A Taste of India

Spice In - New Brunswick, NJI had lunch with co-workers Kara and Ruth today in New Brunswick at Spice In.  Spice In is the local Indian Cuisine that we can walk to from work.  They offer a great all-you-can eat lunch Buffet for like $10 that we have taken advantage of several time over the past few years.

Salad Bar at Spice In

The great things about an All-You-Can- Eat Buffet is that you a lot of choices, a lot of food and a lot of value for you money.

 As for choices, the buffet offers 7 main dishes in addition to Soup, Salad Bar, Appetizers and Desserts.

Aloo Tikki Chat at Spice InSpice In offers a different soup each day and today that was Tomato Soup but they always offer Aloo Tikki Chat – the mildly spices potato patties that goes well with fresh raw onions they are served with on the buffet.

Buffet Plate at Spice In

 The other great thing about the buffet is that Kara, my vegan friend and I can both enjoy it as they offer both Vegan and Meat choices. My plate is at the right and you can see I got a nice selection of Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Curry and Chicken Curry that Kara would touch bit we both shared the To Fu Tikka, Bhindi Masala, Salad and Basmati Rice. Ruth and I shared the Naan bread but Kara passed.

The food was amazingly flavourful with each item bringing a different taste to my mouth. The surprize is that the heat that people often associate with Indian food was not there.  The dishes were very mild heat wise but the Curry, Tandoori, Garlic, Cumin and Coriander Flavours were there.  I am sure you can get the heat up is you want.

Great value – Greater flavour.  Try it.

 Read other reviews about Spice In here, here and here.

Spicein on Urbanspoon

Spice In, 371 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901       732-247-1177


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