Diane’s Picnic

Julie's Chopped Veggie SaladFor years my co-workers in the Pharma PR group have been holding a Summer Picnic. The PR group dissolved about 3 years ago but the friendships in that group were so strong the picnic continue. This year the picnic returned to Diane’s after being at Laurie and PK’s last year.  The highlight of the picnic is getting together with friends and catching up but I am going to write on the food. LOL, you had to be there to get the gossip. Actually, I am just going to write on the salads, cause after the Memorial Day Burger Search, my physician has threaten a colonoscopy if I didn’t eat my salad. LOL. So let’s just say I didn’t eat any of the wonderful hot dogs and burgers that Diane grilled or any of the other foods (dips, fruit desserts, chips, adult beverages) the rest of the group brought. No photos – no evidence.

Julie, the birthday girl, had to leave early but we sang Happy Birthday to her and she left us her Chopped Veggie Salad. Julie obviously took a great deal of time cutting the Tomatoes and Cucumbers into pieces the same size as the Corn kernels. The colourful salad has fresh chopped Basil mixed in. The dressing is very light making the resulting salad very light and fresh in your mouth. The different textures and matching flavours make this a great summer salad.

006Nona brought a great Veggie Pasta Salad. Large Rigatoni pasta, Olives, Tomatoes, Broccoli and Parmesan Cheese were the main ingredients in the salad.  The large pasta pieces gave significant body to salad. The “el dente” veggie chunks are a nice contrast to the soft pasta. The light oil dressing helped blend the flavours of the salad creating nice contrast between the sweet Tomatoes and cheese to the salty Olives and slightly bitter broccoli. Great salad, very satisfying.

Caesar Salad

I brought Caesar Salad ingredient and put them together just before we ate.  I made the dressing at home and that was a good idea as it gave the Garlic and other items time to blend. I like a stong Lemon taste in my dressing so I added it to the dressing as well as provide lemon slices garnishes for individual additions. I have written about this salad before and this one turn out well.  I hope they liked it.

It was good to get together again to catch up, gossip and eat. The salads were great (and so was the other food wink-wink).  Looking forward to next year’s get together and Diane promises it won’t rain. LOL

Let us know your Favourite Salad type is at the blog’s Salad Survey.

Julie shared her recipe today for her Cherry Tomato Corn Salad. Here it is. Thanks Julie and Diane for sharing.

Cherry Tomato Corn Salad

Mix the following in a jar:

¼ cup fresh basil, 3 T Olive Oil, 2 t lime juice, 1 t sugar, ½ t salt & ¼ t pepper

Pour dressing over 2 Cup frozen corn, 2 Cup cherry tomato halved and 1 Cup seeded pealed chopped cucumber

Simple but fresh and tasty.


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4 Responses to “Diane’s Picnic”

  1. Diane Says:

    Thanks Peter! Nice write up, both about the food and about the friendships. Julie said she will provide the recipe and I’ll pass it on.

    • peterjustason Says:

      Thanks for the comment Diane. Love to get Julie’s recipe and Nona’s if you can get that too. Thanks. Great gathering.

  2. Nona O'Connell Says:

    Thanks, Peter. I had a great time at Diane’s reunion picnic. It was great to see everyone and I’m glad you enjoyed the salad. I enjoyed all the salads and those tasty burgers and dip. I’ll send salad recipe soon.

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