Survey Says III

With 140 votes cast, the current winners are: Hamburger, Strip Steak, Thanksgiving, Oregano, Italian and Caesar.

Currently we have five polls to participate in on this blog. There will be more in the future so please use the comment box to suggest future polls or surveys you would be interested in. If you haven’t voted on all the polls you can do that now by clicking here to link to the main survey page.

Favourite Cut of Steak– NY Strip wins with Porterhouse coming second and with few votes cast the Ribeye, T Bone and Filet all tied for third.  If you haven’t voted on this poll, please do so.

Favourite Food Holiday – Thanksgiving and Christmas were one, two respectively with     Memorial Day, July 4 and St. Patty’s Day tied for third.  Given the great Memorial Day Picnic I attended I predict it will break away from the other 3rd place finishers. However July 4 is coming and that should be good for a party or two.

Favourite Food Style – Italian, Japanese and Comfort finished 1, 2 &  3 as they did last report. No surprise here.

Favourite Salad – Caesar Salad is the winner by a landslide with  Waldorf, Pear/Blue Cheese and Tossed/Garden in a tie for second place.  I love my Caesar Salad dressing and wrote about it here.

Favourite Sandwich– Hamburger is the winner, Hot Dog is second and a tie with Panini, Reuben and Cheesesteak.  The blog has been getting lots of views on our Memorial Day Burger Search and the Best of Bucks Co – Burger so it makes sense it’s the number one sandwich.

Favourite Culinary Herb – Oregano is the winner with Mint, Cilantro, Rosemary and Basil tying for second.  Since this is the newest poll.  Please go and pick your top three herbs and let us know what you like to cook with.

Thanks for participating in the polls, it make the blog more interactive and helps me know what topics readers are interested in.


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