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otaya.jpg image by rdamstraIt was a special treat for me tonight as Ryan, Robbie, Donna and I ended up at the same restaurant at the same time.  This time is was Ota-ya in Lambertville.  We have gone for there before for the teppanyaki but that was booked up already so we ate in the main dining room. Donna and Robbie ordered the chicken teriyaki, Ryan the beef teriyaki and I got mixed seafood teriyaki.

Soup & Salad at Ota-yaThe teriyaki dinners come with Miso Soup and a House Salad.  Since Ota-ya is a BYOB we purchased some Asahi beer at Welsh’s liquor store to go along with the meal.  The House Salad comes with Ginger Dressing. The aroma of the ginger is fairly pronounced but fairly mild to taste.  The fresh veggies in the salad crunched and contrasted nicely to ginger dressing. This is the one salad that Robbie and Ryan both gobble up.  The Miso Soup was very pleasant with small dice of tofu, scallions and seaweed.  The miso broth was light and slightly salty. The floating bits of tofu, kelp and scallion contrasted nicely in texture with each other making the miso soup a success.

Sushi Rolls - Eel and Spider

The Sushi at Ota-ya is very good so Robbie and I could resist ordering a couple of rolls.  Robbie went for the Eel Roll and I went for the Spider Roll. The eel roll was both smokey and sweet with a nice crunch from the scallion slices. The Spider Roll is my favourite because of the nice mix of textures and sweet-salt taste.  This roll lived up to previous spider rolls.  What was interesting to me about the two rolls was they were served over a thick sweet soya sauce. The sauce was sweet but was missing the usual salty taste you get with soya sauce. That worked out as we had soya on the side to dip. I also didn’t use as much wasabi as I usually do as the do as the rolls were complete without them.

Chicken TeriyakiDonna and Robbie’s Chicken Teriyaki came with large portions of chicken covered in a thick teriyaki sauce and some stir-fried veggies. All the dinners came with steamed fresh rice on the side.  Donna described her chicken as moist, flavourful and sweet. The veggies were crisp, well cooked and very tasty. I think well cooked veggies are a mark of a good restaurant so I was surprised they were good here.  We asked Robbie his opinion, he nodded and kept eating. Another good sign LOL.

Mixed Seafood Teriyaki at Ota-yaMy Mixed Seafood Teriyaki arrived last and it was a very fine presentation as you can see in the photo. Plentiful Shrimp, Scallops and Lobster along with the same stir-fried veggies and rice Donna, Ryan and Robbie got.  The seafood were gently grilled leaving some nice char marks and flavour. I prefer Atlantic Lobster to Caribbean Lobster, but these tasty southern morsels matched well with the teriyaki sauce. The dense bay Scallops had a nice mouth feel and a sweet taste that matched also with the sauce. The Shrimp were flashed grilled keeping that sweet shrimp and texture you want in shrimp.

I have no photo of Ryan’s Beef Teriyaki as he attacked it as soon as it arrived. The meat went first followed by a few veggies. The description was meaty, tender and sweet from the sauce.  Wish I would have gotten the photo for you but would sooner have supper with my son. I am sure you understand.

Net-net great meal with all the family in one place at the same time.

Ota-ya have restaurants in Lamberville, NJ,  Newtown PA and Warrington PA.  You can read other reviews as here, here and here.

Ota Ya Japanese on Urbanspoon

Ota-ya, 21 Ferry St., Lambertville, NJ 08530      609-397-9928


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