Omaha Steaks

We usually screen our phone calls to avoid the telemarketers seeking donations for all kinds of charities but for whatever reason I picked up the phone last week. On the other end was Cathy from Omaha Steaks. Seems they were having a special on Bone-In Strip Loin steaks and since we bought from Omaha Steaks in the past we were eligible for the special. So in a moment of weakness, I went for it. Long weekend coming up, you can never have enough steaks in the freezer and I like bone-in steaks.

Omaha Steak BoxesFour days after talking to Cathy, a big styrofoam box arrived on my front door complete with dozen Bone-In Strip Loin Steaks, a dozen steak burgers and apple turnovers (more about the burgers and turnovers in a future post).  The box also contained some dry ice that keep the goodies frozen during their trip.  It always a good sign when there is some dry ice left over from the journey.  It’s also good fun. Using tongs, cause the dry ice will burn you if it touches your skin, I threw the remaining chunks into our fountain.  The warm fountain water causes the dry ice to go from solid to gas very quickly making the water “boil” and leaving thick vapour that always reminds me of Halloween every time. So I’m a big kid, LOL but try it if you ever get dry ice it’s fun.

Omaha Strip Loin SteaksThe individually wrapped steaks were pretty good sized, each weighting in at about 14 ounces. The steaks appeared to be well marbled which usually mean a moist steak. The amount of bone was smaller than I thought there was going to be. Ryan doesn’t like bones in his steak so these small bones were not going to be a big problem for him. The general appearance of the steak made me start thinking about when we could fire up the BBQ and grill me some steak.

Grilled Omaha Strip Loin Steak

I didn’t wait too many days before we fired up the grill. To go along with the steak Donna halved some Red Bliss Potatoes and placed them in some foil with some onions, olive oil, salt and pepper. We had already defrosted four of the steaks in the frig from the night before and had them coated them with some olive oil, salt and pepper. As we allowed the steaks to come to room temperature we grilled the potato and onions. I grilled the steaks about 3 minutes, turned 90 degrees-3 minutes and then turned over 3 minutes and then turn 90 degrees. I than brushed on some Cattleman’s Sauce on both sides for about a minute and then placed on a platter to rest. As the steak rested Donna cooked some Green Beans and I dressed a couple of Tomato slices in some oil,balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to make a tasty garnish.

The Strip Loin steaks were very good. The grilling resulted in a nice pink medium rare flesh that was flavourful and moist.  The bone was very manageable with most of it located near the edge of the steak so I cut it out with my first knife cut. The meat had a nice density to it that you needed a steak knife to cut but was tender enough in you mouth to give a great mouth feel.  Donna did find a tough section in her steak, some silver-skin perhaps but mine, Ryan and Robbie’s were perfect. Ryan said his was one of the best steaks he ever had and given our recent visit to BLT Prime, that it a high complement for a frozen steak. Great home grilling steak dinner.

Still looking for recommendations for the Best of Bucks Co – Steak Top 5 list, so help out by leaving a comment here on the blog as to where I should go.

If you haven’t already take the surveys on what is your Favourite Cut of Steak and your Favourite BBQ Sauce.


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3 Responses to “Omaha Steaks”

  1. ray giordano Says:

    Good article. Always wondered if those Omaha Steaks were any good.

    • peterjustason Says:

      We like them. Thought there was good value there as well. Fresh is where it’s at but if you haven’t shopped or friends stop over unexpected, they are great to be able to pull out of the freezer. The burger and dessert were very good as well.

  2. akp2012 Says:

    The Omaha Steaks that I’ve grilled vary in quality and consistency. I’ve found an alternative that works for me: They don’t telemarket you on the phone and they offer great steakhouse quality steaks and much more. Right now, they have an online coupon for special pricing. Enter Web10Promo in the shopping cart as you checkout. Enjoy!

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