Mountain Fajitas and Tacos

Donna, Ryan and I are visiting Facebook friends Carolyn, Stephen, Toni and Tony up in the mountains north and west of Scanton, PA.  They have a great comfortable complex here that to call it camping is to call the Ritz Carlton a motel. Needless to say we are having a great time. So what we eating? Last night over two tiny propane stove tops and a BBQ grill, the Tony’s and Carolyn whipped up a Mountain Fajita Buffet.

Black Bean, Rice and SalsaThe buffet started with some homemade Black Bean, Rice and Salsa. The perfectly cooked rice and beans dish was complemented by the mild salsa.  This dish alone was worthly of a solo performance but it played well with the other dishes to kick off the buffet. The crisp White Onion added some crunch and tang to the fajitas and tacos while the Sour Cream cooled the heat of the hot sauce and peppers.

Fajita Bar ItemsThe heat for the fajitas and tacos came from the Chunky Salsa. It was a mild heat that was in turned cooled by the sour cream and shredded Mexican Cheese blend.

Grilled Chicken and PeppersFor protein, Tony grilled some Chicken Breasts and sliced them into bite size pieces. As he grilled the chicken, he also grilled some Green and Red Peppers to create that authentic fajita experience. The peppers also added some nice crunch to the fajitas.

Carolyn's Perfect Tacos

So we ended up with a choice of Hard or Soft Tacos and Fajitas.  Carolyn joked that every time she makes a taco she wished she had a camera cause her taco was so perfect so I handed her mine. It was perfectly tasty. I ate fajitas cause you can stuff more goodies into them. LOL.

Homemade Mexican CornbreadFor dessert Toni made a delicious Mexican Cornbread. The bread was from the oven and still warm  when we got it. The bread had a nice crust on top that contrasted nicely to the creamy interior.  There were also nice big kernels of sweet corn on the inside making the texture even interesting. It was the perfect ending to the perfect Fajita and Taco bar.  It was the start of a great evening up here in the mountains.

Check out my Facebook page to hear more about the Haunted School Bus that we explored after dinner.


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