Chips, Shells and Pie – On My

Monday night is Poker Night at the Triumph Brewing Company in New Hope.  I left work late so I went to the game directly and figured I would get some food there off their new menu.

 001I know you are suppose to eat Oysters only in months that have”R’s” but with today’s oyster farms you can safely eat them year round.  So I decided to go with the Grilled Oysters.  It’s a pretty straight forward dish with oysters on the half shell, Butter and some Parmesan cheese.  Simple dishes are often the best.  For $10, I got 6 medium sized oysters.  They were great.  I added a splash of lemon juice to each one and then bit into them.  The delicate grilling the oysters received made them hot to touch but sweet to the taste. There was also a slight salty taste from the oysters and Parmesan cheese. The garnish of scallions provided a nice contrast of textures and flavours to the oysters. The six oysters were a nice size for an appetizer.

Pizza at Triumph Brewing CompanyAs the evening progressed and I finally went “all in” and lost I got a little hungry, so when Jill and Scott offered me a piece of their Pizza of the  “late night bar” menu I went for it.  This was a simple pie.  Grilled Bread, house-made Marinara sauce and some fresh Mozzarella. This flat bread pizza hit the spot.  The crispy bread was a great contrast to the smooth cheese and sauce. The marinara was sweet to the taste with a little basil coming through. A classic dish served right and at the right time.  Very delicious.

Triumph Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

Triumph Brewing Company, Union Square, New Hope, 18938, PA 215-862-7855


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