6,000 Views – Whew!

It happened just a few minutes ago that the blog broke the 6,000 Views barrier. Thanks to all for the views.

Since July 2, when I broke 5,000 views I have been averaging a little less than a post a day but the average views are still about 60 Views a Day range.  Since then the number of Comments have dropped off a bit but I hope if I ask for more comments, you can contribute one or two. Let me know what you think and your ideas for places to visit and stuff to eat. Also since July 2, I started to add my posts to UrbanSpoon mega food site.  They rank restaurants and food stores across the US and Canada.  They also have their version of the Best of Bucks Co if you click thru to their site. I don’t agree with their Top 10 listing completely and still think my lists provide more detail to the reader as I segment the lists. Take a look at both and let me know what you think.

I have also added a couple of new Food Polls for you to comment on. Please check of your Favourite Appetizer Type and your Favourite BBQ Sauce.  Thanks for participating if you have and if you haven’t start now.

Thanks for the views. On to 7,000


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2 Responses to “6,000 Views – Whew!”

  1. Sherman Says:

    Once again, congrats!

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