Rainy Havana

 I got to have lunch today with former co-worker and advertising guru Anne at Havana’s in New Hope.  On a sunny day in New Hope, one of the best places to have a drink and people watch is the patio bar at Havana’s. Alas it was cold and raining today so we had to go inside. 

The spacious lounge and dining rooms inside had a few early diners enjoying the menu as I arrived. Anne was already there and had a jump start on reviewing the menu.  It’s a big menu with some interesting Mexican and Cuban dishes.  I am a big fan of their Small Plates where you can mix and match 3 different plates for $16 or go for a single plate for just $6. They’re great if you are looking for an appetizer or a main course.

Hummus - Havanna's New Hope PA

For our appetizer, we chose the Hummus-Vegetable-Pita bread dish.  I think we were feeling like eating  healthy since we were talking about diabetes.  Also after the Memorial Day Weekend Burger Search, I could use some fiber. LOL.  Havana’s makes their hummus in the classic manner – chick peas, garlic and olive oil.  The result was creamy, not too garlicky with a nice olive oil mixture.  The veggies were nice and fresh but the pita bread was a little dense for our taste.  Despite the pita bread the dish was nice and we both enjoyed it.

Prosciutto & Goat Cheese Salad - Havana's New Hope PA

In keeping with our “healthy theme”,  Anne selected the Prosciutto & Goat Cheese Salad.  Ann is not good with cow’s milk so the goat cheese was a  great option. With three generous scoops of creamy goat cheese this entree salad was very filling.  The large pieces of salty sweet prosciutto required Anne to go at them with a knife.  The crispy Green Beans, crunchy Pistachios and fresh Field Greens gave this salad great month feel and texture.  The Mustard Shallot Dressing gave the dish some tang and nice contrast to the sweetness of the goat cheese.  Anne enjoyed the salad a great deal.

Apple Pecan Salad

I kept it healthy too by ordering the Apple Pecan Salad.  My entree salad came with tons of Real Bacon Crumbles (so much for the healthy aspect LOL), slices of Granny Smith Apples and crispy Field Greens.  The menu advertised Pecans but there were few and far apart. The Orange Poppy-Seed Dressing was a nice match with it’s sweetness contrasting nicely with saltiness of the bacon and the tart apples.  I didn’t pick up much of an orange flavour but didn’t miss it. I did pick up the Blue Cheese Crumbles which were salty so they matched well with the dressing too.  The combinations and contrasts of ingredients made for an enjoyable meal.  I would recommend it.  Oh BTW take the Favourite Salad poll and let us know your top three salad choices.

So a “healthy” lunch with a good friend on a rainy day.

Havana Bar on Urbanspoon

Havana’s, 105 S. Main Street, New Hope, PA, 18938            215-862-9897


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