Frozen Dessert

Omaha Caramel Apple TartletsLast night I posted about the Omaha Steaks I had purchased over the phone. Tonight I am going post about the Caramel Apple Tartlets that came along with the steaks.

Four Caramel Apple TartletsThe Tartlets come four to a box with each one weighing in at 4 ounces each.  You buy them by the dozen. In my case it was buy a dozen and get a second dozen for just 1 cent. So that each tartlet worked out be about 70 cents each.  So who could pass that deal up. LOL

Caramel Apple TartletThe pre-nuked dessert showed the Thick Caramel Sauce, the sugar crystal sticking to the outsides of the pastry tart. The directions for heating are simple nuke for 70 seconds or 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven. I went for the 70 seconds cause I wanted it yesterday. LOL

Ice Cream and Caramel Apple TartletOne of my favourite scenes in Billy Crystal’s movie City Slickers is when Billy challenges the “Ben & Jerry” guys to the “what ice cream goes with any food contest”.  It was kind of like that tonight as we were trying to figure out which ice cream goes best with caramel apple tartlet. Donna and I decided to go with Butter Pecan.

The dessert was great. The hot pastry contrasting to the cold ice cream with a light aroma of cinnamon tickling your nose. The pastry had a light density to it not really flaky as I cut into it with the spoon. The first taste is that of the sweet caramel sauce and the sweet pastry crust. The second brings Apple Pieces and some cold ice cream melting from the heat of the tartlet. The syrup of caramel sauce and melted ice cream soften the pastry into sweet mixture in my mouth. The apple piece has a good apple taste and is almost crisp surprising given it was frozen just 70 some seconds ago. We picked the Butter Pecan ice cream because the butter flavour goes so well with the pastry and the pecan nuts added additional texture and nuttiness to the over all dessert. The four ounce portion is perfect with the scoop of ice cream making it a great dessert for the evening meal.

What is your Favourite Ice Cream? Take the Poll and share your favourite.



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