10,000 Views – Wow

It just happened a few minutes ago that the blog broke the 10,000 Views barrier for the first time.  I remember, when I started this back in April, waiting for my first outside view and then being very excited to average 10 views a day. Lately I have been averaging 70 Views A Day so it is very satisfying to me that the blog has reached this level.

A great deal of thanks goes to my Facebook Friends for supporting the blog and hopefully passing it on to their friends. Recently the blog started to syndicate it’s content on UrbanSpoon.com and that has resulted in PetersFoodAdventure becoming the #9 most viewed blog in the Philidelphia edition of UrbanSpoon.  I think that was pretty impressive since I haven’t done any Philly restaurant reviews just mostly Bucks County reviews. I learned about UrbanSpoon from one of my top referral sites, Sherman’s Food Adventure who is the number one UrbanSpoon blog in Vancouver, Canada.  Thanks Sherman for the referrals and the blogging tips, I have learned a great deal from you. I also get a great deal of referrals from Chowhound. Chowhound also provides get suggestions and ideas on where to eat in Bucks County and Pennsylvania. Check it out if you haven’t already.

The Top Pages on the blog continue to be the Best of Bucks County pages and post that relate to burgers. Ironically the second most view post on the blog was Pork Wings – I found this ironic because before that post I had never heard of Pork Wings and here they end up being the 2nd most interesting post on the blog. LOL. The interest in the Food Polls has dropped off but I think that is a result of my lack of promoting them in the indivdual posts. I will promote them more in the future.

Thanks for the views – On to 20,000


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