Out-of-State Thin Crust Pizza

I had to go to Stamford, Connecticut for business meetings so I pulled out my copy of 500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late to see if there was anything interesting to eat nearby. Sure enough the travel guide recommended the Colony Grill for it’s Super Thin Pizza. Authors Jane & Michael liked the pizza at the Colony Grill so much that they ranked them No. 9 on their list of the Top 24 Essential Pizzerias across the USA. So I had to go.

Colony Grill PizzaIt was worth the trip.  The Pizza was the Best Thin Crust Pizza I have ever had. Even Donna, who has eaten only two slices of pizza in the 27 years I have known her, ate 3 slices that night. What was different for Donna was the Tomato Sauce, it had a different texture than other pizzas she tried. Real pieces of tomato in the sauce. We both loved the Sausage, which the Colony Grill sources across the street at the local meat packer. The sausage was nicely spiced with some heat and a whole lot of flavour. Other reviewers suggested the Cherry Peppers, so we went for them despite both of us aren’t big chili-heads. In the photo they are the small red and green specs. They were hot but flavourful.  The Onions, recommended by the waiter, were very thinly slices and caramelized by the pizza oven.  Other reviewers suggested the Hot Oil.  I remembered that late but the waiter brought some on the side but he didn’t recommend it since he thought the oil made the pizza too greasy. I did try the hot oil on one slice and the waiter was correct.

Net-net it was one Extraordinary Pizza. One that even Donna liked. A couple of things you should know, the only food they serve is pizza, many topping choices including the Hot Oil and the Stinger peppers (too hot for Donna and I) but only pizza.  They do have a full bar with 8 different martini choices but only pizza.

Read other reviews about the Colony Grill here, here and here.

Colony Grill on Urbanspoon

Colony Grill 172 Myrtle Ave, Stamford, CT 06902-5128        203-359-2184


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3 Responses to “Out-of-State Thin Crust Pizza”

  1. NICK Says:

    my friend peter,you know nothing about pizza,you or your friends, i worked for colony grill 14 years,and if you only new the sh-t that goes on in there.the sauce is different because it is the cheapest sauce money can buy,so is the cheese,anyway it shows how much you guys no about pizza.good night…johnny bardone

  2. NICK Says:

    by the way,the pizza sauce recipe for colony grill is basil.oregano,garlic,thats it…and grated cheese…good night…johnny

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