Holy Cow – 3,000 Views

It just happened a few minutes ago.  The blog broke the 3,000 views level. Amazing.

Thanks to my Facebook Friends, Sherman’s Food Adventure, Chowhound, FoodBuzz and Endless Simmer for being the Top Referrals for the blog. These sites also provide ideas and insights for posts so thanks for that as well.

The over 3,000 views means I am averaging over 56 views a day. I also have made 20 different pages and  have 56 postings .

So far my Top 5 most viewed posts are; Survey Says, Best of Buck Co – Burgers, Pork Wings, About Peter and SurveysSurveys are obviously popular on the blog so I will continue to create more polls for the readers to complete.  Check out the latest poll on your Top 3 Favourite Herbs.   The Best of Bucks Co pages are also very popular in terms of views but I will need help with creating the Top 5 lists for the different categories.  Please use the Reply Boxes or Comment links to suggest places for Donna and I to try.

A couple of my favourite posts, which haven’t received a lot of views, were Derby Day where I got to remember a special family tradition and “Cry Havoc!…” where I shared my Caesar Salad recipe that I have gotten lots of complements over the years. Take a look at those two post if you haven’t already.

Thanks again for reading the blog. It’s been fun.

So on to 4,000 views.


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