Newtown’s Clubhouse

Clubhouse Bar & Grill sign Newtown, PADonna and I were hungry Sunday afternoon so we headed south to Washington’s Crossing to have a burger at the Lion Heart Pub but unfortunately it had closed and was under renovation to become an Italian restuarant next month. Instead we headed towards Newtown in search of a decent burger and new place to post about.  We drove by Issac Newton’s, knowing they had great burgers but I wanted a new place to post about. We ended up at the Clubhouse Bar and Grill.

We grabbed seats on the outdoor patio as it was sunny and warm. Donna ordered the Potato Skins and Chicken Wings and I went for the Burger and Pizza Fries.

Potato Skins at Clubhouse B&G in Newtown PA

The Potato Skins, turned out to be the best appetizer of the meal. The standard portion of four skins were generously filled with potato, Cheddar Cheese and real Bacon.  The dish comes with Sour Cream on the side but Donna doesn’t use it.  The skins were a little dry so Donna used some of the Blue Cheese Dressing from the wings to give the skins a little more tang and some moisture. The skins componets are a classic mixture of tastes and textures making them an easy order here at the Clubhouse or just about any decent bar or restaurant.

Chicken Wings at the Clubhouse B&G in Newtown, PADonna’s Chicken Wings looked promising as they arrived at the table but turned to average as we tasted them. These were the Biggest Wings I have seen yet in Bucks County but the lack of a crisp skin got them rated as average. They were cooked thoughout but could have used a few minutes more to crisp the skin.  The Hot Sauce dressing was simply hot sauce and margerine leaving a big opportunity to flavour the wings rather than just make them “hot”.  The dish did come with Carrots and Celery, both of which rarely come together here in Bucks County but the Blue Cheese dressing was lacking Blue Cheese morsels to give it any tang or texture. So these wings ending up being average for us.  Not bad just not up the standard set by other restaurants on the Best of Bucks – Top 5 Wings list created here on the blog.

Bacon and Bleu Burger at the Clubhouse B&G, Newtown, PAMy Bacon and Bleu Burger came with a good sized burger patty, two real Bacon slices, Lettuce and Tomato with Dill Pickle and Potato Chips on the side. Also on the side was an addition serving of the Blue Cheese dressing to serve as the Bleu portion of the burger. I was disappointed that it was dressing rather than actual Blue Cheese morsels that I had gotten at other places here in Bucks County. The medium rare turned out to be medium well so the dressing did come in handy giving the burger some much needed moisture. The untoasted bun was decent and fresh but could have been improved by a few minutes on the grill. It was an OK burger but there are better choices here in Bucks County. Check out the Best of Bucks Co list for suggestions.

Pizza Fries at the Clubhouse B&G in Newtown, PA

Sometimes you get what you order and it doesn’t taste like you thought it would.  The Pizza Fries that day were an example of that.  I knew my burger would come with potato chips so I wanted some fries to go with the burger. The Clubhouse menu offers a half-dozen different kinds of fries but for some reason the pizza fries sound the tastest. Our waiter described them as a large order of fries, covered in Marinara Sauce and Mozzerella cheese.  And that’s exactly how them came but unfortunately the dish didn’t work for me.  Somehow the marinara sauce came across as being slightly metalic and not at all like a pizza sauce I was dreaming about when I ordered. We both had several trys at them and as time when on the fries got soggy.  The cheese was good by itself but the combo didn’t work for us.  It might work for you but it didn’t work well for us.  Least we know.

Net-net we had average appetizers a decent outdoor patio. If you are looking for a great place for Wings or Burgers, try the Best of Bucks County Top 5 Lists.  Let me know what you think about the Clubhouse below in the comment box.

Read other reviews about the Clubhouse here, here and here.

Clubhouse Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Clubhouse Bar & Grill – 501 S State St, Newtown, PA 18940-1933              215-860-5566

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6 Responses to “Newtown’s Clubhouse”

  1. MP Says:

    Hi Peter!

    I agree the Clubhouse is just so-so. Reasonable prices though.

    Have you tried the Green Parrot? It is a restaurant/bar that just opened in April in Newtown.

    • peterjustason Says:

      Thanks for the comment MP. Totally agree about the reasonable prices at the Clubhouse. I think we got all the food in the post for like $27 total. Very affordable but I just wish they made some basic improvements to the food. It could be so much better with a little effort.

      Ironically I saw the Green Parrot on the way to the Clubhouse, sounds like we should have stopped there. Haven’t made it there but with your comment sounds like we should go. Anything specifically you recommend?

  2. MP Says:

    I love their Sonoma Salad and many of their sandwiches are tasty. I’ve been tempted by the Jambalaya and the Shrimp & Crab saute dish but have not tried either yet.

    They have a nice outdoor patio area as well, so you should try to make it there sometime soon!

  3. Anthony Albanese Says:

    Just a comment on the Clubhouse Bar and Grill…. You guys are a joke! You can ask many,many people how great the food is there. I have eaten at other bar and grill’s and none can compare! The wings are the best! If you want breaded wings go to Wings To Go. This is a gathering place with alot of comforting friends and great food. I guess everyone has an opinion whether it’s right or not!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Clubhouse

    • peterjustason Says:

      Thanks for the comment Anthony. A lot of the time we people disagree with my comments they fail to include their name so I don’t publish those comments. Good for you for adding your name and support a restaurant you believe in. Obviously I had a different experience than you have and it sounds like you have gone more time than I have so that makes it worthy of a second review. Thanks again for your comment.

  4. Gene Says:

    I just found this after searching the internet for pizza fries. I haven’t tried them, but I would agree that pizza fries would probably be better with actual pizza sauce.

    Keep up the good work!

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