CIA Dinner

About every two months or so, the Jericho National Golf Course Clubhouse hosts Peter Luger Steak night and it was this past Saturday night.  Donna and I got invited by my poker pal, Sid along with couples Mark and Barbara and Chuck and Roy.  I play poker with Mark and had been to Temple football and basketball games with Chuck and Roy so most of us knew each other. It was a great meal with the Peter Luger Steaks and interesting conversation.  The stories were great because Sid is ex-CIA (as in Central Intelligence Agency) and Marc is ex-DEA (as in Drug Enforcement Agency).  That’s not to say the rest of us didn’t have anything to add, it’s just I love stories about Southeast Asia, the Bay of Pigs invasion, Lockerbie and drug trafficking in general.  It was like a lesson in living history. I could tell you what the stories were but I would have to….. LOL. Very cool but now on to the food.

028Donna and I decided to split a Caesar Salad, as we new were going to have a massive steak. Having attended Peter Luger Night before, we have tried the Caesar before and it was usually good.  I like the Giant Parmesan Crouton they place on the salad. Nice and crispy with a cheesy flavour. The crispy Romaine Lettuce was coated with a creamy dressing. I like a stronger garlic taste but this was good.

 Peter Luger Poterhouse SteakFor our main course, Donna and I ordered the 40 ounce Porterhouse Steak, medium rare. LOL before you think that Donna and I have entered some kind of competitive eating contest, there is about 8 ounces of bone leaving two steaks, a 16 ounce strip and a 10 ounce filet with enough left over for Ryan when we get home. LOL.  The chef cut the steak before it arrived at our table making it easy to split.  The steak appeared very rare when it arrived but the taste was medium rare.  Peter Luger steaks are famous for being tender and flavourful, this one was no exception.  The steaks do come with the famous Peter Luger Steak Sauce but it was not needed here as the steak was perfectly seasoned and cooked. The almost melt-in-your-mouth meat had a big meaty flavour on the inside with a great char on the outside.  A great steak that worked for both Donna and I. 035

The highlight of the sides were the Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce. This classic steak house side was well executed with fresh asparagus lightly sauteed leaving them slightly el dente. The creamy Hollandaise sauce appeared to be freshly made and having a thick buttery consistency with a light lemon touch.  The Hollandaise matches well with the steak.  The combination of veggie and sauce was a great side to the steak.

 Donna and I were both very full from the steak dinner plus the great Open House food from earlier in the day so we didn’t order any dessert.  We usually do, actually I do, but it sounds like half the calories when I say “we”. I like the Creme Bruele at the Clubhouse but order what you like they are all good.


My friend Mark helped out with photos.  He ordered the Filet from Peter Luger and took the the photo.

Halibut SteakBarbara ordered the Halibut which is my favourite species of fish.  Her report was the favourable on the dish and recommending the dish for others who didn’t want the steak.  Thanks Mark and Barbara.

It was a great meal with great stories. Anytime you can get a Peter Luger steak you should go.  Let me know if you want to know when the next Peter Luger Steak Night is.

BTW Sid remonded me to tell you that someone in your party needs a membership to eat at the Clubhouse.  The annual membership is $50 but it’s worth it to get those Luger steaks and not having to drive to New York.

I am also interested in your Favourite Cut of Steak and where you would go for a Best of Bucks Co -Steak.

Peter Luger Steak House is an award winning steak house with two locations with the most famous location being  178 Broadway, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211          718-387-7400

Jericho National Golf Club, 250 Brownsburg Road East, New Hope, PA 18938          215-862-8800

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