Fish Egg Brunch

Donna and I went to brunch this morning at the Logan Inn in New Hope.  The Logan Inn used to have brunch buffet but with the ownership change they have switched to a Brunch Menu. The menu offers half a dozen egg choices, a couple of fish choices and three sweet choices.  Donna went for the Eggs Benedict and I went for the Smoked Salmon and Trout dish making this a Fish-Egg Brunch LOL.

 Mimosa at the Logan Inn in New Hope PASince it was brunch, we had to have  brunch beverages.  Donna went for the Classic Mimosa and I went for the Classic Bloody Mary.  The Korbel Brut sparkling wine matched well with the sweetness of the orange juice. I thought the bottle presentation was a  nice way to be able to adjust the drink as the meal continued.

Bloody Mary at Logan Inn in New Hope, PAMy Bloody Mary looked like a mini salad bar. Three olives, lemon slice, lime slice and big stalk of celery decorated the spice infused Vodka and Tomato Juice beverage.  I asked for light spice and they hit it right on for me. A very flavourful tomato juice. Some places want to impress you with the vodka but this one was well balanced putting the vodka in the background to blend in with the juice and spices. Very drinkable and great match to my savory fish dish.

Smoked Salmon and Smoked Trout at the Logan InnMy fish dish is a take on the classic bagel and lox. The Smoked Salmon and Smoked Trout comes with two large pieces of Smoked Salmon covering a freshly Toasted Bagel that has been coated in Cream Cheese.  The salmon is sprinkled with briny Capers.  The Smoked Trout is straight up in bite size pieces.  A slice of Jersey fresh Tomato, Red Onion and crisp Lettuce accompany the smoke fish.  The lightly smoked trout enhanced the delicate nature of the fish and brought back memories of when I use to catch little 6 inch brook trout in the streams around my home in rural Canada. My Mom loved trout and she would always pan-fry them as soon as I go them home.  The smoked salmon was darn good. The over-sized pieces of salmon almost melted in my mouth a bit on the overhand off the bagel. The slightly smoky taste matched well with sweetness of the cream cheese and tomato. The briny capers and tangy onions also contrasted nicely with the bagel sandwich I created. Eggs Benedict at the Logan Inn, New Hope, PA

Donna’s Eggs Benedict were well presented with some Fruit and Home Fries on the side. The lightly poached eggs were covered in fresh creamy Hollandaise Sauce and placed on a freshly toasted English Muffin and  Ham.  Hold it ham? The menu says Canadian Bacon, but it was not Canadian Bacon, we’re Canadian and that was NOT Canadian Bacon. LOL. Most likely it was the Logan Inn’s Twice Smoked Virginia Pit Ham that is offered as a side on the menu. It was actually nice, very tender, moist and slightly smokey but it wasn’t Canadian bacon. LOL. We did miss the salty taste you get from Canadian bacon but it was an interesting change. The Fruit was fresh and sweet and a good match to the savory eggs and home fries.  The Home Fries were lightly fried giving them a good potato taste and a good mouth feel.  They were delicious when you dipped them into the egg yoke and Hollandaise sauce.  All in all a very good dish and worth the trip to New Hope. BTW if you like Hollandaise Sauce, we are planning a Throwdown with Hollandaise Sauce with some local Bucks County Chefs.  Read more about at this post and let me know if you are interested attending the live Throwdown.

Bread Pudding with Baily's Irish Cream SauceIF YOU ARE MY DOCTOR, STOP READING NOW AND FOLLOW THESE LINKS TO WHERE I ATE SALAD HERE, HERE & HERE.  If you insist on reading on, please note that I had only one bite and shared this will all 16 people that were in the dinning room with us.  LOL.

The Logan Inn makes several home-made desserts that are worthy of consideration but I chose the Bread Pudding with Baily’s Irish Cream Sauce.  The 6 inch diameter bread pudding was nice and light with a light bit of caramelizing on the top. The pudding comes with three sauces, a strawberry coulis, a heavy caramel sauce and the Irish Cream sauce. Each of the bring different notes of sweetness to the party and a nice contract in texture to the bread pudding. The dollop of cold whipped cream contrasted to the warm bread pudding and added another sweetness. I am pretty sure this should be illegal for people with diabetes but the waiter, Andrew, said they have a special permit so I let them off. And since I was sharing this with everyone (wink-wink nod-nod) I was good and didn’t want anyone to get into trouble. LOL. A great dessert but bring friends to share it with.

Donna and I enjoyed our brunch and recommend you try it to.  If you need someone to help with dessert, let me know.

Read other reviews of the Logan Inn here, here and here.

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Logan Inn,10 West Ferry Steet, New Hope PA 215-862-2300


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