blog for some recipes – http://brodsly.blogspot.com/

  2. Mary Ann Says:


    Love the blog. Shared it with some friends who live in the area. I’m sure they will be thrilled. Little feedback on site design, I may be biased, but I’d love to see the search function a bit higher up on the page (more prominent). Also, I searched for lobster rolls and got nothing- what gives?

    Mary Ann

    • peterjustason Says:

      Mary Ann, thanks for sharing this with your friends. I appreciate every view I get. I love the fact that someone from Google would want search more promient. LOL. I see what I can do. I have Lobster Rolls on my agenda but was saving that for my summer vacation write up for when I visit the largest lobster pound in the world (and I get free lobsters because my daugther is now working there). Thanks for the comment.

  3. Christine W Says:

    Love your site. I wanted to recommend a good German restaurant in Bucks County to you. The Newportville Inn is terrific. Give it a go! It’s near Bensalem.

  4. Kate Says:

    Your first post just appeared on Urbanspoon! Check it out:


    You can also add a picture for your blog. This blog photo shows up next to your posts wherever they appear on Urbanspoon. Just head on over to your blog page on Urbanspoon to claim it:


    You’ll find some interesting badges and widgets there. Let me know if you have any questions.

    • peterjustason Says:

      Thanks Kate, pretty cool to see my blog on Urban Spoon. BTW the map on the Dilly’s Corner listing has the wrong address for the restaurant. Do you need help correcting it?

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