Amish Desserts

Amish Chocolate CakeWe had supper Saturday night with Poker buddy Steve and his wife Joan at Villaggio and then went back to their house for dessert. This post is about the dessert and the fun we had at Steve and Joan’s house.

There are two Amish Markets within 10 miles of New Hope, one in Flemington and one in Newtown.  Both markets offer homemade meats, sauagages, cheese, breads and desserts – all homemade goodness. And in the this case, great Chocolate Cake that Joan picked up in Flemington.  It was a great cake and the Amish bakers took a great deal of care cooking and decorating the cake.

Top View Amish Chocolate Cake

It was a four layer cake with great frosting and elegant decorating on top. It was a great chocolate cake. Moist, Sweet from the chocolate frosting and a slight Bitterness from the chocolate flavour of the cake.  Steve and I had our cake with Red Wine. I love chocolate and Red Wine. I learned from my very proper English Admin Assistant Eleanor, from my last company, on a terrase in France that chocolate and red wine goes together and I thank her often for that lesson.

After dessert, we retired to their family room where Steve and Joan showed some of their daugher Jessica’s films that she created during college. Two of Jessica’s films; 60 Second Buzz and Paneye are on YouTube. I liked 60 Second Buzz because it was about our local Brewhouse Triumph and I recognized Facebook friend Daniel, in the film, who is now in Sales and Marketing for Trimumph. I couldn’t find her documentry-film about college life that we screened that night on YouTube  but we enjoyed it too. It was fun to see Jessica’s work and the pride her parents had in her work too. 

Great Cake and Films.  Fun with Steve and Joan.  Thanks again for having us.


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