Cocktails and Apps in New Hope

Co-worker, Neighbour and Facebook friend Tricia and I hit downtown New Hope Friday evening for Happy Hour Cocktails and Appetizers. Tricia was celebrating her big success at a social media conference in NYC and I was celebrating Happy Hour. LOL.

Rose Wine at Marsha Brown We planned to meet at the bar at Marsha Brown to have cocktail and appetizers there.  I have found the bar to be more relaxing than the more formal dinning room upstairs in the refurbished church.  As I arrived Tricia had already picked out a nice Rose wine.  I forget how good roses can be especially in the summer.  I eventually got a glass to go with my appetizer and found the Rose to be very refreshing and matching the saltiness of the seafood nicely.

Morgan's French ManhattanI like to try the different signature cocktails at restaurants.  Marsha Brown offers 6 signature cocktails and I went for the Morgan French Manhattan.  Served ice cold, the cocktail was a classic Manhattan, (rye whiskey, Sweet Vermouth and a maraschino cherry) with the addition of some Grand Marnier. Come to find out Morgan was our bartender and he had created this cocktail.  I liked it, as I do like Manhattans but this one had a strong orange note from Grand Marnier. The sweetness of the orange match well with strength of the Rye Whiskey.  A very good cocktail.  Thanks Morgan.

Mussels at Marsha BrownTricia went for the Basin Street Mussels as her appetizer. The menu describes them as being “Prince Edward Island Mussels simmered in a Creole barbeque sauce“. When they arrived there was a great smokey aroma that drifted down the bar. It was a great BBQ smell that reminded us of grilled Andouille Sausage. Tricia shared a few mussels with me and they were sweet and the BBQ sauce gave them a little heat and a smokey flavour that matched well and completed the dish.

Fresh Bread and Red Bean Hummus at Marsha Brown

Marsha Brown serves customers Bread, Butter and Red Bean Hummus. Boy, did the bread come in handy as the mussel were eaten and the BBQ sauce and mussel broth. The sweetness and smokiness of the BBQ sauce and salty sweetness of the mussels being mopped up by the crusty bread was very nice.  Thanks for sharing Tricia. 
Five kinds of Oysters at Marsha Brown
For my appetizer, I went for a combo plate of two of Five Different types of Oysters. It was an impressive plate with pairs of oysters, home-made seafood sauce, lemons, crackers and Louisiana Hot Sauce. Our barman Morgan shared with us that the Creole folks prefer Louisiana Hot Sauce and the Cajun folks preferring the Tabasco Hot Sauce.  I found the Louisiana sauce did go well with oysters. As for the varieties of oysters they are starting at one o’clock and going clockwise are Emerald, St. Simon, Kumomoto, Winanno and Charleston. I liked the little Kumomoto oysters the best as they were slightly salty on the outside with a sweet flesh when you bite into them. The Emerald oysters were my least favourite as they were large but kinda bland but the other three were good. I love the idea that I get to customize each oyster with some combination of lemon juice, hot sauce, seafood sauce or just au natural. By mixing the combination it seemed like I had way more than five different oysters. I hope you try the oysters and let me know what you think in the comment section.
Margaritas at the Login Inn
After slurping the oysters and mopping up the mussel BBQ sauce we went for a short walk around New Hope and ended up at the Login Inn for a Margarita.  The hot evening was great for people watching off the patio bar deck at the Login. Even better was the ice cold margarita with the smokey Tequila, sour lime juice, sweet Triple Sec and Salt rim. A wonderful mixture of flavours and sensations.
Thanks Tricia for a great Happy Hour of Cocktails and Apps.  Let’s do it again soon.
These were great appetizers but let us know what your Favourite Appetizer Type is at the Blog Food Survey. Take the poll here.
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Marsha Brown's on Urbanspoon

Marsha Brown Creole Kitchen and Lounge – 15 South Main Street – New Hope, PA 18938

Marsha Brown's on Urbanspoon


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