Spatola’s Pizza

 I worked late tonight on some agency proposals so I ended up ordering Pizza for Robbie and I for supper. Donna doesn’t eat pizza, so it was just Robbie and I ordering. We ordered from Robbie’s favourite pizza place Spatola’s here in New Hope.

Taco - BBQ Chicken Pizza from Spatola's

Robbie wanted to get the Taco Pizza but I couldn’t get my head around Mexican-Italian food combo so I argued for the BBQ Chicken pizza which we both like. For some reason Southern Food- Italian made sense to me when Mexican-Italian food didn’t. LOL We ended up getting a combo of Taco and BBQ Chicken Pizza.

This colourful pizza was very tasty.  The Taco Slice I had was very much like a soft taco. The heated lettuce wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and the raw Diced Tomatoes, Cheese Whiz sauce and Ground Beef mimiced a taco nicely. Not too spicy, just a blending of their flavours. 

The BBQ Chicken slice was a nice combo of BBQ sauce and moist chicken. This pizza ususally comes with carmelized onions but Robbie opted out of onions for both halves of the pizza. I thought the BBQ Sauce added some nice tang and smokiness to the generous pieces of Chicken. I liked this combo a lot.

Great pizza. In fact I have added Spatola’s to my Best of Bucks Co – Pizza Top 5 list. 

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Spatola's Pizza on Urbanspoon

Spatola’s Pizza, 82 S Main St, New Hope, PA 18938                        215-862-6041


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