Betting on Clams Casino

Clams CasinoTuesday night is poker night at Cafe Europa in New Hope and I went straight from the office to the game. Cafe Europa’s new chef Joey has recently added Clams Casino to the daily specials menu so I decided to try them. 

Clams Casino is a classic summer dish and Joey’s take on them was very nice.  He used about a dozen small clams, Littlenecks I think, as the main ingredient.  I order Clams Casino often but generally get larger and fewer clams so Joey’s version was a nice change. Each bite size clam portion was made up of Sweet Clam Meat, seasoned bread crumbs, parm cheese, a little garlicProsciutto and some oregano. The contrasts of of dense clam meat, bits of prosciutto and the seasoned bread crumbs gave a nice mouth feel.  The different flavours of sweet and slightly salty clam meat, the garlic flavoured bread crumbs and the salty bacon made each portion a delight in my mouth.

Later that night I gambled on cards but the Clams Casino is a sure bet at Cafe Europa.

Read other review on Cafe Europa here, here and here.

Cafe Europa Trattoria,  Logan Square, New Hope,  PA 215-862-9600


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4 Responses to “Betting on Clams Casino”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Ending up STARVING is a serious hazard of reading your blog. Yum!

    • peterjustason Says:

      Thanks Sarah.  My original plan was to make my kids in Canada so hungry that they would bring the grandkids down to visit us. LOL.  Seem like the plan is working but I might need to target better.

  2. philip maltese Says:

    peter I’m glad you enjoyed the casino next time try the scallops on a skewer yum

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