Matt’s Not Fatt Anymore

Matt’s Not Fatt anymore but his Margaritas are.  Donna and I were in Doylestown the other day near the Starbucks when I saw a big banner sign indicating that “This is the Home of the Famous Fatt Matt’s Margaritas”. So camera in hand we went into The Other Side bar to see if we have addition to the Best of Bucks Co – Top 5 Margaritas list.

Come to find out, The Other Side is the bar for Chambers 19, one of Doylestown’s bistros, and one of the owners is the for-mentioned Fatt Matt. Matt has lost weight and is no longer fat but still goes by that nickname.The Other Side Margarita

I went for the Classic Margarita.  They used Sauza Silver Tequila, Fresh Lime juice and Triple Sec to make it. We went for them on-the-rocks vs. frozen to avoid the brain freeze.  The resulting concoction was slightly tart, a mild tequila flavour and very refreshing.

Stawberry Margarita at The Other SideDonna went for the Strawberry Margarita. Courtney, our bartender, told us that it’s their most popular margarita. She also shared that she thought that Los Sarapes serves the best margaritas in Bucks County. I couldn’t agree more as I had them in the number one spot already on the blog’s Best of Bucks Co – Margarita Top 5list.  Donna’s margarita was very tasty with the strawberry flavour coming from freshly pureed Whole Strawberries. Donna’s drink was significantly sweeter than mine but not too sweet. I liked the Little strawberry seeds in the drink giving it some texture but reassuring that the flavouring is from real strawberries. It was a very refreshing drink and worthy of the trip to Doylestown.

Read other review about The Other Side and Chambers 19 here, here and here.

The Other Side– 19 North Main Street, Doylestown , PA 18901                 215- 348-1940


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One Response to “Matt’s Not Fatt Anymore”

  1. hector Says:

    i’d like to give fatt matt a fatt lipp

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