Ethiopian After Party

Last night at our cross-company Marketing Awards, Facebook friend, neighbour and co-worker Tricia was a Finalist in the Social Media marketing category for ADHD Moms. Despite a very compelling business case, the Facebook page didn’t win, so Heidi, Kara and I decided to take Tricia out for a drink. We were joined by Caroline and Meredith from T’s agency. One of our favourite restaurants,  Makeda was just down the street from the award ceremony venue.  Their Website says “Makeda is New Jersey’s first and only Ethiopian restaurant offering exceptional cuisine in elegant surroundings.” We just like it cause it’s has good food and a great atmosphere.

Makeda AppetizersWe ordered drinks and some appetizers. So what Ethiopian appetizers do you order?  Our waitress, Xavier, was very accommodating with us by helping us order some great dishes. 

On the tray above we have Zaalouk, Kefta and D’jaj Bi Zitiune. The marinated chicken and olive dish is the D’jaj Bi Zitiune. The salt of the olives was a nice match to the sweetness of the chicken.  It still unusual for me to have heated olives but it was good dish.  The Kefta are Moroccan meatballs and with the injera bread made a nice meaty bite. Not too spicy just a smoky meaty taste. The Zaalouk is diced sauteed eggplant with garlic and spices. I am not a big fan of eggplant and we ordered it for my vegan co-worker Kara but it wasn’t bad.  Not as good as the Italian eggplant I had at the Memorial Day Picnic but it was good.

Makeda Appetizer II

The second tray of appetizers contained Loubia, Shrimp Alecha and Basid. Loubia is a vegan dish of green beans with garlic, ginger, parsley and cumin. I love green beans to start so with the addition of the spice mix these were delicious. The Shrimp Alecha was  sauteed with some green peppers, rosemary and spices. Very good but the shrimp disappeared quickly.  The Busia (spelling?) was sauteed carrots with some garlic and spices. Again another veggie dish that was great.  Together with the  injera bread and the six dishes we made a meal out of the appetizers. It was fun to eat with our fingers and the injera bread, some of us, who will remain nameless, used forks. LOL.

Honey Wine At Makeda

So what do you drink with such a feast?  So I asked Xavier, what to drink and she suggested the tej. This wine is made from 100% honey and flavoured with powdered leaves and twigs.  As you can see it has almost a bright yellow colour and it was very sweet taste that reminded me of mead. Tricia liked it but it was too sweet for me to eat food with. So I needed to change to some red wine. Xavier was having fun with us taking photos, getting the descriptions of the food for the blog and us generally being loud that when I asked for the red wine the bar sent over a sample for me to try. I have been drinking Pinot Noir lately but this was  a shiraz.  Since they recommended it I went for it. Instead of filling my glass, Xavier brought the bottle over for me to see.

Old Geezer WineSo it was Ol’ Geezer wine. LOL it was very funny. The staff was having some fun with me but the wine wasn’t actually that bad so we all laughed and continued with our after party.  I was a lot of fun, God knows what we would have done if Tricia actually had won.  Maybe next year.

We enjoyed our evening of Ethiopian food and hope you try some soon.  In the meantime, let us all know you favourite type of food is at food poll.


Makeda  338 George St., New Brunswick, NJ, 08901          732-545-5115


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7 Responses to “Ethiopian After Party”

  1. TVFF Says:

    I miss Makeda so much!

    It was a fantastic place because they had a lunch menu that was an absolute steal for something like $7.95. I remember loving the minchetebesh, the atakilt wat and the doro tibs.

    OK — I’ll admit it — my favorite part was using my hands and getting to eat the “utensil.”

    I regret that I went exclusively at lunchtime because I can think of some wonderful pilsners that would have gone wonderfully with the spicy cuisine.

  2. peterjustason Says:

    You missed a fun session last night. The red wine was so funny. We still go for the lunch special from time to time. The price is up but still very affordable.

    How is the last meal contest going?

    • TVFF Says:

      Yeah, one of the drawbacks of leaving the world of health care for non-profit is that the social aspects of the conferences aren’t quite the same.

      I think the contest is going well — I’m not really running that one. Thanks for the plug!

  3. Sarah Says:

    I love Makeda! Especially the injera bread. Tej sounds interesting – but I love the wine they sent you. Nice to see that they serve delicious food – with a sense of humor, too!

    • peterjustason Says:

      It was a fun night. I love stafff that enjoys what they do. It makes for a better meal when the staff is into the restaurant and their job. I bet it’s better for them too.

  4. krazeyraze Says:

    Makeda is awesome! A truly unique dining experience.

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