Summertime Drinks at the Yardley Inn

Yardley Inn signIt was a beautiful day here in Bucks County. Any day without rain is now considered beautiful, LOL, but it really was nice so we went for a drive along the Delaware River to Lower Bucks. The road along the river stops conveniently right beside The Yardley Inn so we decide to have a beverage in their very comfortable bar.

We were both still stuffed from our lunchtime visit to Basically Burgers (excellent burgers BTW) in Doylestown so we stuck to just drinks even though the Inn has a great bar menu. We have tried in the menu in the past and recommend you try the Tiers of Taste if you go. It’s three levels of great appetizers and you get to chose 3 items from mini crab cakes, hot wings, spring rolls, different dips, calamari, meatballs, deviled eggs or roasted peppers.Summertime Drinks at The Yardley Inn

Donna went for a lightly woody Chardonnay and I went for the summer drink special. At first Eric, our waiter, didn’t know what it was as it changes so often. Today it was a Watermelon Mojito.  To make this mojito, they started yesterday by infusing some Barcardi Rum with watermelon to the point the rum turned watermelon pink. Today the bartender, lightly muddled some Mint, squeezed in a Lime slice, two Cherries, the Infused Rum, Ice Cubes and then topped it off with Cube Soda. The Orange slice garnish adds to the colour of the drink. It was very refreshing and had slightly different tastes as I worked (LOL) my way down the drink.  At the top it was very much a watermelon taste, sweet but clean with a slight rum taste.  As I got to the middle, the cherries took over the taste lead, but not too strong. At the bottom, the mint took the lead but again not too strong. I know if I stirred this more the flavours most likely would have mixed together better but I enjoyed the three flavours kinda like an Adult Three-Flavour Popsicle. It was an enjoyable cocktail and worth the trip to Yardley to enjoy it.  Go quick before it starts raining again. LOL

Read other review about the Yardley Inn here, here and here.

The Yardley Inn, 82 E Afton Ave, Yardley, PA 19067       215-493-3800


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