Lunchtime Apps at Mediterra

Facebook friend and Social Media expert Jay and I met for lunch this week in Princeton at Mediterra. Jay has been working with online communities since the early days of the gated AOL communities so he knows alot about how best to make them work and the issues you have to deal with if you decide to sponsor one and want to make it work.

Beet Gazpacho Soup at MediterraI learned a lot that day but let me share my review of our appetizers. Jay had the Beet Gazpacho Soup special and I went for the Charcuterie. The beet soup is presented with the veggies and croutons in the bowl and the broth poured into the bowl table side. Very nice. Jay liked the soup. Although it looked very thick to me, Jay thought the consistency was very nice. He found a mild Beet flavour coming out of the puree, Cucumber flavour coming through too and a good but not strong Gazpacho Spice in the soup. The Croutons added some crunch to the soup. Good looking soup, well presented and good flavours.

Charcuterie at MediterraI like pate and here in the US, it rare to see it on the menu so when I saw that the Charcuterie came with pate, I had to try it. The menu describes the dish as being “Artisanal salumi, cured meat & pate, mustard, olives & cornishons” . The actual Pate was very nice with ground chicken livers, spices and pistachio nuts.  Nice consistency and nicely spiced.  Two different breads came with it, slightly toasted and really crispy. The cured meats and salami included store-made versions of Spicy Salami, Genoa Salami, Prosciutto and Capicolawere delicious. Each slightly different than the others. The spicy salami had  some heat but not overwheling, the Genoa salami was slightly salty but the pork meat was sweet making a nice contrast, prosciutto was mild and slightly fatty, and completing the set was very mild capicola. The Ground Mustard was hot and Pickles crunchy making a great appetizer with the different combinations of meat, pickles, breads and mustard.

Jay has a side-line business of taking wedding photos so it made sense for me for him to take the photos and I thought he did a great job.  Let me know if you need a good photographer.

I have been at Mediterra a few times and here is the link to an earlier post that describes some other appetizers I had there.  The info is towards the end of the post so scan thru it.

Read other reviews about Mediterra here, here and here.

Mediterra on Urbanspoon

Mediterra, 29 Hulfish St, Princeton, NJ 08542-3741              609-252-9680


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2 Responses to “Lunchtime Apps at Mediterra”

  1. Jay Bryant Says:

    Thanks for the pitch for my photo work—

  2. peterjustason Says:

    No worries Jay, you take great Wedding photos. Food should be easy as most of it isn’t emotional. LOL

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