Omaha Burgers

Finally got around to BBQing the Omaha Steak Burgers from my shipment last week.  It was a quiet Friday night so Donna and I pulled the frozen burgers from the freezer to thaw.Omaha Steak Burgers

Each Four Ounce Steak Burger comes indivudally wrapped in supposedly easy open plastic wrap.  The first one opened easily but the rest had to cut open with sissors. The thawed meat looked denser than other frozen burgers I tried before.  They also looked leaner but that maybe a result of smaller fat pieces rather a regular grind.

Grilled Omaha BurgerThe burgers grilled quickly as we both like our burgers medium rare. Medium High Heat a couple of minutes, 90 degree turn, flip, a couple of minutes, 90 degree turn and a couple of minutes and taadaa – medium rare burgers with nice grill marks.

Omaha Burger with all the fix'emsI like Lots of Fix’ems on my burger. I think they make the burger messy but that half the fun.  The burger was favourful, moist and very meaty. The grill marks gave the burger a charred taste making it an Authentic BBQ burger.

The Omaha Steak Burgers were good and a great addition to your freezer for lazy days and when unexpected friends turn up but not the Best of Bucks Co – Burgers. Check here for that list of burgers.


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