American Food

Tomorrow is the 4th of July.  The biggest American patriotic holiday of the year. There should be lots of BBQ, burgers, hot dogs and fireworks. I thought it might be interesting for my Canadian friends back home to highlight some of the American Food they might not be familiar.

A special summertime treat in the New York-Philly area is Water Ice. The name is a little redundant but this icy sweet treat is very refreshing on a hot summer day. It is also called Italian Ice. Basically it’s shaved ice with some sort of sweet flavoured syrup added. I think we would call it a Slushy in Canada. 

There are several other things that have different names down here. Hoagies are submarines and Cheesesteaks are a special kind of submarine with hot thin chopped steak meat covered some kind of cheese (even Cheeze Whiz LOL if that is even a cheese), grilled peppers, onions and mushrooms. There is a huge debate in Philadelphia as to which place has the best cheesesteak and all my PA friends have an opinion about which store has the best cheesesteak. Donna and I have tried several and are working on a Top 5 – Best of Bucks Co list.

Soda is pop down here and Donna and I tease each other if we ever order “a soda” in a restaurant. The variety of “sodas'” down here is amazing. I have even found a grape NeHi that Radar O’Reilly used to drink on MASH.  I always thought that was a made up brand because Radar was so short as in “knee high”. Sure enough it was real and actually good. They also have gourmet soda down here but that’s just too over the top.

A local mystery to me is Scrapple. It’s some sort of ground pork product with cornmeal or flour and different spices that gets fried as breakfast meat. I tried it a few times but just find it nasty with the one exception, the Dublin Star.  I think it was the exception cause they used buckwheat rather than the flour or cornmeal version I tried before. I am also pretty sure my MD wouldn’t want me eating anyway.

Pork WingsPork Wings are a recent discovery for Donna and I.  These are great. Not sure what part of the pig they are but they are delicious. I had them at Big Bob’s BBQ and at John & Peters. They taste like pulled pork on a stick and who doesn’t like anything that comes on a stick.

I am sure there are a few more differences but we have been here so long they don’t seen so different anymore. I think that’s good.

For my Canadian friends living in the USA, let me know what you find different in the USA and what you miss back in Canada. Take Care and Happy Holiday Weekend.

Take the different Food Surveys here if you haven’t already.


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