Lobster Roll – Part 3 – Watch out Bill Curtis.

I found the third entrant in our Lobster Roll Challenge while searching for the Internet.   My home in Canada doesn’t have Internet access since we only use the home for a few weeks each year and rely on my older kid’s access or public Internet access.  St. Andrews used to have an Internet Café but that went out of business when most of the bars in the area started to offer free WiFi service along with Moosehead and Molson’s. But it was early when I arrived in St. Andrews and the bars hadn’t opened yet (Nobody Panic – I have a back-up plan – LOL).  As I sat watching the local Famers’ Market take place I fired up the computer to be ready when the bar I had targeted did open. The Find LAN button picked up 6 bars in walking distance that offered WiFi including the Kennedy Inn across the street from where I was sitting. Since the Inn was Inn it was open.  The Inn became my Internet home for the next 2 hours and the next entrant into the Lobster Roll Challenge.

Lobster Roll at the Kennedy Inn - St. Andrews NB CanadaThe Kennedy Inn’s version of the Lobster Roll is served with Fries and Coleslaw. The Lobster Roll itself is served in a New England Hot Dog Bun jammed with Lobster Salad.  The meat again is a combination of generous chunks of Tail and Claw Meat, Mayo and Celery. This version was significantly moister than the 2nd entrant and a little moister than the 1st entrant.  The meat mixture was also colder than the first two.  The early morning time and the meat temperature suggested to me that the mixture was made the night before and stored in the refrigerator.  It was still very tasty but I think if the temp had warmed up it was increased the flavor. The Golden Fries was crispy and well done but 10 more seconds of cooking would have put them over the top into the overcooked category.  The Coleslaw was crunchy, tangy and an expected side to the roll. Net-Net a good competitor and worthy of a sample if you get to St. Andrews.

The Kennedy Inn – 218 Water Street, St Andrews, NB E5B 1B4                 (506) 529-8844

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2 Responses to “Lobster Roll – Part 3 – Watch out Bill Curtis.”

  1. ray giordano Says:

    That lobster roll looks great!

  2. peterjustason Says:

    It was pretty good Ray but no clear cut winner out of the three different places I went to.

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