UFC Poker Guacamole

Tonight we are going to Erika’s in Jersey City to play some poker and watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship 100 Match. Apparently UFC heavyweight title holder Brock Lesnar will try to defend his crown against rival Frank Mir in their long-awaited grudge match. I copied that off the UFC Web site cause, LOL, cause I don’t know anything about UFC other than two really strong guys get in a cage and beat the heck out of each other.  Ryan and a lot of my poker buddies are into it so it should be fun to watch them cheer on their favourites.

Guacamole Ingredients I asked Erika if she wanted us to bring something sweet or salty, she went salty and to surprise her.  So after some thinking I decided to go for some homemade Guacamole. Yes, I know guacamole is not salty on it’s own but with some tortilla “scoop” chips that should qualify as a salty appetizer.  The other reason is that at our Mexican Hold’em Poker Tournament, Erika shared that she loved guacamole so why not give a girl want she likes. LOL.

To make the guacamole, I visited the Hass Avocado Web site for their classic recipe cause this family from Maritime Canada doesn’t have a family recipe for it. LOL. I used ripe avocados, jalapenos, limes, red onions, plum tomatoes, cilantro, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. Basically I chopped everything into a fine chop and mixed thoroughly. The ratios are on the Web site, I went with more a visual image of what I think good guacamole looks like.

Homemade Guacamole I love foods that offer different contrasts within the same dish, differences in textures, flavours and heat levels. The final guacamole mixture was a great contrast of flavours and textures. The creamy Avocados  with chunky Red Onions and Jalapenos, the sweet Tomatoes with the tart Lime Juice, metallic Cilantro and Kosher Salt and the coolness of the mixture with the heat from the jalapenos. I added some Cumin to give the dip some smokey flavour and some freshly ground pepper to balance the heat of the dish. I hope Erika and my Poker-UFC buddies like the dip.

I will post the final presentation photo later today as we get closer to party time.  I am looking forward to the party.


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