Burger Buffet

For Father’s Day, we organized a Burger Buffet.  This allowed us to have a home-cooked meal with the family and to have some fun preparing the meal. 

Home-made BurgersWe started with a bunch of 3 oz 100% beef burgers.  We used smaller patties so that that the boys could double up on the patties while Donna and  I could go for one and all would be satisfied.  The rain stopped long enough for me to fire up the BBQ to cook and get some grill marks on the burgers.

Sauteed OnionsWhile I manned the BBQ, Donna sauteed some Onions in some olive oil. A slow saute got the onions nicely caramelized. That made the onions soft and sweet.

Burger Buffet Fix 'em I

To make it a buffet, we made lots of great burger Fix’ems.  The fix’ems included Lettuce, Jersey Tomatoes, Bacon, Cheese, Pickles and the Sauteed Onions.  We also put out Potato Chips to add some extra crunch to the meal.  We also provided Mayo, Yellow Mustard, Dijon Mustard, Relish and Ketchup to spread onto the Sesame Seed Buns.

Chips and Fix'emsI had full intentions to capture photos of the burgers but everyone was so hungry, the boys had theirs half eaten by the time I finished the second set of burgers off the grill.

For My Burger, I went with some Dijon mustard smeared on the bottom bun, then two pickle pieces, two bacon slices, the burger patty (just one) sauteed onions and then the cheese. Some ketchup on the top bun, a quick turn and taa daa – my custom made burger. It was very good, moist, flavourful and made just the way I like it. LOL

If you haven’t already, try the Burger Buffet for your family.  It takes a little extra time but it worth it to be able to have your family members customize their own burgers even if they eat too fast for you to take a photo. LOL.


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