Phillies Phan Phood

Phillies ScoreboardI got to go to the Phillies-Baltimore Game tonight as a guest of Chris and his company, a major healthcare portal, so I thought I would do an article on food at the Phillies ball park.

Harry The K'sWe started the evening out at McFadden’s but it was so noisy that we only had one drink and headed into the park. Chris suggested we head up to Harry The K’s Bar and Grille. We ended up sitting under the “P” in Park under the Phillies scoreboard in Left Field.  It was a unique view of the field where we had great service from Teri, some good company and some decent food.

Phillies Chicken WingsThe first group of appetizers included some decent wings, Philly cheesesteak spring rolls, fries and chicken fingers. The Chicken Wings were good.  They had a nice heat to them, fairly meaty and nice roasted chicken taste finish. I usually like a crispy skin but as the wings cooled the skin seem to crisp up.  I think the reality was they were drying out but they were good.  The Blue Cheese dressing was surprisingly good. Nice tang from the blue cheese, mostly a sour cream base that cooled the heat of the wings and some small cheese chunks to give the sauce some texture.

Cheesesteak SpringrollsAn interesting dish on the menu was Cheesesteak Spring Rolls. These rolls had a nice crisp wrapper that contrasted to the soft gooey meat and cheese filling.  The filling actually tasted like a cheesesteak sandwich. The group’s only concerns with the dish was the meat to cheese ratio of the filling, which we all liked but wanted more meat, and the fact that we couldn’t order more than two rolls per order. That didn’t work with a group so well.  The mayo based sauce had a bit of heat to it so it was great for dipping. Definitely worth trying.

Chicken FingersThe Chicken Fingerswere huge, I hate to see their hands. LOL.  The batter was very light and flavourful and the meat was moist and sweet. The mayo based sauce matched well to the fingers completing the dish.

Hot DogNo, baseball game can be played without a Hot Dog. So our second course was hot dogs. It was the 6th inning so we went for dogs.  These great 6 inch dogs, had a nice steamed dense bun almost like a potato bun. The actual wiener was mildly spiced and well cooked. Someone, who will remain nameless, liked her dog with ketchup only.  The rest of us went for mustard and/or relish.  The dogs were great and perfect for our second course and for the first course anytime at the ball park.

We enjoyed our food at the ball park, it was just a shame the Phillies lost but 40% of our group was hoping for the O’s. Glad I got to go an spend some time with the group but the Phillies will win next time. LOL.


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